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Misc RainGoAway 1.0

No rain in career mode and coop championship.

  1. rollingchicane submitted a new resource:

    RainGoAway - No rain in career mode and coop championship.

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  2. rain is important,the game is bad without rain
  3. @jome you don't have to download it, Pad-driver...

    @rollingchicane can I even play online if I install your Mod? :)
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  4. three years ago i would have mede you a statue for this mod but the truth is that it wuold be more usefull a mod that makes cars handling decent in the wet
    i'm not judging you it is a great mod but i prefer to stay in the most realistic possible
    (sadly keyboard user)
  5. @MercRider I don't understand? :D it's not my Mod or what do you want to say with your post? ;)
  6. Sorry for delayed response.
    I have only used this in career mode and coop championship (that's online), however I have not been able to test this with other online game modes. I have DSL (slow internet) and i can never find anyone to play in normal online modes with the codemaster matchmaking service.
    NOTE:when experimenting with this mod playing coop championship with my partner, who was hosting the coop, did not have it installed and I did. It was raining in his session and it was bright and sunny on mine. So this really could be used as a cheat.
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  7. I love the wet weather from codemasters. I want to make that clear. They handled the physics, dry line formation, puddles, tyre temps perfectly.
    I hate the ridiculously fast AI times on most tracks in the weather on expert difficulty. There are a couple of great mods that change AI behavior including wet times but unfortunately once you change an AI file codemasters kicks you from online sessions. This mod was made primarily for me and a friend playing coop.
    I recommend Database Mod http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/database-mod.3763/
    this might be just what your looking for. (i tried it for a while but you cant play online with it)
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