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Racer Car Classifieds

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Alfie594, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. This is a little "Game" I made up. You pretend to be selling your car on racer in the classifieds. Then someone might buy it.

    Asking price:
    For me it would be:
    Make: Renualt
    Model: Laguna II
    Year: 2001
    Description: Tiny dent in the drivers door, nothing else
    Asking Price: £3995
  2. Sorry forgot photo
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  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Skybh wants his car back. Did you think you'd get away with selling it?! Nice try.
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  4. Oh shut the hell up.
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  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    It was a joke. Very nice though, thanks.
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  6. http://racer-max.weebly.com/cars.html

    All the cars you see on my website are for sale.
    The problem is securing the content once you have it on your pc.

    Keep in mind, all what you see, is TOP QUALITY work, for example, I've been thru the thousands UVs to check any errors (overlaps, distortions...), most cars are correctly smoothed out (no door handles & stuff) , it's somehow professionally modified...

    PM for your offers, I'll see how I'll create a concept where everyone's happy & get all cars for a cheap price.
  7. Woah there cowbow!
  8. Interesting.. why would anyone buy cars for a sim that is utterly broken?
    It is like selling boats in the desert.. (Jack Sparrow did actually manage
    to maneuver The Black Perl in Davy Jones' Locker - a desertlike and
    desolate place - by the aid of crabs that emulated stones).

    Yo ho, yo ho, the pirate life,
    The flag o' skull and bones,
    A merry hour, a hempen rope,
    And hey for Davy Jones.
    —J. M. Barrie

    But seriously.. did Racer die? Or is it just sleeping? Are we waiting for
    or is there still hope?
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  9. [​IMG]

    all-original bodywork, VINs match, no idea where the original wheels went.

    addn. photo:
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  10. Racer didn't die, everyone just got bored of actually releasing content, but being happy to perpetually show screenshots of it ad infinitum!

    I know the old Gallardo isn't the best car out there for lots of reasons but it shows a car can look ok, drive ok, sound ok, have some fun config options, and actually be updated/released for people to enjoy.

    We can all work together to make Racer better even if Ruud isn't around. 80% of Racer's problems are content based. Ie, we don't have much.

    I think if tomorrow Ruud came on here and saw 100 amazing cars and 10 amazing tracks that looked as good as Forza or GT6 and we were all banging the drum for better AI or better multiplayer he'd probably find his passion for Free Racer again and put some time in from his free time to make it better.

    It is sad that Racer has kinda stopped but in my view that is only the faults of everyone involved. We've all let it slow down and come to a crawl, Ruud included...
    That is easily forgiveable, we all lead real lives and things. Free Racer has just fallen down the list of our hobbies/passions over time so we do less with it.

    You could also argue that all the conversions that *can't* be released here, but have screenshots here, don't do us much good. People come here and see screenshots of private work they can't get... what good is that?

    The only way to push it back up the list so we WANT to sit down on an evening after work to do some car modelling or texturing, or sound editing, or whatever else, is to make us feel that it's worthwhile and will be enjoyed.

    So my 2p. Someone start a *non* conversion screenshot thread. Run it for a week.
    It has to be done in RC5. The car and track need to be able to be downloadable from this forum with a refreshed release thread making it clear that the content has been updated (at least graphically)
    This will probably mean old cars updated but so be it, there are LOADS of amazing old cars that can be updated.

    Let it run for a month and I'll throw in a £20 as a prize for the best one.

    No photoshop work, only F12 in Racer and resizing allowed. Feel free to use the tone-mapping in Racer, or wacky TOD curves. Whatever, just make amazing car artwork that others can download here!

    I might try add my own entry and if I come first, then the money can go to 2nd place :D
    Money shouldn't be a motivator but hey. Lets see what happens!

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  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Go for it! I'll happily sticky it for you ;) I/someone could write an article about it for the frontpage too.
  12. I'd do it. there are some great old cars out there, like I updated the Maserati Merak a little bit, great old car, still needs more work I think.

    Also I'm not trying to make all my cars poster childs, I'd rather release them for others to enjoy. My Omni just needs a little more work IIRC and it can be released as a more finalized version. the Mini needs a complete interior.
  13. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hmm...i already updated some old cars like the Montreal, but no one is interested to download them...so.....
  14. I've missed that and probably some more good content.
    I like Daves idea a lot! This could be bundled and distributed in a quality cars package may be even as a cars.torrent ?
    (torrent, because you don't need to redownload the whole package, if it's being updated).
  15. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hmm...i don't know how this torrent thing works...i already tried some phyton scrips or a batch file at my fileserver, but no luck...
    ...sure if you only post/host the updated content it's not needed to download the complede car...or track...but if you are new at racer how would you become all needed files if you are post only the updated files?
  16. What we really need is a GIT or SVN server if we care that much about updating. Personally I think cars shouldn't be that big that you can't just download the new car with all the fixes etc.

    And if a car is properly updated then start a new thread for it. If every car has a thread where it's maintained and new links posted etc then they shouldn't go missing.

    I was surprised for example that the Bentley Blower was hidden under V0.9 cars thread, rather than having a release thread where specific posts, bug fixes, updates, comments etc can all be posted relevant to the car.

    Even if you are just posting a few screenies and linking to a car hosted elsewhere then at least it's kinda got it's own dedicated thread on these official Racer forums where people can maybe update the car further in future, or if links go dead then someone with a copy can update it or re-host it and get admin to change the links again :)

    I'll be honest I don't see half the stuff updated/released because it's usually not properly released here.

    I want big pictures with flashy looking graphics, maybe a video on YouTube, a description, what has been done and not done, etc etc :)

  17. I'm very busy right now so can't really organise this. But I've thrown in the cash incentive so if someone wants to think up some rules that fit the spirit of the competition to formalise it then please feel free to do so and set the competition going :D

    As said, anything goes. Push the boundaries, write new shaders, do whatever you can.
    Just do something visually great with Racer with content anyone can download (from proper release threads) and enjoy right off this official Racer forum :D

  18. SVN would be great for the developers/modders.
    e.G. Tortoise SVN is free.

    I've mentioned a quality car package (a bundle of [maybe] the 50 best available cars) for a different reason.
    If you are new to racer, you have got to search a lot of different websites and forums and struggle through many dead links and broken content.
    A collection package is simply comfortable (additional to the forum publications).
  19. It's getting a bit off-topic for this thread but hey... I think a car pack would work but it needs to have only the very best cars that have been really well finished... and also have completely up to date car.ini files and features.

    Really if we just had release threads that were maintained by the authors/updaters and tell people what they are getting.

    Ie, what version it was FULLY updated to meet. Not just shaders, but all the latest car.ini features and so on.

    How much realism it has etc.

    The community can help make all cars better, so if someone has done new shaders and got it working but the sounds are lacking, release it and let someone else pick it up and do sounds.

    All we need is for people to properly post up their work or conversions or updates and show what they have done, but where they might want help... then linear threads can form and people can throw in their updates/fixes or improvements and then the author/updater if still around can implement them all and re-update the package etc :D


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  20. I Second that.. not only did I get bored but utterly frustrated. I love the SIMBIN titles and
    when I have time to spare I drive a couple of laps on IOM or Machwerk2013 (both being
    heavily modified to suit my own taste of course). They just work, and driving is really
    smooth. That is what I want for Racer.

    Hm. Sounds like a good reason to brush the dust off my old 440 Barracuda..
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