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RaceRoom Championships

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by 2scoops, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. I have recently purchased RaceRoom and a variety of different series, I set up a custom championship and then went to set up another so that I can jump between one and another depending on what I fancy, but it wouldn't let me do it. Can you only have 1 championship set at any one time? Seems a bit daft if that is the case as I won't be able to race anything else until i've finished this one.
  2. It should be possible, there's a button to create a new championship on the screen where you load your existing championship.
  3. Thanks Majuh, I must have missed that I will have a better look :)
  4. Setup your first championship, and make sure to set a practice session as well. Start the first championship and it will go into practice. End the practice session and it will autosave the championship so you can create another one.
  5. Ah, that would be why I couldn't go any further with setting up other champs, cheers Dave, thats a great help.
  6. No worries. May you setup and dominate 1 million championships. It kind of stinks if you want to practice at the first track, but what I normally do is make the first track of a custom champ one I could drive with one eye closed so the practice session can be a throwaway session.
  7. just as well I wouldn't have to do it with every track as i've got all of them lol