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Rain Glich

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by harsharip, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. I know that there is a bug that AI magnificiantly fast in Quali .But In rain the AI will very quik in rain and they switch tyre very late in the race.

    Can any one advice me how can I reduce the race pace of AI in rain???

    Iam playing in PRO diifculty
  2. Dexter


    no chance....
    but... for ex. race 50 % in Malaysia 70% rain.. start race dry and in lap 10 start rain ...
    try on stay on soft tires as much as possible... and change tire to wet...
    AI chage intermediate and wet tires and loose time...
    if you rain not stop, and drive carefully... chance to win race is 90 -100 %
  3. No AI was 2 sec on my PB in rain race lap.
    Can I run in Rich fuel mode??
    AI is running in rich fuel.
  4. This question should have been asked in the modding forum. Maybe a mod will move it.

    Yes you CAN reduce wet weather speed of AI. But bear in mind if you do, you also need to adjust the virtual lap times in the database. (there are two different lap times giong on at the same time - 1) the speed of thecars you are racing against on the track, you need to get this right to have close racing; and 2) the lap times that are produced by simulation when you are sitting in the pits, these are controlled by the database numbers.)

    To slow AI down in wet, you need to convert a-_driver_parameter_mappings.xml so that you can edit it.
    Then change :
    <mapping ai_variable="wet_weather_ability" characteristic="wet_weather_ability" type="NEFloat" value="1.0" num_limits="4">
    <limit difficulty="0.0" characteristic_value="0.0">0.90</limit>
    <limit difficulty="0.0" characteristic_value="1.0">0.95</limit>
    <limit difficulty="1.0" characteristic_value="0.0">0.90</limit>
    <limit difficulty="1.0" characteristic_value="1.0">0.95</limit>
    <mapping ai_variable="wet_weather_ability" characteristic="wet_weather_ability" type="NEFloat" value="1.0" num_limits="4">
    <limit difficulty="0.0" characteristic_value="0.0">0.85</limit>
    <limit difficulty="0.0" characteristic_value="1.0">0.90</limit>
    <limit difficulty="1.0" characteristic_value="0.0">0.85</limit>
    <limit difficulty="1.0" characteristic_value="1.0">0.90</limit>

    Then in database, in ai_driver tab, you will probably need to adjust the wet_weather_ability, lower them all by around 0.4 or more, so that the simulated lap times appear to be more consistent to your lap times.

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  5. To me that's a major find Keith, thanks! :thumbsup:

    Do you know what the 4 lines correspond to? like light, medium, heavy rain?

    Also, in my file, that I don't think having ever modded, I found those values were 5% higher like this:
    <mapping ai_variable="wet_weather_ability" characteristic="wet_weather_ability" type="NEFloat" value="1.0" num_limits="4">
    <limit difficulty="0.0" characteristic_value="0.0">0.95</limit>
    <limit difficulty="0.0" characteristic_value="1.0">1.0</limit>
    <limit difficulty="1.0" characteristic_value="0.0">0.95</limit>
    <limit difficulty="1.0" characteristic_value="1.0">1.0</limit>

    Isn't this strange?
  6. Actually it's not strange, it's a couple of months since I edited this so I might have misquoted the exact numbers, sorry. It's just a matter of reducing them by trial and error, & keep going out on track till you find an AI pace on the track that matches yours.

    The actual meaning of the numbers I am not sure, but I believe the first two lines are for easier dificulty ranging 0.95 to 1.0, and the second two lines for harder difficulty again range from 0.95 to 1.0 but I just used trial and error, and changed both pairs of lines at the same time.
    It seems to work for any wet condition, so as soon as there is slight rain, damp, heavy rain, the pace of the AI reduces, EXCEPT while they are still on slicks. Unfortunately I have not found how to reduce their grip a bit earlier. But this change has at least made the game playable for me. I know I will have to pit earlier, but I am now able to match them once we are all on inters or wets :)

    BTW, I am on pro level and checking the file currently I have both pairs of the numbers set at 0.93 and 0.98, which seems to be about right for me.
  7. Thank You Very much for your HELP