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racing time

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alessandro Gamberini, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    first of all congratulations to the creators and active members of the group for the great work that always ferments on RD :good:

    unfortunately, I am sorry to see that yours "racing nights" time schedule are not the best for those, like me, lives in Italy or nearby where the typical racing start is around 22.00 CET ----> 21:00 GMT :smirk:
    I believe my situation is similar to others EU countries, mainly at south, where lifestyles is different with delayed dinner times etc etc

    the three types of mod you are using in cycling, very good idea, have the following

    MINI *19.00 *19.30 *20.00 *20.05 *21.05 too soon
    CART *19.00 *19.30 *20.00 *?? ***?? about 20.10, too soon
    PCC **19.00 *20.00 *20.30 *?? ***?? about 21.40, quite good, better at 21.50, best at 22.00
    ?? unknown race time, warm-up time not specified on relevant forum

    Is it possible to relax times in order to have a racing start closest to 22.00 CET ?
    Probably there are many silent not active members with the same problem, I think a poll would be useful, but this is only a suggestion :sinister:

    last thing, but not the least, until now no one champ appeared on RD for rFactor sim, this is a big lack
    rF have no less and no more respect RACE, NETKAR etc it is simply different
    admins give it a try

    thanks for all in advance

  2. I got the same problem :amen:. In fact the only racing club events i'm able to run are the Mini friday nights because the qualify starts at 21:00
    GMT , earlier than that i have no chance to join :(.
  3. I would have nothing against that, however we would need more than 2 people to make that change.
  4. I much prefer an earlier start anyway - even though I'm in the UK, but that's just personal preference.

    7pm practice/quali with 8pm race is perfect for me. Just about gives me enough time to throw some food down my neck before getting on with the evening's entertainment :)

  5. what I'm trying to say is that many of southern Europe drivers (ITA, ESP, POR, GRE etc) that take a look only to rFactor calendar (many just want to run) does not subscribe to events for present scheduling, so losing new drivers, but if this is your approach I must accept it :(

    furthermore, it is easier to read the other interesting topic rather than mine

    it would be interesting to know if there is a problem for others driver to accept a time shift of about 30min late
    for this I suggested a poll that have more visibility, if I can open one I do it immediately :sinister:

    many thanks
  6. I'm not keen on a early start tbh.
    The best time would be to have qualy at 8:30 and race at 9:00 for a sprint race and then on Fridays/weekend you could then run a endurance race, It would finish later but then it would be the weekend :)
  7. :good:
  8. Im known as something of a night owl and agree that we need some more late nighters,a while back i done a 2 hours Le Mans event starting at midnight GMT,it got mixed reactions tbh,but still a good size grid,also i remember another late night event at Silverstone that went good.
    I think it would be a good idea to try something regular at least on Saturday nights for the insomniacs and varying lifestyles and even different timezone guys to join.

  9. what you mean with regular ? late night ? about 21.00GMT or more ?
    probably friday and in particular saturday night are not the best choices, girlfriends/wifes will not be happy :sinister: (read angry)
    i hope in a better improvement during week:good:, we are on the right track to do it :wink2:
  10. Europe has a 3 hour spread remember

    GMT to GMT +2

    So an event ending at 22.00 ends at midnight for those in GMT +2 and 11pm for GMT+1.
    An event starting at 20.00 GMT+2 will be starting at 18.00GMT. As you can see this is difficult. Can't please everyone, I have my events about 19.00GMT with a longish practice session. Where as other events start at 20.00GMT with a slightly shorter practice.
    Times should suit everyone at some point.
  11. so an average starting time would be 22.00 GMT+1 :dance2:
    the best is to please many not everyone
    make a poll to decide the best race starting time
    the available choices would be:
    race start at 20.00GMT or 21.00GMT or 22.00GMT

    usually i start race at 21.00GMT and end at 22.15GMT
    it is not too late and I work during the morning (thanks god) without sleep on my desk :laugh2:

    thanks for patience
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.