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Rain at Spa

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by James Armstrong, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Im having an issue with Spa im playing the game on 20% race distance with 47% chance of rain. Now im starting the race on primes and getting to my first pitstop its still not raining I change my tires and it seems after a lap or 2 the track is getting wet then a lap from the end suddenly the track become undrivable even though it doesnt seem to be raining that much and then everyone jumps straight in for a pit stop onto full wets. Being in a virgin even tho im a bit ahead im then getting stuck in the pits ruining my race. If on my pit stop I changed to intermediates would this help or would I be best setting my pitstop to lap 7 changing onto full wets ?? any tips would be great. Also I have real trouble getting into the pits at spa any tips for that many thanks
  2. Yeh ive the same issue sometimes with the 47% nightmare, i try and hold off as long as possible to build a decient lead so if i do have to come in again when it starts raining really bad. its a hard one to call really but i normaly change as soon as i start understeering and on to inter's to finish the race, i think spa needs around 30 secs for a pit change so dive in a few laps before you would normaly.

    The pit entrence is a little tricky but full breaks and turn it and just feather the throttle until you can hit the limiter and steady in, i just close my eyes m8
  3. not to sound dumb but im not totally clued up on tyre rules if I change onto intermediates and dont use options will that be ok I wont suffer a a penalty end of the race
  4. If it is raining and you are on intermediate or wet you can go all the way and no penalty, but if you use option or prime you got to pit.
    I'm also at Spa right now. :( .. hope that this is not going to be my experience ...
  5. true, if you start on rain tyres you can finish on them, the F1 rules state only tyres have to be changed if you start on primes ( dry race rules ) me thinks
  6. thanks for your help will give it a go later may start on primes and when it starts getting bad around lap 6 switch to inters and hopefully ill be ok really dont wanna be making 2 stops like I say being in a virgin thats a killer when everyone goes in leaves me wanting to run over the lollypop man lol!
  7. The only time you are required to use both sets of tyres, Prime and Options is a full dry race. So lets say you start the race on options and it begins to rain. You pit and put on either rain tire , you are not required any longer to run the other dry tyre, that is of course that the track stays in a wet condition for the remaining race distance.
  8. I finish this race with a win and the race was on dry conditions. So, no problems for me. GL 2 u !!
  9. I ended up 3rd not happy tho car was undriveable on 2nd last lap so pitted for wets somehow the AI was fine none pitted how can they drive in the wet on primes and options and not be affected by the rain what a joke!!
  10. Were the conditions really bad the last two laps?? I ask you this because you can drive a couple of laps with a wet track. I have done it a number of times. The problem is that you can't push as you normally will, thing that is understandable. If you have only a couple of laps to go and is raining, I will keep going ... slowly but stady. On the other hand if it is really, really not posible to drive, then there is not other option.
    Probably the AI did their stop and like I said, for a couple of laps there is not really reason to pit if the race is almost finish.