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Featured RaceRoom Racing Experience September Patch Sneak Peak

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Paul Jeffrey, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    R3E September Update.jpg
    Sector3 Studios Producer Sonat Ozturk has revealed some early details regarding the next patch for RaceRoom Racing Experience, revealing some interesting insight into the direction of the sim going forward.

    Sector3 long ago announced their intention to no longer build "Experience" packs as seen with the ADAC and DTM add on packages for the sim. The idea of an "Experience" pack in R3E was, at the time, a rather neat feature and helped separate the game from some of the other sim racing titles available for PC. The basic idea of an Experience pack in RaceRoom was to give a unique feel to certain licenced pieces of content. Content such as ADAC and DTM had their own menus and backgrounds, unique branding and colour schemes as well as the bespoke rules and racing formats for those championships. Effectively bringing a new game for that series within the main RaceRoom title. Well as this was implemented in RaceRoom, the segmentation of content and difficulty navigating between differing online lobbies has caused some concern amongst the community. Coupled with the fact that features found in some experiences haven’t yet filtered into the main game, Sector3 decided the idea had run its course and become redundant as RaceRoom has developed.

    In a comment regarding when the next patch will be available to download, Producer Sonat Ozturk confirmed the team will be "phasing out experiences and thereby adding and exposing more session settings to RaceRoom". This is good news for fans.

    Personally I like the experience approach. I enjoyed playing what felt like a standalone DTM/ADAC title and I will be sad to see it not continue in RaceRoom. However the news from Sonat that Sector3 will be "adding and exposing more session settings" is a much needed boost to fans. With such a diverse amount of content currently in game, many players have been calling out for session setting functionality, things like reverse grid races, two race formats and driver swop amongst the most often requested.

    No official confirmation of what exactly will be added / removed from the update has been forthcoming as of yet, however Sonat did go on to mention "The patch will have things like ipv6 compatible netcode... "Revamp of portal store along with new implementations that just improves the store overall. Tidied up and added more stuff to shared memory (which also broke all applications using them). And more"

    Probably due to be deployed some time towards the end of September, the new patch, if it includes just some additional session settings in the main game, will be a good step forward for the RaceRoom offline Experience. With a spate of recent content announcements, things look bright indeed for this often underrated simulation.

    R3E September Update RUF.jpg

    Check out the RaceRoom Racing Experience forum here at RaceDepartment. Take a look around the chat rooms, post some comments, download a setup or two and get involved in our mightly Racing Club events held daily.

    Enjoying R3E currently? What would you like to see in the next patch? What is missing from RaceRoom in your experience? What does the sim do right? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    This may be a good move for this sim. Hoping they had more option and functionality to this title a get more people online
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  3. Flags. End of. Oh and animated pitstops like F1 2016 would be nice. ;):thumbsup:
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  4. That old chestnut 'cheaper content' would be the biggest improvement imho, I mean AC's last DLC, was 3 cars for the grand price of...£1.99, nevermind the FREE Audi S1 and laser scanned Monza.
    I really like RR3 but unfortunately the cost puts me off investing in it all, and I know i'm in for a trolling, but I doubt I'm the only one that holds off on this game for the same reason.
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  5. Jazz Forsberg

    Jazz Forsberg
    2nd hand driver Premium

    Flags !
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  6. Fals start and rain.
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  7. GTSpeedster


    What about proper triple screen' support? I wonder if they'll ever enact it at least in one of the titles they develop? It's been a pretty basic and fundamental feature present in virtually all self respected sims for over a decade now... But SimBin/Sector3 seem unable or at minimum unwilling to implement it at all.
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  8. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

    R3E does quite a few things right despite its somewhat rocky development cycle.
    I'm not particularly sad to see the Experiences go. While it's a neat idea, it doesn't really add that much to the sim and it doesn't exactly help people figuring out the pricing-structure which I'll freely admit is a little.....well, it's something. :D

    What would I like in the future? A fair bit.
    Off-line SP.
    That one's a biggie. There are few things in life as infuriating as being unable to use your sim because of a server-glitch.
    SP Multi-class.
    Better rule-sets. That is, flags, penalty-weights etc.
    'Ghosting' of cars on slow-down penalties.
    Tracks, in particular US ones. If they give me Watkins Glen, Sebring and the rest of the IMSA GT circuit, and couple that with multi-class SP, there's a pretty good chance I'll never touch another sim. :roflmao:
    Proper telemetry-support. Preferably MoTec (which seems unlikely), but I'll take Atlas if I have to.
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  9. Look-to-apex please! Tire pressure adjustments and temperature monitoring would be nice too.
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  10. I'm hoping the AI is improved from the last big patch several months ago. I always thought R3E had the best AI in sim-racing but the last patch took them 10 steps back, IMO. Their "smooth operator" AI from last year was excellent.
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  11. The AI taking turn 1 @ Shanghai shows just how right you are. You can almost pass an entire field of 20 cars.
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  12. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Oh boy....i can write a long list but in the meantime of the six years development i became aware that R3E is R3E as it is and always will be. I do not know exactly why S3 does not implement certain ingame features. Maybe the engine does not allow certain features to be present....i really have no clue. The only reason i still play R3E is because of the incredible good sound. In that perspective i only play Pcars because of the incredible good graphics.
    But when i want to race (and not play) i take lesser sound and graphics for granted and switch to other sims with full indept gameplay.
    By the way....what is the sneak peak? More cars?:whistling:
  13. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

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  14. ronniej

    The dude Premium

    This title has been one of my favourites and the one that has made me the most angry at the same time.

    I have given my support as much as I could by buying all the content available as I really like the laser scanned Nords and the ADAC and DTM series. Sounds great, looks great, but I can't bloody stand the fact that there is no "Offline Mode" for single player and you're at the mercy of their servers.

    I really hope that R3E gets to work and brings us a great package, because it's a great game.

    Triple screen and SLI support would do wonders as well:whistling:
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  15. Greg Metcalf

    Greg Metcalf

    Fix the missing starts in the replays, lets have some rain, tyre compound choice, fix the double gear shifting in a few cars. stop the ai doing the pit stops. stop the ability to sit in first gear without a clutch pressed when waiting for the green light.
    To think GTR2 had all this many years ago makes you wonder what modern developers are up to :/
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  16. I have supported S3 by byuing all their content up to a stage where the annoying things get the better of you and you say no more.

    Double shifting shaits me, why have it? If I abuse it make the the engine fail then come on! With no grinding or warning that you are in neutral is not natural, turning a corner expecting to accelerate out of it and all you hear is the limiter!
    Full car setups please.
    Proper triple monitor support.
    Reverse grid, rain and changing track conditions.

    Everything else is perfect even the cost of content and the sounds are awesome.
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  17. SOLO59


    I also;
    Would REALLY like to play the game in SP Off-Line mode.
    Multi Class racing (both MP and SP modes), we have ALL these different types of cars but can't properly do multi class racing. This feature would make the game GOLD! I love multi class racing and this feature would be very much appreciated!
    More American tracks including Mosport and maybe even an official release of Honda Indy Toronto (I know this track is a long shot lol), Sebring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To tell the truth, I'm happy with the game so far and I'm LOVING it with Trackir!!! Amazing sounds, really good graphics, solid FFB, drivable but still challenging physics, fun hot lap challenges, and a good selection of cars and tracks. Keep up the good work S3S! Looking forward to September update! Hopefully some special and much desired additions will make its way to the sim this Christmas!
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  18. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium

  19. I was until I tapped into the rear of the car in front.

    Cars not spinning out wildy when you tap into the rear of the car in front.

    Sensible & remotely realistic collision physics.

    Most of everything else (apart from the feeling that the drivers broke into an otherwise unused racetrack and had an event without anyone else being present).