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racing clubs, why?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Ziga Sustersic, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hello guys!

    Im pretty new to the racing world and while racing online i noticed many people are a part of some racing club. Im wondering what is happening inside those clubs?

    I have been playing FPS games for quite some years now and im also a leader of the naked soldiers clan. In this game genre its pretty obvious why to join such group of bastards. Its just that you have more from the game, organized gameplay, developing and training tactics, playing wars, killing teammates etc..

    What is it here? Are you having trainings with your members, learning each other driving technique or maybe just playing online together?
  2. The racing clubs here at RD are for organised races, without the seriousness of a racing league. There are rules to be followed though to avoid the chaos experienced in public servers, and punishments are used for people who choose not to follow. The whole idea is for people to be a bit more relaxed and enjoy the race where coming first isn't the be all and end all. Club drivers do tend to help each other out with advise and car set ups. Don't get me wrong though, some races can still be highly competitive.

    As you say in your post, by joining groups in fps you get more from the game. I would say the same for joining groups/clubs in racing sims (and racing leagues if you want to take it a bit more seriously). You will probably find as you gain experience that you cannot have a clean race in many of the public servers. Its usually a place where anything goes with no rules. When you try to overtake someone you never know if they will let you pass clean or side swipe you as you try to pass, or just try and take you out at the next turn by not braking and slamming into you......I'm sure you get the picture. By entering club races here at RD you should expect nice clean fair races with a friendly and sporting attitude from the other drivers, something that i think is a must if you want to enjoy your racing.

    As for driver training, there is a friendly development series that runs here on RD where some of the top drivers kindly run training sessions for the newer drivers to learn.
  3. I think he phrased it a bit wrong, and that he's referring to racing teams. Like the ones run by Laurent, or Sergio's pirates.
  4. Many reasons really, much like those of a FPS clan. Normally when racing, your their to win, and you'll have your lines and setups that make you go around a lap faster than some or all of your competitors. Thats great if your always the fastest man out there, buts thats never the case. So we join teams to pool ideas, build better setups and find all the tricks and lines that make us go faster.

    Now you might say, ok, but why not share the information anyway? Well, to put it simply, if I'm winning, why should I tell a competitor how to beat me?
  5. I ment racing teams, what u can see besides the name when u race online. Looks like it is what i expected so i might join some of it, if i will feel a need for more serious racing. Right now im driving just by the feeling but it would be inetersting to compare driving lines to the others, practice overtaking etc...
  6. Ziga the nkro racing club here is very good and you can learn a lot from them, trust me:)