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  1. gasecol submitted a new resource:


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  2. thx. can you make mod that removes autospawn when off track?i mean like 10s delay
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2016
  3. Gasecol which parameter i have to modify to have only 4second to restart?

  4. +1 ;)
    It's really annoying to just go a little bit wide and instantly being respawn. It would be much more fun if you can do try to recover by yourself. More fun and more realistic.
    But I guess that's completely different files and maybe you don't know what to change. It's ok.
    Another +1. :D
    I was just thinking the very same. 10 seconds is a little bit too much. And 4 perhaps a tiny bit too little. :geek:
    Anything between 5 and 7 would be just fine, imho. It's a little bit boring to wait at least 3 or 4 seconds that your rider finaly get off the ground. It would be amazing if Milestone has made the animation of driver who stands up and pick up the bike.
    Oh well... maybe in next version... :p

    Regarding the mod. I'm using it but, and don't shoot me, I don't see big difference to be honest.
    I mainly use it cause that video looks cool, you made it just right. So I just choose to trust you. :roflmao:
    If I'm not asking too much (but probably I am:D) maybe you could make two videos, one with and other without your mod.
    But it's ok if that's too big pain in the *ss.
    Thanks for the mod.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2016
  5. ???

    I see you're active on RD.
    How about some (ANY?) answer here on your mod support page ?
    You didn't write anything, we all just talk and you prefer to watch.
    Is there nothing to say ?
  6. I'm sorry for taking so long, I have problems on the pc, for less time on the respawn and it reads as follows: DATA \ RACE \ GAMEMODES \ ELEMENT / respawn and respawn wait tieme. Ay you put the seconds you want, the auto spawn when you pass the limit of the track is not possible to edit it I'm sorry and tried without getting it
  7. when i start any race the game just crashes.. ive tried everything.. any tips on what to do? I only downloaded ride2 less than a week ago, could this be the problem? thanks! Also where are the parameters located for the rag-doll physics? maybe i could try changing manually.. or is it a bit tricky? thanks.
  8. No Se Porque se te Bloquea ... yo no tengo problemas con eso ay no puedo ayudar ... lo siento
    La Carpeta en phisycs / ragdoll ESO Donde editas El Cuerpo ay es Donde se trabaj├│ el mod, puedes editar el peso el agarre, etc. pero mira vien lo que tocas puedes probocar un error en el juego eso se soluciona poniendo el archivo data mix orijinal
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