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Racer splitscreen?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by asasinuxp, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. It can be made a splitscreen in Racer(and you can do the control for every driver,even if is used only a keyboard and a mouse) ?For me it will be fun when you play with friends,and you have a single computer(and of course, with a big screen).How usefull you think that can be the splitscreen in Racer?
  2. Currently, split screen is not supported in Racer.
  3. That's why question was at future.It will be USEFULL for others a splitscreen?For me it will be.
  4. Racer being a simulator, I could not see split screen being very useful.
  5. How many racing games today have split screen? I think split screen is a thing of the past.
    Today, we have super fast internet connections, every computer has network card etc etc...
  6. this is also true, my thought was Racer being a simulator if it were to be split screen for best playing you'd want a huge screen and two wheels.
  7. That is very anti-social though, nothing like sitting around with mates playing.

    That said, Racer isn't the game for that though :D

    NFS HP is the kind of game for split screen, but oh, that doesn't have it... own goal!

  8. Hehe, sorry. I didn't have in mind sitting in the basement behind my PC playing over internet...
    I like LAN-parties but I never play online.

    Personally I just prefer playing over LAN on separate PC-s than behind one PC "sharing a keyboard". I remember the good old days, when I played NFS4 split screen with my mate sharing a keyboard, and quite often the keys didn't work when pressed simultaneously. Oh what fun.. :)
  9. Oh yes, LAN is where it is at.

    Back in the late 90's we had networks all the time. Quake 2, C&C, Red Alert, GTA1, Quake 3, NFS4 and NFS5... ah those were the days :D

    Some times up to 8 of us on 10BaseT network haha, was quite amusing if someone had a new warez game, and we all started copying it. Took hours to get it to 7 other machines, then set up :D

    Hehe, all good fun!

    Pizza, cola, networking for hours and hours and hours on end, 6pm till 6am :D
  10. Continuing the offtopic, in fact, just this saturday we had a LAN party... and guess what we mostly played? Aliens vs Predators 2! That game is actually dirt old, but still a lot of fun.

    These days, they don't make games for LAN play anymore. Everything requires internet connection and online accounts and what not... yes, yes, I understand it is partly to reduce piracy, but still in-my-humble-opinion, LAN play is the most important way to play with other people. :)
  11. Wow, AVP2!

    That is the one where you can spawn as a face hugger, then become the little biting worm thing, then a small alien, then a queen eventually... and if you get a predator with the face hugger, you become a prealien :D

    Haha, that was very fun on networks. By that time our group of school mates found less time to meet up, so it was more often 6 players than 8, but we still had amazing sessions of AVP2 :D

    AVP1 was also pretty good, maybe better in some ways, but the multiplayer element was less polished.

  12. I remember some LAN parties with UT99 and the speed at 150% and up. :evilsmile:
    We just had these stupid uncontrollable grins plastered on our faces the whole time. hahaha.
    I need to find some people to play Marathon 2&3 with again. >_>
  13. LAN hasn't been the same since Duke Nukem :p I remember when I realised that the school map was a VERY good copy of the school I went to from 8th to 10th grade :D Even the store next door and the school bus were there! :D And the principal's office were in the right place! :D