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Racing with a controller

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by aw_monroe, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Hello all! I'm new to F1 2010, and am using a SteelSeries 3GC controller (I know...cheap...). I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for racing with this controller. I've noticed that turning the traction control off results in a ridiculous amount of "spinning out" because moving the joystick left means that you are cutting the wheel all the way to the left. There is no way on this controller to just give it a 25% turn or a 50% turn...only 100%. So the resulting method is generally a series of short flicks on smooth corners. I'm assuming that people who race with the keyboard have similar issues. My biggest questions are:

    1. Has anyone figured out how to keep the car under better control using a similar controller or the keyboard?


    2. Has anyone developed their own method for racing with the keyboard/similar controller that has improved their lap times? My laps are off the pace in against anything but amateur AI, even when I feel like I had a great lap and was as close to the racing line as possible.

  2. ...yes. they are posts about this. in short practice. figure out what doesnt work for this corner then come back and find what does work. as for the controller, firm but gentle. there are variances in application.

    Keep the delicate fingers but wrath in your white knuckled grip.
  3. Smooth is fast on a controller. Practice practice practice.
  4. Thanks guys. I'll keep at it. Any preferences as to cornering methods? Right now my general approach is brake, turn in, release brake, continue turn in, accelerate. I've been tending to have more luck with this method than with a more realistic brake, release brake/turn in simultaneously, accelerate through. Any advice for this? Or just practice? Haha!
  5. I find myself doing that on corners where I'm not consistent in the braking area, it's a bit slower but it works for me. Most corners I try to get off the brakes before entering.

  6. Continuing to brake and then releasing the brake as you begin to turn into a corner is called trail braking. Most of not all race drivers do it. There's no great secret of how to take a corner. You just need to brake at the right time, hit the apex and accelerate as much as you can without loosing traction.
  7. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    Another way to be quicker would be to learn the tracks as the steering is 100% there has to be a precise turn in point for the fasteset cornering insted of having to brake more or accelerate earlier, which results in understreer
  8. thanx
  9. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
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    Utmost respect for you controller racers.. I only had the controller when I first got the Xbox for this game and I just could not get used to it. It just felt so unnatural for me and I gave up and bought a cheap steering wheel.
  10. Me too. I find if I'm still braking and try to turn the same time, the rear just kicks out and I spin. Very annoying. It might be a basic thing, but I find that if I'm in one gear to high entering a corner, the car won't be as responsive until I gear down.
  11. Im a controller racer too, im actually sick of wheel racers having miles more raw pace, i really wish theyd filter controller racers from wheel racers tbh to make it fair.

    I race aggressively, not with people, i mean on the track, i use all the track, i get on the power as early as possible in every corner etc, But when you take traction control off it is different, i mean, it only really makes a difference in hairpins, and i only spin out by trying to get on the power too early, I personally feather the throttle a bit and straighten the car up as soon as i possibly can, once i have the car straight away i go.
  12. The problem I find with the controller is throttle control is so inconsistant and although you are feathering the throttle through the controller you will always lose time. The most noticable place (for me anyway) is the 4 apex corner at istanbul, if you miss the angle of the 2nd apex it's impossible to take the rest flat out and always finding myself having to completely lift as feathering seems to make no difference when using the controller. I have tried this with wheel and pedals and and gain .5 of second at least every time and only need to lift half if I miss the apex of the 2nd corner instead of fully lifting.

    Bottom line is wheel is much faster as you have more control, you can pick up wheels pretty cheap on ebay. It doesn't have to be a top notch wheel for you to notice a difference, even the cheaper wheels will make you so much faster in the corners.
  13. Yeah i agree, but then again, i have no room for a wheel, or maybe i do but the expense of a wheel just isnt worth only gaining a couple of seconds a lap, because the bottom line is i know how to win, and i think racecraft is greater than raw pace. Plus if i know im against a wheel user who has 2 seconds advantage on me, he will not get passed, i make sure of that.

    If they cant race fairly, then i see no reason to either, And if you use a wheel against DS3 users, its not fair, its like using an aimbot on call of duty.
  14. Why are wheels quicker? Surely the press of a button is a press of a button?
  15. You have more control with a wheel than a controller it's easier to correct under/over steer, it's more accurate and fluent in corners. Same with throttle controll, it's much easier to apply the correct amount of throttle with the pedals than it is with the triggers.
  16. Cheers. I realy need one. My thumb is killing me.
  17. I use a controller for PS3. The key to getting better control is to push up on the analog controller and simply slide it round the outside of the circle to get incremental wheel input from nothing to full lock. Only problem I have is that I concentrate so much that I don't always get to full lock and hence set my cars up with oversteer.
  18. You can pick them up pretty cheap on ebay, I just got one for £15.... It's certainly not the best wheel but I know it will improve my driving a lot. I used to play with a cheap wheel on F1 99-02 for PC and even then I could do some pretty fast laps, when I switched to controller my lap times were dropping about 2 seconds per lap. I also find I can be a lot more consistant with a wheel.
  19. Thanks allan. I intend to get one but at the moment I have my ps3 in the lounge / bedroom so there isn't really enough space to put a wheel and pedals whilst playing games on the sofa. If F1 2011 is as good as it looks I'll rethink my setup.
  20. The problem I'm finding is that there is next to no choice of wheels for xbox. There is the madcatz and that's about it. I did want to get a wheel when I get F1 2011 because I'm pretty sick of steering using a controller. Do the cheaper wheels have metal paddle shifters or plastic?