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Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Maverick263, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hi

    Help please !!

    how can i make a working rainscreen in gtr evo ?:(
  2. what are you starting with?

    very basically you use the internal window as the rain screen and omit it from the cockpit instance, and of course use the rainscreen instance to do the callup in the .cas file. if you are converting a GTR2 car, don't use the dirt or rain screen gmt files as these are designed to have animations on them via the cycle command. Race07 doesn't use this method anymore.
  3. HI Günthar
    Sorry for my English I'm converting from GTR2 Lola DBR1-2 all works fine!! I have only problems with the rainscreen
    I use the the windows from the CPITCHASSIS separately and in the CAS Instance=RAINSCREEN!
    the window is there! but no raindrops and it rains in the cockpit.

    I made a test

    I made the window of another car in front and I can see raidrops!

  4. upload the glass and PM me a link and I'll have a quick look at it...
  5. HI Günthar


    Some GTR2 or rFactor glasses are only outside mapped!
    I have mapped the inside and it run!
    The wiper, Lights, mirrors, motec , all is running now!
    My next problem is COCKPIT_LCDTV (Mirros).
    The COCKPIT_LCDTV in the cars are always Black
    Although I use the hex editor and change the material.
    Do you know how it works??
    Sorry so many asking but this is my first Car.

    I can’t find the name or Author form this car for asking to permission for release the car soon!

    many thanks for your help
  6. make sure you have deleted the mirror.bmp that came with the GTR2 mod, inclusion of this file breaks the mirrors...
  7. many thanks

  8. cool