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Racing with mods

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jimmyrn85, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hi, this may have been asked before but I cant find it. If a few of us have exactly the same mods... can we race online and will it be okay? I mean things from skins, to 95% grip and juls mod.
    Your reply will be much appreciated :D

  2. As of today there is nothing to prevent mods online. Someone could have a 200% grip mod AFAIK. The patch is supposed to change that.
  3. oh, thanks alot Arsenal. So as long as its a 'closed session' between my friends who have all the same mods, were safe?
  4. So they will ban everything with the patch :( what about select users who like less grip etc etc etc.... Its a shame they have such a s***e interface where you cant select how you host etc argh!
  5. and that is why i am not interested to race online, ill just wait until they release a patch then join a ligue with people I know, no frustration though the AI does get frustrating sometimes
  6. online is much better with people you know but i havent noticed anyone online that looks like their cheating because i am no super F1 driver but i have recently been doing sprints and i win nearly all the time by about 6 seconds and its kinda funny because usually im rubbish at games online lol
  7. MRGEEUNIT, I agree, but will you be able to race online in a league.... with physix mods? Or will they ban these mods with the latest patch?
    Any release date of the patch?
  8. I hope there will be something like punkbuster to keep things fair and fun