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RaceRoom Racing Experience: Interview with Diego Satori (Part 3)

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Lee Ross, Sep 5, 2012.

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  2. Bram

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    In how many parts can you cut an interview?:laugh:

    The best anti-cheat measurement is really cheap. Caught cheating? Ban an account so the game is completely useless for this person. Cheaters will have to create a new account and will need to buy all the content again. Win Win.
  3. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    About the same as Steam cuts Race07:thumbsdown:
  4. I'm confused by this product: is this in addition to GTR3? What is the status of GTR3?
  5. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    @bram can you please take a new avatar, because I now have a voice in my head singing "trolololo" all day
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  6. Peter

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    @bram can you please take a new avatar, because I now have a voice in my head singing "trolololo" all day.
  7. A lot of double posts today... News sound good, first time there was talk about our main forte, online multiplayer. I guess we all do some amount of hotlapping and the format really seems to be bang on there. Also changes to allow multiclass cars racing together is goo addition. Apex hunt sound like a quick learning tool for new tracks, i have doubts but then again, it is suppose to show the novices what lines you actually need to use, that's only a good thing. Drivingschool is a forgotten feature that needs to come back..

    Long "career" simulation in a form of profile, i'm all for that. It cuts down bad behaviour, allows better matchmaking etc.

    i also like the simple and very subtle graphics on screen/HUD, simple, informative and not obtrusive at all, all neatly tucked to the edges instead of floating.. Was there something about reconfiguring the screen elements (speedometer, rev.meter, gear indicator etc)in the earlier Q&A or do i remember wrong? With that kind of graphic style, i can see it becoming quite a handy tool. I hate the rev/speedo in the right corner instead of it being closer to center where it should be on real car.
  8. yeah im confused too. is this GTR3 re-named
  9. It's not GTR3 replacement, they are totally unrelated.. Well, technology behind both will be most likely the same. This free2play, GTR3 is a box version, probably.. SimBin seem to be geared on quick changes of direction, for them it's good as they can look at competition and change their product accordingly. For us it's a bit frustrating since we can't really know what's happening...
  10. Shouldn't they release it already?
  11. I liked this bit:

    "Multiclass racing (will also be available for multiplayer) is now handled in a way where the winner of each class is celebrated/awarded as victors. In earlier games also featuring multiclass racing the game would only celebrate the overall winner and that we found was not consistent with how multiclass racing works in real life racing scene." :thumbsup: