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Racing Seat for Formula 1

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Igor Trendafilovski, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have recently purchased T500 with the F1 add-on and now I am searching for a racing seat as well. Since i usually play F1, i am after the seat that is close to the real f1 seating position. I don/t count the playseat f1 as an option because of the crazy price they are selling it for. What are my other options? Also, i am located in Australia and i am quite limited in terms of shipping as well, since they charge almost $200-$300 to ship from UK for a rig. I have looked into Obutto, Playseat Alcantara and the Next Level GTextreme since they are available here. My budget is around $600-&700.
  2. This is exactly what im looking for!

    Has anyone tried it out to give me some more information?

    @Joel it is definetely out of my price range since ive already spent a lot on the pc and the wheel.
  3. Well, Okay it was worth the effort, though The Hypersimulator is the best choice than i think, look for some reviews of the store on google, most of the time you will see the feedback! Good luck
  4. I've been looking for seat dimensions for something like this for a long time, I certainly cannot find anything. Closest I've found is the Racetech RT Saker racing seat. Full layback, not as drastic as F1 but as close as I could find. Hard to find dimensions for something that when is always custom made. I've been looking for LMP seat angles but they seem almost harder to find. I know your looking for a simulator, but I like making my own around my goodies, rather than trying to find a place to attach them all. Should be easier to get a hold of a Racetech seat since they are from New Zealand. Alot harder to find for a decent price in Canada.
    Just my 2 cents. Take them or leave them.
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  5. Bit of an old topic, but looking for a formula seat myself. Came across this beach chair this morning, anybody experience with this one? It's like 15 euros, if it does the trick, well...
  6. Or you could make your own HyperStim styled rig for a fraction of the cost, a couple of sheets of MDF imagination and some technical know how and Bob's your Aunty :) My humble efforts:

    Cheers AussieStig


  7. Hi Igor, I'm sure you have found a solution already but if not I thought I would chime in, I see you indicated your budget, but you may want to contact Shige @Frex GP out of Japan.

    While he has been, let's say challenging, to deal with in the past he may be of some help if you catch him on a good day. He currently sells this autoclaved formula seat:


    Here is a good angle image of it in his current rig on his homepage:


    It is really expensive but I mention it because I seem to recall it was available at a time in cheaper materials but in the same shape which maybe be of use to you. If you could get a one made from the same mold with materials within the indicated budget, you could then bead-fit or cut thin foam and make it yours.

    Best of luck, let us know what you go with!
  8. The frex solution does look great :)

    I've emailed hyperstimulator and they don't sell seats separately, don't like the look of the sims themselves so that is not an option.

    I'll receive my cheap seat today, very, VERY curious what it'll be like. Granted, for the money, I don't expect much. However, if it only needs some reinforcement (8020 profile) and some cushioning (girlfriend sowing skills) it'll be the cheapest F1 seat I can think of :p If it sucks, I'll return it straight away! Will let you guys know, might be a simracing hype in the making ;)

    received the seat. what a surprise, sucks ass! but! The seating position is very, very close to what you'd expect for an openwheeler car. But the material is too flimsy and don't see enough opportunities to strengthen it. I am going to make some templates on paper to copy the design though, before either someone picks it up or I return it :p
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  9. Hey William. Thanks for the heads up.

    I agree, frex solution looks good. I may end up going this route, down the road if need be.

    As far as your seat, if the position is that close, have you considered using fiber glass on the back or hardening foam?

    You could then bead fit the side which you sit on, trim, and cover with felt or something similar.

    fibreglass would be huge pain in the rear, but would be cost effective.
  10. I also don't like those tillet seats, they're not close enough in my humble opinion
  11. I didn't find enough base strength or room available to mount or let alone reinforce the seat. But again, I took a cheap gamble, lost out, no big deal :) I do think some pieces of MDF and some 8020 can be all you need for a good, rock solid base. Then all you need is an insert, but I don't think that is the hardest part. However, it is the most scary part for me, stuff can go wrong and make a mess. Therefore, I'll build up my rig GT style at first, get to know how the 8020 stuff works and what I can do with it before thinking about constructing a seat base.
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