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Racinglife.net - The Game

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by racinglife, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. For all who loves motorsport

    RacingLife is a free to play management browser game that allows you to enter a vast and fascinating motorsport world!

    We have just released the race simulation. You can set your kart parameters and start compete against other players.
    In the final version of our game you will be able to:

    Become a team manager and find the most talented drivers among other players in RacingLife. Manage your staff, team budgets and facilities and lead your team to first place in the championships.

    Each Race series requires the driver to develop different skills to enable them to get the most from the car. Train in the right skills to be successful in every step of your racing career.

    Don't let your driving skills be hampered by a slow car. Buy or develop new car parts, upgrade and keep them at the highest performance level and beat your opponents.

    Let's join the game

  2. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    Looks interesting, but when i try to register, i get this error:

  3. This seems very cool!
  4. Hello!

    We want to thank all who participated in the beta time-trial competitions. During this first season we gathered valuable data and feedback from players, which helped us to improve the game. We almost finished simulation physics. We have created also: office with game news, player profile, season standings page, game forum, ghosts (in race animation), weather, pages voting mechanism and some few other things, like splitting players into separate leagues.

    We are happy to announce that season 2 has just started. It will takes 5 weeks. During this time we will release skills training and normal race competitions (with practice, qualification and race itself). We will also start to work on other racing series, so you will be able to advance from Junior Kart series, which is currently the only one in the game.

    I hope that you will find new season very interesting

    See you on the track!
  5. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    I loved the site's design and HUD. The game also looks very promising. Grats! Tough there should be a system which would prevent those silly named drivers :D
  6. Hi

    That's great that you like our game:)

    I know that it sounds like advertisement but everyone from our team is a huge fan of motorsport and that is way we really like to create one of the best online management games with modern graphics, unique design and thoroughly improved driving physics.

    Our goal is to make the Racinlife more realistic .

  7. Hello

    We have added some new features.

    New results page - more user friendly (with previous seasons results).
    Other players' profile view - you can now see other players' details.
    Rules, you can find it on our site
    Release changes - All changes week by week shown on one page. It's in menu under "RL Extras" item.
    Save and Load setup - everyone has 3 slots to store setup.
    RL Store - Buy more laps functionality.
    RL Store - Account page.

    What are we preparing for future releases:

    Risk logic changes - adding concentration and energy attributes.
    Setup changes, especially in wet conditions.
    Skills Training.
    Season Calendar.
    3-days racing event: There will be 2 practice sessions, 1 qualyfing and 2 race sessions.
  8. Finally we have released the Training session.

    You can open training page from menu (Career->Training).
    Choose one of trainings, then intensity and number of days to train. If you choose longer training you will have better results but you will get trained skill points after the training is finished.

    If you choose higher intensity it will consume more of your energy points.

    If you abort training, you will get around half of the points that you would normally get for this length of training (if you abort training after 3 days you will get half of points that you would normally get for 3-days training)
  9. Hi
    Within next few days (6.08) we will release 3-days racing event: There will be 2 practice sessions, 1 qualyfing and 2 race sessions.
    Now you can compete in the last time trial event and train your driver's skills.
  10. Drivers!
    The second time trial season is over and it is now time for real racing in season 3!
    Racing Life presents you with a brand new feature to show off your managing skills.
    • Realistic racing events with practice sessions, qualifying and races.
    • Now you can watch battles on the track with multiple overtaking and position defending.
    • Skills training centre in which you can choose between many training sessions that improve you performance on the track.
    • Dynamic weather conditions that require a different car setup for each session.
    • Set risk, concentration and energy for every drive.
    • Watch out for tire degradation as they might wear out before the race is finished.
    This is the perfect moment to start building your racing porfolio, so don't wast e this opportunity and log
    That's not all. During season 3 we will prepare the next set of management features that will be released, ready for season 4. These will include sponsors, money management and car parts management.
    We look forward to seeing you in the game!
  11. Season 4 has started

    This season will bring new important feature: car parts management. While we start it, your will get few parts to use throughout season 4. There will be more parts to use in top league, in lower league there will be less parts, so you need to manage them more carefuly and not wear them too quick.
    You will also start to see driver's feedback somewhere in second part of the season.
    We also start to prepare another racing series but we're not sure if we manage to release it before start of season 5.

  12. Guys
    We have just released beta version of driver's feedback.
    It will be constantly improved.
    Try to use it for some time and let us know your opinion,
    Driver's feedback - you can now see if your driver is satisfy or not with his setup.

  13. New version has been just released. Anyone wants to be a beta tester? Check out brand new things added to the game:

    Season 5
    Social Pitwall - you will now have possibility to keep your closest friends together, send them private messages, challenge them or create private leagues (last two options will be available soon)
    Friends - Invite - you can now invite people from inside and outside of racinglife using your google, facebook or email account.


  14. Hi Guys

    Today we released first version of telemetry.
    Telemetry is a graphical tool showing how your car performed during drive.
    First version of telemetry shows simple chart of speed changes related to distance driven. You can see two different laps shown on one chart, so you are able to see where you gain or loose speed.

    To compare laps, go to "YOU" tab in practice session results table, select 1 or 2 laps and press "Telemetry" button, which is located in driver's feedback box.

    There will be more telemetry functionalities later on.

  15. Hi

    We have just released new feature - challenges between players.

    You can have a one-on-one competition against any player you want. Just scroll over his name and click "VS" icon from hoover menu.
    Other way to challenge other player is to go to "challenges" section from "Office" menu.
    Is someone challenges you - notification icon will appear in your office. Just click on it and see who has challenged you. You can accept / reject all challenge requests in "Social Pitwall" (in "VS" section - on the right side).

    If you (or your opponent) accept challenge, it will appear in Challenges section of social pitwall (on the left side). Click on it and drive best possible lap to win the challenge.

    Remember that this is the first version of the challenge feature. We will add things to make better (such as more notifications, more intuitive options and so on). There will be also separate ranking of best challengers

    We will also appreciate your opinions. Both good and bad ones!

  16. Guys!

    Just to let you know that the new Season has started!

    Good luck to everyone:ddd

    wondering....Who will be the next RacingLife.net Champion

    within next 5 weeks we will create private leagues and improve our introduction (add user guide, more graphics less text)
  17. Guys

    Just to let you know that as usual there will be one week break between seasons with 2 time trial sessions.
    Everyone can compete against each other.
  18. Best New Year wishes from the future RL Personal Advisor[​IMG]

    2013 is gonna be full of great surprises!
    Some of them will be significant in terms of gameplay and strategy other will be pleasing to the eye[​IMG]

    So stay with us[​IMG]
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  19. Joey Zyla

    Joey Zyla
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    *cough* advertising *cough*
  20. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    Look like your Management game is coming along nicely ... keep up the great work:thumbsup:
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