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Racer Tools

Discussion in 'Racer' started by camsinny, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Since I completely forgot about the downloads section and I believe it's in a hard spot to find for people new to Racer I decided to make this thread.

    Here is a list of all the racer tools, divided by category/application.
    I apologise for the missing links etc. while I compile this thread, just thought I'd make it now and add to it as I find/am led to items
    Please PM me with info/links for other tools, I'd like to keep this thread as clutter free as possible!

    Forum Download Sections

    Standalone Programs
    (If you have these from the RSC thread, please PM me)
    Racer Car Engineer
    Download (Thanks to luthobu)
    Download (Thanks to luthobu)
    Racer Track Creator
    Download (Thanks to luthobu)
    Racer AI Editor
    Download (Thanks to luthobu)

    3DS Max
    Racer Animation Export Script
    Please see the documentation on racer.nl

    Geometry.ini Creation Script
    This generates a geometry.ini from the selected objects. Lines are made from the User Properties tab of the Object Properties.
    (I will create a tutorial soon)

    Some1's DOF Export tool
    Max 9
    Max 2009
    (Searching for these, sorry!)

    DOF Export Scripts (Thanks to Tiberius)

    DOF Export (With GUI) (Thanks to Boomer541)
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Raven can be found on tracciontrasera. Not sure about 'Racer Garage' but I'm sure someone has it..lol.

    Good thread :)
  3. Smart idea. I can permlink some stuff on Alge..
    I have Raven, the ultrabuggy AI editor,
    rtc (racer track creator) and some other stuff..
    if interested..
  4. I have inertia tools, wheel inertia excel sheet, and quite a few other bits and pieces too... if needed :)
  5. I need inertia tools badly :p
  6. Someone list tools for Mac, thx.
  7. I want tools for Mac too. Thanks!
  8. I wish 3dsmax had a export plugin for dof.. would make my life alot easyer :p
  9. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    racerdownloads.com also has a section dedicated to tools. You can upload there as well.

    @Chris_89: for Max, just export to ASE. We do everything with ASE here. Use multisub materials for tracks, then use TrackEd's 'Cut Multisub ASE' to split the big ASE track file into separate ASE files. Those you can batch import with ASE->DOF. Our 3D guy here should do a tutorial on how he makes tracks. :)
  10. There is a Max DOF export plugin for Racer made by me last year. I'm only using it to get my stuff from Max to Racer, ASE sucks!

    Ruud, did my DOF export plugin for Max worked for you?
  11. Only problem with this Ruud is that multi-sub's in max 2010 don't work! At least not mine.

    Thanks for the racerdownloads.com, never knew that existed :)
  12. That method of making tracks seems hugely destructive too.

    The cutting renames things to odd names, makes tons of dofs, destroys any nice formatting in the tracks geometry.ini file... etc etc

    It's something you use once and hope that everything is finished. It took me about an hour to do a full re-export/set up each time.

    Some1's dof export with Cam's geometry.ini exporter makes track developing really easy. You should try it Ruud. Everything with a nice name, cutting done in 3DS Max, layers are handy for removing guides/helpers before export, you can re-export one new item (select it), then re-select the whole track and export geometry.ini and it'll add just the new bit of code for the new part in there too.

    Really really really nice workflow!