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Racing Club Feedback wanted

Discussion in 'Automobilista Racing Clubs & Leagues' started by Scott Webber, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Hi Guys,

    now that the game is fully released, we will be putting events up very shortly, however we are always open to feedback / suggestions for great combo's , everything is a possibility and you (the drivers) are what makes these club events possible.

    Also over the coming month i would like to introduce Club helpers, which basically means you'll have admin rights for ingame to skip the session and make sure it's ontime if the admin is not present, basically making things run even smoother.

    We have a few combo's in mind and will be running them over the next few weeks, and we will use your feedback to improve our club events, videos, screenshots of your club events are more then welcome too, we have a dedicated video gallery so you can post your videos there and a screenshot thread.
  2. Hi everyone!

    Personally, I really love races where strategy comes into play. Whether we replicate that artificially through increased tire wear/fuel consumption or simply race for a longer time, it doesn't really matter. There is seriously nothing better than when everyone is running different strategies, and it all catches up in the end!

    In terms of the cars, I believe that the V8 Stock Car, Formula 3 and Mini Cooper should be our staple. That said, I think the occasional "Retro" race wouldn't go astray where we try out the Opala stock car and maybe the 1970's BT42. Personally, I don't think I'll have the reflexes for karting at 6am in the morning, but each to their own ;). The potential for fun is definitely there!

    My feedback is clearly very subjective, and to be honest, I'm not too fussed as long as we're out on track. Got some time off coming up, so there is plenty of racing to catch up on! :)
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  3. I've been stuck running the V8s around Nordschleife the last few days, so much fun! I'd love to test my times vs others on that track, and due to it's length I reckon it's only doable for a endurance race or time attacks, so either of those would be fun.

    I also agree with Tristan here that the staple of cars should be V8 and F3, the Mini too I guess though I haven't tested it. An occasional Formula Classic race to spice things up would be awesome too.
    I'll pop in with car/track combos once I manage to stop running the V8s on Green Hell over and over!
  4. Lyndon Hughes

    Lyndon Hughes
    Grandad Premium

    I would do the F3 its my favourite car on gsc fantastic car to drive,im also up for some karting,and tin tops and anything else really :D think that about covers it,so yes please bring on the club racing:thumbsup:
  5. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    First week of GSC2013 full release with some great new content and you offer us "old" V8s and Minis :(? C`mon, what about retro or Opalas :)?
  6. i can setup a opala fun event for saturday night, hey you have the karts for friday man :p jeez no pleasing people haha you love open wheelers, these ones are just abit slower ;)
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  7. I'd love some open wheeler action too! (no, karts don't count, but I'll have to test the karts, might enjoy them for all i know :D).
    All of the formulas in GSC13 are awesome, love em!
    I might join on the Mini event, I generally don't like driving these types of cars but GSC might have me convinced otherwise, I've been impressed with everything I've tested so far so why not. :)

    So, some feedback/tips, here's some track/car combos I've tested and would love to see in the club;
    V8 @ MT Limerock
    F3 @ Chernobyl NPP
    FRetro or FClassic @ Interlagos Historic
  8. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    Scott, you know, that was just a joke ;). I respect your work and I also know my beloved open wheelers/and now Opala also will come to RD Club server sooner or later. But carts ... huh, I suck man ... I am last on any track even with only 80% AI strenght, so I quit with them, hehehe.
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  9. Any open wheel event
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  10. Formula Reiza.
  11. Formula Retro at the historic interlagos track will be coming soon! thanks guys, also if you test any tracks out at night, and you think it would be a hella fun to race around, please tag me in this thread and let me know :)
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  12. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    I'd love to get involved in the GSC Club events, but I'm afraid like many other Aussies the time difference is a killer, I must admit though, I was up till the wee hours for the nKPro Club some years ago, but I was a medically induced raging insomniac at the time :sick:

    If the time difference isn't to difficult to manage, I might see if I can stay awake for these events, I'd be happy to race anything as there's only so much satisfaction one can obtain running against predictable AI.

  13. jimortality


    Would it be possible to have different levels as people like myself who are not overly fast obviously struggle against the super fast guys. Maybe a night set aside for slower drivers?
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  14. Lyndon Hughes

    Lyndon Hughes
    Grandad Premium

    Jim im in the same predicament,theres nothing worse than being 2/3 seconds off the pace all the time which i am,i raced at iracing in the ukandireland league rather than doing open races there because it was supposed to be more for the club racer and specific series for the novices and rookies and supposed to be more freindly what a load of bull you ended up racing against team drivers and super fast drivers who once they stated racing forgot what series they where in all to willing to blame a newbie for making a mistake and ending there race.

    i like to think im a fair driver who will always try to move out the way for faster drivers and yes i make mistakes and sometimes it doesnt go to plan but what really boils my pi** is when like in the mini race last week one of the faster drivers mess up on the first lap but then has to barge his way through the slower cars, just because im slower doesnt mean i shouldnt be there ,or does it maybe it does because with what ive seen with racing online not just here but at iracing and rfactor as well it can get very elitist and if your not one of the fast guys or one of the click you might as well not bother,but ive also seen where its become so elitist that people like me that are happy to just race and make the numbers up drop out because they cant be arsed with the aggrevation they get when they make a mistake

    how many times do you hear one of the really fast racers moan when it goes wrong,not many because not only are they fast they are aware of whats going on round them and know how to deal with it,its them that think they are fast that are always too willing to blame someone else for there co** up

    sorry that this has turned into a rant and Jim if there ever is some racing for the not so fast drivers then i will join but until then ill stick to racing the al its a lot less stressfull
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  15. Nox

    Staff Premium

    @Lyndon Hughes @Jim Brailsford I am like you guys, in that I am a back marker, always near the back of the grid. And I have only once or twice come up against people barging through too aggressively when trying to get through. I think Wednesday's race at Taruma was pretty much terrible as far as driving standards go - I didn't last 3 laps because people were all over the place ignoring the RD rules.

    But generally the racing is very fair at RD, and if it isn't, you can always report an incident. If you are driving by the rules then it's the other driver's problem if they are getting frustrated. Everyone, no matter their skill level, is welcome to race and should be respected on track. Please try a few more events, see how it goes. I'll probably be at the back keeping you company.
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  16. Eric Bergeron

    Eric Bergeron

    v8 , mini and camaro ! :) and v8 :rolleyes:
  17. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Things to note if you are not the fastest in the pack,

    You are in a race the same as all the drivers, Do not alter your lines to try and help, keep racing the same line, let the overtaking car make his move, if you wish to let him by let off the gas, But why should you are in a race the same as him.
    If he pushes you off track and does not wait for you to regain your position. REPORT HIM.
    He is behind you so the overtaking car has to do this cleanly and safely.
    If you are being lapped let the overtaking car make his move to overtake you then you can assists by getting of the gas.
    But do not swerve to alter your line this can cause confusion and crashes can happen.
    he is faster so he will get by you,
    Point to note: try and let him by on a straight rather than trying to do this on a corner.

    Remember you are all here to race, clean and fair, and we will take action if drivers don't abide by our rules but you have to make a complaint for us to do something. We can't sit and watch every race every car on every corner, we don't have the time, Sorry :(

    driver at RD is important whether you are fist or last in a race, the position you finish is irrelevant all you need to think about is the car in front and the car behind you that is your race. Some of the best races I've had were at the back, or in a pack trying to attack as well as defend my position in the race.

    Club racing should be about having fun,
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  18. Those who finish last at RD Club Races are just as important as those who finish first! I used to think just like Jim up here and didn't want to join the club races because I was so slow, and slow I was at my first attempt, I could barely keep up with the next slowest guy and made tons of mistakes, went off track, crashed and kept going like that. But I made a point out of not being in the way of others and trying to be predictable when being lapped (not always easy and sometimes I fark it up still).
    But boy am I glad I took the plunge, I found a bunch of great guys racing, had fun even while finishing last, and learnt lots in the process.
    Since then I've improved a lot, I'm now somewhere around mid pack (if I put a little practice in before race day), but I wouldn't want to get where I am in any other way than I did, and that was by racing everyone on the same premise.
    Besides, having faster drivers in the race, particularly Club Races, is a great way to learn and improve. Show up for practice on the server, inspect what they do different, ask questions, suck up all the info you can!
    /wall of text

    TL:DR: Go race with everyone else, you'll have fun and learn lots in the process.

    A final note on trying to learn from others;
    If you are inconsistent and having trouble getting around the track, you can watch anyone on the top half of the list and learn something.
    But if you are already getting around and putting in consistent albeit "slow" laptimes, don't go about watching the fastest guy and trying to figure out what he is doing different to you, because the difference will be so vast and you will be lacking so severely in skill and practice that you will struggle trying to learn the things that this guy is doing. Instead, look at someone a second or two faster than you, what they do on track will be much more similar to what you do, then try to figure out what this guy is doing different to award him a second or two advantage and learn from that.

    Lots of text! Pheew!

    Edit: Ohh forgot to mention, get your arses on TS when racing!!!!!! Club Racing is about social racing imo, get on there and have a laugh with us, get to know us! This is the reason why I kept coming back to the GTL club, cos of the awesome guys on TS! :)
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  19. i will say one thing, im slow as a pig, and i don't care, i really like it, aslong as i get to race it's great, and you know what, as rupe said, mid-field and at the back your guranteed to have awesome battles :)

    really it's not about speed but having fun with the ones around you, there is always someone here who is at the same skillset as you. :)
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  20. Yesterday I happened to take the V8s out on the track from last weeks Mini race, Taruma, the choice was "by accident" as I was just clicking through to test some surround sound settings. Anyways, these V8s on that track was a BLAST!
    Quite a different experience to the Minis for sure.
    I would like to propose that we try to run the same track on different classes each week, this way people have more of a chance to learn the track layout and experience the difference the cars make on each track.
    At least, give us a event with the V8s on Taruma. it's great! :D ^^
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