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Racer and 4WD cars

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Impreza WRX, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. After searching this forum, it becomes apparent to me that Racer will forever be doomed to having only 2WD cars accurately simulated. Just an observation.

    *hopes for proper 4WD physics in Racer one day*
  2. Me too, but imo racer is currently more graphics simulator than driving sim.
  3. We don't even have 2WD's accurate, the content currently is the main problem. Racer itself is very good physics-wise. We don't have accurate pacejka for a start, its all mostly guessed values, and if the tyres aren't right, it's never going to be right no matter how accurate everything else is.
    It will improve, when 090's out a lot more content will appear, and it'll get more realistic with time. 4WD will also come, along with other features. Patience is a virtue, and a necessity with Racer.

    Still, find something better for the price.
  4. The physics engine is good, and there is good realistic content, but because graphics look nice to everyone that is what we have mostly seen from Racer for a long time.

    As DavidI said, once 090 is out we will hopefully start to see cars released that have great ini's too!

  5. I've followed Racer from the v0.42 days, and I occasionally give it a shot as new versions come around.

    v0.42 was back when Race Sim Central forums were alive and kicking... nowadays, after several server crashes and hardware failures, it's just a ghost town. :(
  6. Yep, that's why you'll find us here now. It's good to know you're still checking up on us now and then. :)

    Alex Forbin