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Racer runs slooow after switch to Win XP

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by twister77, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. I have used Racer (both cg and non-cg) successfully on Linux under Wine for a long time. As of version 0.8.36 audio is not working for me in Linux and I have decided to switch to Windows on the computer that I have finally completed putting together. As I got a retail copy of Windows XP Pro for free, I decided to use that. Once I had all of my Racer(s) transferred, I noticed that everything runs slow. The computer has nvidia GTX 280 and I am getting around 50 FPS in Racer 0.6.5, around 20 FPS in Racer 0.8.8 and around 30 FPS in Racer 0.8.36. Sometimes, however, in the latest version (v0.8.36) FPS would jump from 30 to 150+ after Racer has been on for a while. Usually it just chugs along on 30 fps. Windows installation is completely up to date and video drivers are fresh, so what's going on? My kids computer with Vista and GT 240 has no issues with any kind of Racer. All my other racing sims/games (Grid, Dirt2, NFS Hot Pursuit) are running lovely on this WinXP computer. If anybody can help me with this, that would be appreciated. Thanks..

    On the side note, this is first time in my life that I own computer with WinXP!
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  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    sounds like you have the nvidia driver tool in default...right?
    If so, open the control panel and look for 3D settings (i hope it's called so in english...i use german version...), then look for "Energy settings" switch this to max performance....not 100% sure if XP have this option, i'm under win7 x64 ultimate...
    my driver version is 285.62.....
    ...hope it helps...
  3. Thanks Alex for your help, but I don't have those settings. Anybody else that could help me?