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rain every race

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Jake Adams, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    After all these patches Im still getting rain at every race.
    Ive started my career only once so I havent started over with every patch.
    Do I have to start a new career so it wont rain every race?
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I don't think you need to restart your career.

    To me, if a restart was necessary, then CM would have to mention that fact in the patch notes. They have never stated that with any of the patches.

    I fully understand the temptation to start again ...... just to find out, and satisfy your curiosity :)
  3. Well speaking from my experience, patch 7 hit me just as I was about to do the race in Malaysia.
    Pre-patch, I had 35% rain chance on race day, and after doing a few tests I knew I was to have rain on lap 20.
    Post-patch, I ran a completely dry race... :O_o:
    So look on the bright side, over the rainbow, or whatever floats your boat... :p You're bound to get sunny days too!
  4. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    after patch 7 I ran Spain and Monaco both with rain and now the forecast with Canada is rain again
  5. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    Havent done enough races on 2012 to comment about 2012 but i remember having almost half of my 2nd career season on 2011 being rain races. Did it rain at Bahrain ? :p
  6. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    Yes it rained there too. In fact all my races had rain except albert Park. And it got very dark at the end.
  7. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    Thanks blejky.That mod worked. Had rain in Montreal before the mod and after no rain. Thanks to mod maker too.
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  9. I guess the EGO engine is an ultra advanced engine that can make fun of you. Since i like raining races i almost haven't raced on a wet track since version 1.0! The only thing that was happening often was a dry practice/ wet qualy / dry race.
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  10. Switch games with me :D. All I ever get is rain.. I get the opposite of you actually, wet/dry/wet
  11. No problem! Lets change it on steam! :D
    Ego engine is really good, making fun of us! :roflmao:
  12. I don't see every ones problem with rain. Sure it rains a lot in my season but it doesn't stop me from taking the double win. With a good car set up rain only slows you down by 7-10 seconds a lap. its not like the cpu has this advantage over you vs when its dry.
  13. Every race I won with my Caterham was during rain. It gets really boring.

    I'd love to have more variance. Rain once in a while is pretty good, but rain 90% of the time? Annoying.