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Racer v0.8.38 released

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Ruud, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Racer v0.8.38 is now available at http://www.mediafire.com/file/a9z1omd6rmhzymb/racer0.8.38b.7z


    - Look_up/look_down controls added for to make TrackIR devices possible.
    That makes head tracking possible, although currently a bit crude.
    - In your controller file you can add global.up_down_velocity to set up/down look velocity (default=250)
    - In your controller file you can add global.up_down_look_max to set the max up/down look angle (default=45)
    - Removed energy conserving diffuse/specular lighting for version 0.9.
    - Auto exposure turned back on. It can cause dips in framerate on some systems (every second, a grab is mipmapped to obtain the scene brightness).
    - Added shader .mipmap_bias for the global shader and optionally for separate layers.
    - Added cubemap mipmapping to all reflection shaders for environment mapping.
    Requires a good graphics card; otherwise, turn off envmap.generate_mipmaps (set to 0).
    - Fixed keep_aspect (dials/views.ini) for multi-monitor setups.
    - Setting up graphics settings and starting a race would crash.
    - Added dev.collisions setting to globally turn off collision checking.
    - Wireframe mode gave bad texturing for the rest of the graphics.
    - Trackcam FOV clamped to zoom range indicated by the camera
    - Newton solver parameters reverted in the hopes of fixing now & then hangups (10-200 seconds each, after several hours of play)
    - Car camera offset seems back working; the FIXED camera type should now work correctly again.
    - Shadowmapping in car camera mode focuses on the car, even if the camera from/to positions are some distance away from the car.
    - Reverted back to FMod 4.30 (was v4.36) since some people had volume problems at startup.
    - Differential power_ratio warnings were mistakenly given for non-LSD type diffs.
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  2. Thanks Ruud :) Camera positions seem to be fine again and no more false diff alarms indeed either.

    The new (older version) fmodex.dll prevents me from starting pacejka.exe though, using the version from the previous beta fixes it again here. It mentions "?getDriverCaps@System@FMOD@@QAG?W4FMOD_RESULT@@HPAIPAHPAW4FMOD_SPEAKERMODE@@@Z" in the error popup, if that helps any.

    edit: Hm, that's funny - racer.exe itself refuses to work with the old fmodex.dll, so it seems I have to chose between using either racer or pacejka player ^^ I guess it's just a foul reference though?
  3. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Ah yes, I should recompile the other exes to get them working with the old fmodex.dll again. :(

    EDIT: link updated to reflect a version with recompiled TrackEd/Modeler/Pacejka that should work with FMod v4.30 again.
  4. Thanks, again - you might want to update the actual link as well though, not only the visible text ;)
  5. Ruud . I found a bug.
    Seems like camera is being affected by car rotation .
    If i do some turns with the car , the camera changes position D:

    (Obs : It's related to CG .)

  6. I have downloaded your racer 0.8.38b but when I click to select car i get 2 errors :
    first [​IMG]
    how to fix it ?
  7. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    In racer.ini, find the 'ati=0' line and try setting it to 1. For ATI cards, I try to detect those cards and automatically avoid the texCUBElod command, which is not supported for ATI (seemingly only some older profiles are supported). I'm diving into GLSL but that is not too easy, but that hopefully will increase nVidia/ATI doing the same thing.
  8. Seems like a good update so far, reflections on paintwork are a bit duller than previously, maybe too much.
    Positives are I get 5-20fps more than on previous versions, but most importantly, the micro-stuttering is gone. I get a very smooth framerate now, very playable.
  9. I've changed "ati=0" to "ati=1" but the error is the same uploaded in the last post :( this is the qlog generated:

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  10. Could you give us your graphics cards make/model & current driver version?
  11. I've got an ati hd5750 1GB GDDR5 with the latest driver installed "Catalyst 11.12"
  12. with racer 0.8.37 I haven't got any problem....
  13. Ruud, comparing 0837 & 0838 dyn_standard_bump_reflect_f.cg, I noticed
    should probably also test CSM is set as well.
    latrippa91, try editing racer.ini & turn off envmap.generate_mipmaps (set to 0).
  14. Edited and now it works :):):) thank you very much :)
  15. Nice to be useful occasionally :D
  16. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    No, CSM and the cubemap mipmaps are independent. I did notice that setting ati=0 still generates the cubemaps. Fixed in v0.8.39 (so that setting ati=1 will fix the texCUBElod error).
  17. Looks like some good fixes there, despite a few bugs possibly, it's heading in a nice direction I think :D

    Good to see that focus for shadows tweaked!

    Not wishing to rock the boat too much Ruud, but would it be easy or elegant to have a value defined per car camera called exposure, that biases the exposure. Currently if you have a car with a dark interior, the view out of the window of the car generally goes too bright and looks washed out, wheras in reality your eyes would weight the outside more priority than the inside of the car.

    Obviously we can just tweak the weighting we want on exposure per camera really easily...

    But only if it's simple to do. I don't want it to be an FPS hog or anything. It can default to 1, and then simply multiply up or down.

    I'm interested in what other people think in that regard of course. Think of it like exposure comp on an SLR. Usually the metering gets it right, but sometimes it doesn't and you can just tweak it up or down a bit. Maybe not the right solution, hmmmmm.


  18. I have to say that this version seems quite stable and I don't notice any bugs that would make me revert to an older version.

    Currently, my biggest issues with 0.8.38 are:
    - dyn_standard_reflect_window_f.cg now uses alpha as reflectiveness as well; opaque parts get less reflection
    This is not good, since usually car windows have a black frame behind the window that gets refection as much as the transparent window. My Corvette is a perfect example. Please revert this shader!

    - Color grading - this makes even pitch black nights look like somebody just turned down the gamma a lot. I want pitch black nights! :D
  19. +1 All of you !

    Just a question, there are some really cheap smart hacking alternatives for the IR Track devices, here's an example thanks to J. Lee :


    You think it's pluggable into Racer ?
    Maybe somebody here already knows more about it ?
  20. Kinda agree on the glass. Something needs to be done, but what has been done isn't ideal... I think the shader that had been re-worked and tested in the shader thread was a better general direction. I think Stereo posted some code... hmmm...

    Colour grading, I thought that was off by default if the swatch/lookup wasn't in the track folder?