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Radical SR4 252 @ GP 200 International- Thursday-May 6th , 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eric Nelson, May 1, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]


    Class: Radical SR4 252

    Weather: Dry

    Start Time: 21:45 EDST / 18:45 WDST / 01:45 GMT (Friday)

    Practice: open server
    Qualification: 15mins (9:45 EDST)
    Warmup: 10mins
    Race: 2x18 laps

    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

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  2. This track creation is a real gem for the RADICALS! Enjoy guys this is another beauty I won't be in unfortunately.....
  3. Entry List:

    1. Stefan Werner
    2. Larry Stovall
    3. Eric Estes
    4. William Nowell
    5. Laszlo Acera ( new member )
    6. Tyler Scurlock
    7. Eric Nelson
    8. Dennis Phelan
    9. Jan Somers
    10. driver
    11. driver
    12. driver
    13. driver
    14. driver
    15. driver
  4. Yes please! :)
  5. Count me in, unless work interferes (it shouldn't).
  6. Sign me up please!
  7. I'll be there.
  8. pls sign me up..

    looks like a fun track, man that's a long pit lane.. :cool:
  9. Welcome aboard Lazlo. This is indeed a fun track and these cars are the right choice for it.
  10. +1

    I'm thinking turn 1 has near infinite grip, and the trickiest part is making the last of the S's without cutting it (the left hander at the bottom of the hill and before the hard right). This is going to be fun!
  11. this track is juts insanely fun to drive! don;t over drive the hill going down or you will be in HUGE trouble in a radical off the tarmac.
  12. I tried it last night and it's like a freaking roller coaster.. pure adrenalin! The GP title makes me think it's a motor cycle track, and it's perfect for radicals which are like superbikes on four wheels :cool:
  13. Only in the Americas is GP directly associated with motorcycles. :rolleyes: lol

    Eric, the downhill section can be taken near flat in the radicals, if I remember right. I think we were lapping in the 1:07's here last year.
  14. :damnit: I am going to recycle this event for a Saturday / Sunday Night now............Flat out down the hill? ooooof that sounds sooooooooo awesome!
  15. Man, gonna need some setup help with this one.
  16. Larry, I uploaded a setup for ya. It is basically the SR3 230 setup from Micheal Herrmann. Works quite well with the SR4 252. Just did 1:14.8 with plenty of room for improvement. Hope that helps. :)
  17. wow that's awesome.. i can't get the rad to stick, even the bots are owning me with 1,15's and I'm happy with anything under 1,20

    i know what you mean Larry.. lol

    if anyone is interested, i usually put up a small 8 man practice server for a couple hours after work (7-11pm west coast), just look for the track, it's easy to find, no password and you guys are welcome
  18. thanks Stefan, i'm trying it out now... feels solid :D
  19. I might join you guys thi sthursday since I am not going out to the weeeeeeeee hours playing poker. Got a nice 3-4 hour 1st Dan belt test on Saturday and going to load up on sleep.
  20. Earlier I tried the track for the first time. It certainly is the perfect track for these cars. Sign me up please, thanks.