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Racer v0.8.15 is out

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Ruud, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Friday releaseday...
    v0.8.15 is at http://www.racer.nl/download/racer0.8.15.zip

    Have a great weekend!

    - Multiplayer linear interpolation revised due to timing problems. The spline method currently
    is a bit buggy because of these revisions. Now default interpolation is linear (at 10Hz).
    - Added standard_grass_v/f.cg shaders for grass (using the tree shader gives problems with shadows)
    - Added dyn_standard_wave_v/f.cg for waving objects for cars (not too useful?)
    - standard_bump_detail_v/f.cg had syntax errors
    - Baja's collide.dof had an undefined material, fixed (thanks to Boomer541)
    - BlackBox is removed (doesn't work on Win7) and replaced with StackWalker; puts stacktrace in QLOG.txt
    - fixed dyn_standard_bump_speca_v/f.cg shadow generation
    - Replay save dialog wasn't visible, now it is (and dragable even)
    - Replay movie creation dialog wasn't visible.
    - Replay movie audio had some faults. It now downsamples any 5.1 sound to stereo (hope the channels are ok) and saves a more correct .wav. Also the adding to replay.avi now seems to work correctly.
    Also, the conversion to 16-bit was buggy and could generate spikes.
    - Car 3D sounds now get a '3D spread' of 90 degrees. Previously, stereo input signals in 3D
    would become mixed to mono (as 2 mono sources at the same spot). With the 90 degree spread,
    they are played 45 degrees left & 45 degrees right, so this should provide a stereo separation.
    It would be nice thus if engine sounds in the future become stereo, probably.
  2. Oh my good, you can fix many things in one week. Thank you, sir
  3. Thanks Ruud! It's getting better and better, even for my computer:)
    I still have the sound problem though. FMOD error (See pic) I have to turn the audio of or racer won't start.
    and camera keys 5 and 8 aren't working. Also my quality is very poor for the smoke and sky... Is it something with the ini?

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  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Good lord Ruud, how many energy drinks do you consume in one week :) Excellent :doublethumb:
  5. This is handy to know, as I'm going to be making engine sounds samples over the weekend.
  6. Really cool, I managed to create a new track (3 days) with bump/normal maps, nice UV tiling to get good details on sand, grass, etc...Your "Split" function from Tracked is really sweet, does a great job...

    I had in first place 0,5 fps with all optimized dofs (18) for my track, after executing the split, I get 30 fps (3 screens mode without CSM) & a lot of new splitted dofs (176 generated quite fast)...in the output folder, now I know one good way of doing it, still I want to try the submat method.

    I'm excited to test the replays !!
  7. Thanks Ruud. Both CG and NOCG work fine here. Even tracked :)
  8. Good to see the replays and movie export being fixed. It would be even better if we can use accumulated buffer motion blur with fullscreen shaders for screen shots and movie export.
  9. Btw, the rsx script is a very potential feature, however, the lacking of some mathematical operator makes it not very handy to use. Namely pow() and sqrt().
  10. lol, that's a good one.
    Funny thing it never crossed my mind.

    I will add them tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for that! And several other issues are: how's the script work with physics tick? I use some shared variable between a paint-tick script and a physics-tick script but seems only the paint one is being executed. The other one is, as I'm working on a drifting point system, I need some script function for accessing the value of wheel slip angles(long/lat) and wheel contact type(road/grass/gravel). Thank you in advance:)
  12. Works straight out the box with Wine 1.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.4! Cheers Ruud! :)
  13. i have added some slipangle, slipratio, and surface functions

    at your service :)
  14. Very little has to be done to racer.ini to set up to my desired operating mode, great job Ruud and company!

    There still are no mud particles, there should be particles for all surfaces that can generate particles imho.

    Got sparks off grass and after hitting a cone it generated sparks. Not real!

    When opening tracked it was wrong size. the width and height sttings s/b 1200, 800 and in the next section 800 and 600 to fit most screens that people use.

    Replay does not have sparks or crash sounds oterwise ok.
  15. Smoke And Sparks

    I've been working on the tire smoke and sparks. There was a small error in the particles_spark_v.cg and I made a new smoke_fake_lighting_normal.tga along with some adjustments in the particles.ini.
    Simply replace your current files with the ones in the zip.

    Alex Forbin

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  16. Make sure in your track.shd your material is set correctly.
  17. Got sparks on grass on carlswood, hmm!

    How to set material in .shd file?
  18. Replays works great ! Mark In/Out too....

    Racer is the first application to be able to record ultra widescreen modes ; I had a ~ 700 Mb file for 17 secs of avi play :)

    Nor Camtasia, Fraps etc... are able to do that, really proud of your programming skills ! I'm using MatrixDVD Player/VLC Player to render those. [3840 x 1024 px]

    Talking about that, I don't exactly know why, but in replay mode, my sand smoke isn't rendered (thus the road smoke is) & in race mode when browsing thru all my TC (Track Cams), everything is rendered like excepted.

    Also, IMO cams should detect the terrain to avoid going thru it, no matter what, in TrackEd + In-game. We don't need to see what's beneath/behind our terrain or our skydomes...

    I hope you'll fix it.

    P.S.: I had also some issues with my custom flares which aren't aligned to the sun ! Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but in most cases, the flares don't move along. Another thing, if you could increase the number of used flares to get even higher realistic results, it would be perfect...In Shift, there's is more than 25 of them by default.

    I definitely stick to this version, the replays are quite useful when analyzing the logical/conceptual work of your projects, spent yesterday some time on them.

    EDIT :

    Another question, how do I fix the FOV in disco cam mode on surround config ? My car is squeezed....Same, for the wrong way panel which I've deactivated to run in reverse mode ...Will also try Boomer _make_traffic python file soon in bigger projects....
  19. [​IMG]

    My 20 custom Flares


        ; Sun white-out factor; the bigger, the more whiteout. Try 50000 first.
        ; Visibility method; 0=always (if in frustum), 1=zbuffer, 2=raytrace (NYI)
        ; Enable flare?
        ; Flare textures (8 textures, ac0..4 each); avoid texture switches
        ; by keeping equal textures together (i.e. 0 1 1 instead of 1 0 1)
        texture=0 1 2 2 3 3 4 4
        ; Length of flare distance to sun (1=sun itself, 0=center of screen,
        ; -1 is mirrored across screen center)
        length=1.0 0.99 0.7 0.1 0.2 -0.3 -0.2 0.6
        ; Size scaling; 1=128x128, <1=smaller, >1=bigger
        size=2 0.8 .7 .5 .4 .2 .3 .6
        ; Time of day enforcing (HHMM); if empty, the track's sun settings are used.
  20. Two suns! :D