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Racer v0.8.32 released!

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Ruud, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    After a small break (where I broke nothing except 1 snowscooter), a new Racer.

    Get it at http://www.racer.nl/download/racer0.8.32.zip

    - The Lambo differential ratio was a bit low (1.75) - reverted to 2.53.
    - Differential could become unstable when the 2 wheels got opposite reaction forces.
    - Removed obsolete wheel<n>.friction_road values from data/cars/default/car.ini.
    - Replay audio (replay.wav) was empty when recorded.
    - Multiplayer fixes (billboard nodes/car names)
    - Smoke tweaks (soft particles, improved motion)
    - Shadowmapping normal dependency improved for shadow acne reduction
  2. Trying this new release, thanks a lot Ruud as always!!
  3. Thanks Ruud, the tire smoke in this release is fantastic..
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Thanks Ruud! (and Mitch :D)
  5. Love the soft particles. :) The shadows are alot a lot better.

    Thanks guys!
    Alex Forbin
  6. The smoke is indeed very nice and also performance is very good with the new particles.

    I could still see some aliasing on the shadows though... maybe I need to tune them better.
  7. So now that the console is disabled by default, what does that mean for chatting in multiplayer?

    Also, it seems that if there are too many collision sounds generated the engine and/or skid sounds stop working.(this has always been like that IIRC)
    Please make the engine and tire sounds take priority over that other crap.
  8. I'm having trouble getting the sort_offset to work. I've used it on the past successfully but for some reason I can't get a groove line to stop flickering.
    This is what I have in the shader...

        alphafunc=gequal 128
    I'm probably missing something obvious.

    Alex Forbin
  9. I don't know if anyone noticed yet but there appears to be a long awaited feature lurking in Tracked.:cool:


    Alex Forbin

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  10. IMHO the tye smoke discussed in the realistic smoke thread, is really dependant on instantaneous tyre temperature, and sort of merges with my questions on friction coefficients between surfaces. As Ruud said the friction coefficients for tyres can go from 1 to 4 IRL, but even the same tyre can have a range of friction coefficients (or grip) that is dependant on the tyres' temperature. Maybe the solution to realistic smoke is implementing realistic tyre temperatures?
  11. does the traffic feature work?
  12. Green dust spray from the grass looks weird, the light brown it was previously imho was perfect. (Maybe a toucher darked than it was?)
    [edit] Its only on Carlswood
  13. I don't know yet, I'm in the middle of another project. Try it and let us know.

    Alex Forbin
  14. Smoke doesn't show in the $mirror
  15. Half the buttons in the traffic section dont work
  16. Saw the same, quite exciting, still I think we have to wait till Ruud finishes this awesome feature. I've been successfully generating a traffic ini file, the only thing for now, is we can't set the velocity per interpolation point. Manually that could be done...

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to get this feature working asap, mods like Mafia 2, GTA4 etc... will soon be possible.

    Yeah same opinion here, something's wrong, hmm

    + The smoke texture as discussed in the smoke thread should be less blueish, I've attached a quite good looking smoke texture, go check it & test it out...
  17. One small point with sand & grass dust clouds, they currently act like smoke does, i.e. they expand in every direction & disappear. imho this is wrong, as dust & dirt are far heavier particles than rubber smoke (and cooler), and are pushed down by gravity after being flung into the air.
    Which is probably a good thing, as otherwise I expect the majority of our planet would simply float off into space.

  18. Yeah, each "smoke" type needs unique parameters... I thought they did. I've used

    dust_color=0.8 0.6 0.4

    on my grass so I get a dusty smoke colour thrown up with the grass particles, but the smoke/dust is just way too thick. It does need to be different somehow for smoke from grass/non asphalt etc?!

    Colour of smoke looks fine imo, Quadcoremax... sun ambient/diffuse are going to impact the colouring too. So important to compare like for like against photos in that regard imo. I guess smoke is actually a slight blue colour? And then gets tinted appropriately by sky influence? Or is it actually a totally neutral colour, and any blue colouration is from the sky?
    To check smoke colouring in a non-controlled lighting environment is going to result in the wrong colour. Worse still, perhaps colour is influenced by tyre make, compound, temp?! To my eye on a nicely lit track it looks spot on for me :)

    I'm generally happy with smoke now anyway. It's fast, it looks pretty good, it lingers around. FPS are way up... It's certainly fine in my eyes for v0.9 :D

    Now all we need are some really nice tracks to actually drive on. Carlswood is getting boring ;)

  19. this smoke reminds me clouds unless real smoke lol xD but i looking forward to some better progress in that direction :)
  20. At this point I think the smoke is fine except it does not go around the wheel(both air movement and being generated in the wheel well) and it still does not respect the car body as solid and cuts through it.
    Having it respect the car's body and look decent might be the harder of the two I think...