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Racer 10th anniversary

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Mr Whippy, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. I know it is this year, but when?

    I'm planning on getting my track and car released for then (if I find more time and I really want to!)

    Anyone else have anything cool that they are working towards for the 10th anniversary release?


  2. I am planning to release my cars and my tracks too =D somethin like 5 cars and 5 tracks.
  3. Ahh.. cool.. maybe Gizmo Trail will be ready by then.. a nice birthday gift to the Racer community :) Thanks for sharing.
  4. Racer.nl says: 05-08-00: Start of the project.

    Maybe I should release my Supra (that I made for rFactor)...

    10th anniversary would be perfect time for Ruud to release the next Racer final I think! :)
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Awesome, a nice shiny much needed new Racer final would be great.

    Hopefully by then our F150 and '71 Impala will be finished or nearly there and possibly a beta of either my Celica or 370Z.
  6. Hm should be plenty of time for me to finish up at least two of my cars (the Omni, and the Mini) I'll make sure to save the GLH-S just for Racer's Anniversary. The rest of my cars aren't far enough along to make it to that point though.
  7. I may release a track on August to celebrate Racer's birthday! :D
  8. This is the first thing that has motivated me to work towards releasing my racer projects in a long time. Will definitely have something ready by then and IT will be quite special.
  9. I'll be able to release something, or two.

    Dave, I need to talk to you ;)

  10. I still need to talk to you.
  11. Ahh August gives me plenty of time then!

    Looks like a few people have some good stuff coming along... it'll be good then by summers end to have RD forums nicely getting along, maybe a new version of Racer with more bug fixes, and a load of new content up to all the latest specs to be getting on with!

    Tis funny really as I was looking back through some old Racer stuff and really Racer had it's peak back when Tor was making his Weekend Stroll tracks and things... the old gfx system was a good base, everything in there worked ok, new sound system etc... loads of cars and tracks, the stunt track, TTr's R34 Skyline and things... and that era kinda ended with the Aston Martin DB9 and Speedest 3...

    Will be nice to hopefully have a bit of a renaissance this year and get some fantastic content out there to really show Racer off and draw in more people!

  12. A Final Beta mmmmm Sounds great! :)
  13. 10 years is a long amount of time, projects like this can so easily die out. Last time i played it was at version 53 or something :wink: Its great to see racer with CG and HDR etc. never imagined that!