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Racer and Intel HD 4000 Graphics

Discussion in 'Racer' started by iRacer5, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. iRacer5


    Is there a way that I can run a version of racer above 0.655 on Intel HD 4000 Graphics?
    EDIT: Do'h:mad: I forgot to put my PC specs in.

    Intel i7-Vpro @3.4 Ghz processor:), 8GB Kingston RAM:), 750GB HD, Windows 7 64bit Pro:). Intel HD-4000 Graphics:(, 300w PSU:(:mad: (this a "Energy Star" business PC)

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  2. Racer doesn't work with intel on-board gpu's. =/
  3. iRacer5


    Thanks, do you know what graphics card would get me abou 60-100 FPS on max settings?
  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    nVidia GTX 660ti+
  5. Well , nvidia does well on Racer , Something between GTX 650 and GTX 660 would help you to achieve these results. ^^
  6. Build your own pc, NEVER BUY a laptop nor a ready to use pc tower ! That's for idiots, sorry it's Truth !
  7. iRacer5


    I was not the one who bought it :mad:, my Dad got it because his company was getting 25 of them.......
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  8. Don't let Quadcore bring you down, a decent video card like Raphael suggested is all you need to have a nice Racer system(as long as it has a PCI express slot).

    Alex Forbin
  9. it all depends on what you need from a computer, last I checked you couldn't build a laptop, but they are some pretty powerful ones out there. My laptop cannot run Racer, but I didn't buy it for that use either.

    I personally am running a 550Ti with good results, but I've had Racer running decently on a 9600 GSO card as well, but to me that was the lower end of requirements for Racer really. One thing you might want to do if you get something like that 650Ti is upgrade your psu, as 300 isn't much, I'm running a 540watt corsair psu right now, without issue. Infact looking at the specs of the specific card you linked, you need at least 400w.
  10. iRacer5


    Thanks, I was planning on getting a Thermaltake 500w PSU
  11. I have an overclocked i7 4770K and Radeon HD 7950, both are watercooled. You would think it to be great for Racer and that I would use Racer 24/7.. but you would be wrong. :p
    Sort of miss racer.

    Anyway, as long as you get a nvidia card racer should be fine.
    Been a while since I looked at prices, but for longer term usage I might suggest looking at the GTX770, or a used GTX680 if you can afford either of those and also drop $100-$150 minimum on a PSU.
  12. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    My GTX650Ti with an overclocked i5 did a great job :)
  13. I7 4770k + GTX770 works great here. Only about 1700.00 US. 2GB allows a 4k shadow with no slowdown, which looks much better. I considered getting 4GB, but noticed that some benchmarks actually show a slight loss in framerate and unless you're doing CAD work you really won't need it.

  14. iRacer5


    I got racer to run with my current HD4000 Graphics by changing the ATI setting in the ini to 1, but here is what happens when I run it. The top image is RC8, the bottom is RC6. Thanks!
    ATI RC8.JPG Blue textures.JPG