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Racer v0.9.0 RC9 Released

Discussion in 'Racer' started by tormento19, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. A new beta is available at http://www.racer.nl/dl_beta_win.htm. :):)
    The changelog:

    v0.9.0 RC9 (06-08-2014)
    - Suspension forces refactored to work with limiting suspension length to minlen..maxlen
    - Noronha tire force mixing in reverse went bad.
    - Noronha tire forces could grow large at low speed. Clamped at 1.5x the nominal load.
    - Tire rotational damping at low speed modified slighty (a factor 57.8 changed to 100.0 in the calculation).
    - Added 'normals on' and 'normals off' console commands to visualize geometry normals.
    - 'wireframephys on' now also shows normals of the collision geometry. This after trouble
    with geometry that pointed the wrong way, sucking in the car instead of repulsing.
    - Bugfix for car engine audio; accelerate_out and decelerate_out were not mixed correctly for incar cameras.
    - Added skid_lat and skid_lon car audiosets for separate lat/lon sample control.
    - Added 'odometer_lap' view variable which resets per lap.
    - Relaxed texture loading to accept non-power-of-two sizes.
    - TrackEd/Modeler/PacejkaPlayer/CurvEd are now all in their own subdirectories.
    - TrackEd is now 64-bits only. Needed for large tracks.
    - TrackEd warnings on audio producers fixed.
  2. G27 not recognized (actually no controls but mouse/kb)...
    msvcr120.dll missing...
    msvcp120.dll missing...
    transparent materials that should be opaq...
    graphics in general very broken...
    ini.exe not valid win32 app...
    curved not valid win32 app...
    dof_fix not valid win32 app...
    joystimm.exe not valid win32 app...
  3. Yes, it seems very buggy, seems that Ruud didn't check it properly... at last, some movements here!!
  4. Weird that shaders/gfx are broken.

    There is no mention of anything different in the changelog wrt graphics/shaders.

    I'll have to try it out at the weekend and see.

    Hopefully it's just some settings have been toggled around a bit.

    I remember Ruud was adding a new sky system in the last release, but it was reacting a bit badly with the old atmosphere/extinction. Is there any signs of that been taken further/finished/interfering with things? Iirc things like the sunlight glow was leaking through geometry via the extinction shading.

    Glad to see the apps getting some work too. It'd be cool if Ruud could expose the trackEd behaviours somewhat so we could batch tasks.
    Ie, set things so geometry with wildcard name X gets flags Y, or names X becomes only used for physics mesh generation etc.
    Also set splitting amounts here too, or once again have wildcards on names for splitting amounts.

    I'm still working towards doing everything directly from Max though hehe... slowly :D

    But for all these reasons I still think RC5c is the best v090 candidate and is what people should develop for.
    Enough things do work, and not many things don't work... and those that don't are not show stoppers.

    I assume Ruud is still super busy so it's hard to find time to bug fix... but we're here to help... all I ask is that the change-log is complete so we can track down problems quicker and more easily.

    Testing blind is much harder than testing with a log of changes... and maybe some understanding of the motivations behind things. Feel free to log on and talk with us Ruud hehe!


  5. WTF! Double clicked the racer.exe file and nothing happened! Noted that the exe file is 3 meg smaller than ver 0908 but 1 meg bigger than ver 0906.

    Is this ver not useable on 32 bit windows xp sp3?
  6. I have it mostly working on xp sp3 32bit, you will need the dll files I listed above.

    Alex Forbin
  7. Thanks Alex.
  8. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    if you have Asetto Corsa you can find the missing dll's there...


    The dials are stretched and not there they should be...see pic...
    ...no luck too with the G27...

    Last edited: Aug 8, 2014
  9. Did anybody have any luck setting up their controllers so far? Neither my existing controller .ini files nor the menu setup are working for me. I can't see any hint in racer.ini as to whether the path or syntax might have changed either...

    edit: Qlog lists that dbg_controls contains floats where integers are expected, but I don't think that is directly related to the issue; at least changing the values to actual integers doesn't make my controllers visible to Racer, only gets rid of the error log.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2014
  10. works in mouse mode with wine after obtaining those DLLs. Won't detect my momo wheel though
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  12. Hehe... :)
  13. LOL. It's the Racer April 1st upgrade megapack.

    Alex Forbin
  14. Tried the .dll's but no luck! I'll wait until Ruud makes a proper version, if I live long enuf!
  15. I read your comments & idk if I should take the risk of trying it...
  16. Thanks, I'll try them.
  17. So just to be clear. Is anyone able to play this with a wheel and pedals?
  18. radome: It doesn't seem like it, certainly not for me at least.

    Alexander Knoll: Are you sure it's not just this vehicle's views.ini elements missing the keep_aspect=1 line? See the default Lambo for reference, if needed.
  19. I think this is the first Racer version ever that didn't work after an install.

    Missing DLL's.

    I was just trying to try out that new ish "atlas optimize" feature but it crashed hehe. Doh.