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Racer v0.8.10 is out

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Ruud, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Yep, v0.8.10, another step towards 0.9 final. The most important thing is that I normalized special.ini's sun.intensity, so that should be around 1.0 now. Otherwise tracks will look white (very over-exposed). I could maintain compatibility with older tracks but really, most content will just need a bit of work to match 0.9.

    Get it at http://www.racer.nl/dl_beta_win.htm
    (the version before 28-6-10 around 12pm contains exe's that are licensed; redownload to get tracked.exe, modeler.exe etc that don't give the 'license invalid' error)

    v0.8.10 (25-06-10)
    - Using Newton 2.22 which fixes bugs in track collision meshes sometimes
    - Modified shader sorting a bit - decal objects such as skidmarks on roads should use layer0.depthwrite=0
    so that they render AFTER the road itself (which does depthwrite=1)
    - Added csm_f.cg which is bloom_shadows_f.cg without bloom (just a bit faster)
    - 'reload car' would crash sometimes. Also, 'reload car <name>' now works correctly due to the same issue.
    - The 'join game' dialog was invisible (though active)
    - Driving in reverse no longer causes the brakes to heat up
    - Fixed bug with VBO's which could cause crashes while painting
    - Failed DOF loads could cause the next models to be loaded without generating VBO's (slower rendering)
    - Added support for DDS files which don't supply all mipmap levels
    - LDR no longer supported; the hdr.enable option is gone
    - 'strict' mode (dev.strict=1) now also catches shaders without vertex & fragment shaders; v0.9 will require Cg shaders
    - Lambo rear wheels were unshaded
    - Atmosphere shaders optimized. Also normalized the sun intensity, so special.ini sun.intensity should now be around 1.0!
    - Started documenting on how to convert for v0.9, see http://racer.nl/tutorial/updating_v09.htm
    - Added 'racer_nocg.exe', which loads track_nocg.shd and car_nocg.shd files instead of track.shd/car.shd
    This enables you to provide simple shaders for old machines/cards. See http://racer.nl/tutorial/nocg.htm
    - 'show carpoints' now also shows the backfire points
    - Added 'envmap.live_track.render_once' to generate a single envmap at start time, then not update it again (for speed)
    - Added 'scale' parameter to shaders (shader_<name>.scale) which is passed to Cg shaders
    - Added 'standard_mix2_f.cg' for mixing of 2 textures using a control texture. Useful for tracks.
    - Also added 'standard_mix1_f.cg' and 'standard_mix2w_f.cg', see http://racer.nl/tutorial/shading_tracks.htm
    - Fresnel properties for GPU shaders can now be set: shader<x>.fresnel.bias, scale and power.
    See http://racer.nl/reference/shadereng.htm#matglobal
  2. Thank you Ruud! I'm goin to test now!
  3. Congrats Ruud! And thanks for including us no-cg users! Those two quoted features are very much appreciated, and would even make a huge difference. I will download and test at once.

    One very humble question though.. I have been wondering if it is possible to have the cars and tracks folders in a different place, and then just point to them in the ini, like cars_folder=F:\\remoteserver\racer\cars - since I want to keep all the "static" stuff on my file server, and just point to it when new updates to Racer are released. But of course, it is not imperative.. but it would be nice.. :) Anyway.. thanks again!

    EDIT: It works just great here, the light improvements and reflections are awesome. I have uploaded a "basic" racer.ini-0810-nocg to alge. Also, check the screenshots section for a nocg screenie.
  4. old gpu Last normal "non-Cg" old engine,
    0.8.9 ATI-INTEL / non-cg. Works with non-cg: cars and tracks + [ fps / 2]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    0.8.10 non-cg no problem only with CG tracks? (fps ok) [Polish Roads 2a, Lime Creek South Loop]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It's possible to mix ?

    1) + Newton 2.22 (old non-cg)
    2) + Newton 2.22 (ATI)

    Ruud did you inform ATI/AMD about "Racer CG" problem ?
  5. @mpsco: check the shaders for Lime Creek.. my version works just fine. I think maybe
    some users confuse faulty shaders with Racer bugs...
  6. mpsco, have you changed the track.shd file name of Polish to track_nocg.shd?

    I really like the new shaders and the addiction of crash sounds! :wink:

  7. Ruud, thanks for this update, I like the sounds when crashing ! :p
    But, can I ask :
    Where can I find the documentation about backfire (possible to do exhaust smoke?)
    Will it be possible to have an ESP based on the track's bestline, in car.ini we'll have
    max brake factor (how much brake can apply the ESP)
    max velocity ratio (when the ESP become active, calculate the distance between car and bestline, and take the steering wheel angle like an real)
    min velocity ratio (when the ESP turn off)
    Btw, when using the TC and FWD car I discovered an annoying thing, when turning at low speed (like 10km/h with a big angle, the front wheel difference get's to hight so the TC turn on and stalls the car) have you an idea to avoid this?
    Also when we will have a rev_limiter_time per car, to make it more realistic (the diesel cars haven't rev limiter but cut their injection)
    Btw, why not add a curve for the bsfc, when I read this page I understand that bsfc isn't same in all rpm :
    And it will be nice to make curve for views elements to make them no linear (see Laguna mk2 gauge, or Audi A3 not the same graduation from 0-100 and 100 to 240...) same for sample_hold, seems to not being an linear fonction.
    And, last thing, can you change the fuel_avg_consuption method, it's unrealisic yet, It should be in L/100kms
    (100-odometer(in km))(fuel tanks at start-fuel tank yet)
    Thanks, and keep it up with this simulation, I love it!
  8. Thanks Splashonda, after rename track_noncg.shd ok.
  9. About gauges, I agree. I didnt convert an audi, because it would be annoy to do gauges for it.

    about consuption, i disagree. First, only europe use L/100km. Africa, japan, south america use km/L. In my opinion, km/l are more precise.

    Ruud, how can i add code in cg shader to alpha channel? Default lambo has no alpha channel, carlswood dont have too, and i cant set it in my ford to lateral stripes and badges.

  10. Racer.exe works under Wine 1.1.44 with Luthobu's .ini. No shadow mapping, cube mapping to 0, changed to localhost and locked before running.

    Any bends in the track that have track lines show a solid black texture, and the camera 'jolts' every 1.5-2 seconds the first time the track is run.
  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

  12. Noticed another thing.. newer racer versions has weak beam (or projected lights).


    088 (the best one - the beam really light up.)
  13. Awesome, no more messing around with separate chrome shaders - just insert the right values (1.0, 0.0, 1.0 or so) and the regular shaders will handle it.
  14. dunno if math is handled differently in brasil :confused: But actually precision depends on how many numbers are written behind the decimal separator. So the values of A and 100/A will have same precision, unless you cut it down by hand!

    On the other hand: knowing how many kilometers a litre lasts may be better to grasp in the mind. But actually if you have a 10km hill of 4% steepness, you'll probably get only 4km out of a liter (depending on the speed...). On the other side there is no hill that's 100km long - so actually the l/100km is more precise, as it levels out the long hill and the downhill afterwards!

    And thank you Ruud for just another release. Haven't even had the time to test 0.8.9 in-depth...
  15. Just noticed this.. tracked and modeler give me a license error.. it is better than crashing,
    but... is it supposed to be like that? I really miss using tracked..
  16. Yes, you are right. Didnt mind it!
  17. I wouldn't be entirely sure of that I think it could more so be the texture used on the road in Carlswood

    Same here kind of annoying because modeler is a useful tool to have.

    I like the new version, of course now my secondary momo (the one I was using as a clutch) decided now to die. =\ oh well time to buy what I really want a G27 lol
  18. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    If I were you, I'd just buy a G25. You can get em for £100.. so.. that's.. *googles*.. $150. That's my plan.... but I need to save up for a Brian May Red Special guitar, so... priorities :p
  19. I found a place I can get the G27 for 190$ new :p and I like the G27 more because it has more buttons!, even though it lacks the switchable H-shifter/sequential shifter.

    and so far despite my controller breaking I'm liking this new version a lot better than 089
  20. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Haha sweet, fair enough then. Go for it :p The annoying thing about the G25 is the noise the H-shifter makes... but I here that's easily fixed anyway.. so.. xD