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Racers To Be Released: Discussion

Discussion in 'Xbox One | RaceDepartment INDYCAR Series' started by Rob, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    With the disappointment of NASCAR and Assetto, I have been looking forward, and there is some interesting stuff on the horizon. We may not have initially thought of it because of the non-SIM nature of the titles, but I'm looking to expand a bit personally. SIM racing will always be my passion, but you have to have variety. First, I didn't know that Wreckfest was going to be available on the xbox. This is great news, as I have always longed for a real damage model, with real performance impacting damage, and real insane graphics. That stuff we know is coming. What I am encouraged by are the PC players' experiences so far (except for Assetto, which entirely dropped the ball (so far) with Multiplayer), because I think PC success generally equates to console success (pCARS, DiRT, F1 2016)...and this one is popular. Out guy Paul said, "Providing something of a more light-hearted approach to the racing genre, Wreckfest does however hide a surprising amount of simulation potential under the hood....Graphically pleasing to the eye and featuring one of the better damage models in the industry, Wreckfest is a visual delight to behold while at the same time offering a surprisingly engaging driving experience, bringing to the fore a simulation aspect one would not initially have thought the game would enjoy."
    Also particularly interesting is the ability to form an online "posse" and go compete as a team. I have not done this before, as racing SIMs is a real solo event. So, for instance, since public lobby players are *experts* at wrecking, and this is the object of the game (but interestingly, time to finish and order of finish are also still the main objectives), then we just have to get ourselves up to their standards as a group. :thumbsup:

    The Crew Calling All Units is due out soon too. I have never really been a big fan of open world racers, but i must admit, I had a taste of them when Forza Horizon 2 was all I had to play (pre-pCARS) and it was balls out fun. Even with crappy physics, it was fun. You completely forgot they were crappy most of the time.
    But with The Crew: Calling All Units, you have better physics (from reviews) and a much bigger environment (the whole USA) with a racing element (cops v. robbers). It's not the first run either, and the very first run ("The Crew") got panned. But the one after that ("The Crew: Wild Run" technically a DLC, but also a completely new format) was well reviewed, if not perfect. Many of the negatives concentrate on the fact that title owners get screwed ($30 for an upgrade DLC after a $60 game) but new players get it pretty cheap ($40), which comes with everything. ("Additionally, for those new to the game, the new Wild Run SKU is a great deal at $40. It comes with not only the base game and expansion pack, but also the previously released season pass. Sure, older adopters of the title are a bit screwed over when it comes to this deal, but that’s just the gaming landscape at this point in time."). This generally positive reviews for TCWR seems representative. As far as online goes, well, the whole focus of the game is online, which is better with "a crew" I'm sure. I'm going to pick up TCWR today and look for Calling All Units. Can't wait. Forza Horizon 3? No thanks.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2016
  2. Got to be honest Rob these type of games are not really for me. I did download the Crew when it became available for free on Gold some time ago but i've never even tried it out. These open world things aren't generally something that pique my interest although I am going to look at the Forza Horizon 3 demo over the weekend if I get the chance.
    The whole GTA thing is just a horrible idea in my view and anything that has that type of game-play bothers me. Police chases, mugging old ladies, etc.. I can get enough of that in the real work don't need it in a game.

    Never heard of Wreckfest and note that it is not due for release until Spring next year but i'll keep my eyes peeled and have a look when it's closer to the time although with all we currently have going for us on console right now I can't see it being high on my list of must-haves... but you never know.
  3. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    GTA and The Crew are not in the same league. I can't force you to try it but The Crew is centered around driving (with physics roughly the same as NASCAR '16 or F1 2016 on a bad day) while GTA is simply a joke in terms of driving. I didn't buy need for speed because of this -- that game does not even have cockpit.

    Of course, if you simply don't like anything but games with a racetrack on them, I'd stay away.
  4. BTW have you picked up Nascar? Ironically it is now available over here but it's got pretty badly panned in most reviews. Costs £60 here too :confused:
  5. mcnasty1


    Guy at work is getting it tonite.so il tell ya what he says tom.im def not spending 60 on it thou maybe 20 .but im contempt with what weve got now in p.cars a.c. and f1.
  6. mcnasty1


    Thinkng the lobby thing in ac will eventually make it.god knows its all the forums are talking about
  7. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    It's completely either a total sham or brilliant. Probably both. If they ever do get custom going, it's all the sudden the best game ever.