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Racer 0.8.34 Views.ini Problem?

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by Kura, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Is it possible to lighten views.ini. As was the case with older versions of Racer, for example, 0.8.6.

    0.8.34 In the new law you can not see the effects in views.ini added. Is it the council?


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    Please help

  2. As far as I know we have no direct control over views.ini elements' shading or emissive behavior. In current betas, Racer comes with a viewelt_*.cg shader that is automatically applied to all views.ini content and makes them glow when it's nighttime in Racer. Unfortunately, we can't influence how that happens, to which elements it applies and so on. If you load up your FSO and set "time 0000", you'll see that all the views.ini elements, including the keyfob that shouldn't be affected, are glowing bright white while everything else is pitchblack. When you switch on the headlights, the interior parts of the light model also glow white (but at least we can control them in car.shd).

    You can use the viewelt_*.cg shader in car.shd too, for materials that are supposed to glow automatically when it's night in Racer - but sadly we can't apply that on views.ini elements because they don't have a material for the shader to set on...

    You're pointing out a pretty big oversight in the shader system and it needs to be forwarded to Ruud & Co, I hope it gets the attention it deserves :)
  3. Can you not define everything as a DOF in views.ini, and then the shader it picks up is from the car.shd file?

    Bit of a pain but it'd give you better control!?

    I still struggle with getting ROUND dials which are ROUND, in Racer... the aspect ratio thing not working properly.

    All that stuff is a bit messed up still really. I'm sure it used to work but the graphics update has left a trail of broken things behind it that all need tidying up really... hopefully for v0.9 we will get fixes :D

  4. .dof files aren't supported in views.ini (incidentally, neither are .dds in views.ini and car.ini), so I don't see how that would be done?
  5. nice
  6. I want dof suport in views to =/ We could have better gauges.
  7. Is it possible to modify the viewelt_*.cg shaders to have permanent emission? Personally, I don't mind them being too dark, I just hate that transition that happens between 20:30 and 21:00. Like the alternator is suddenly working again.

    LE: Another reason to have dof views: You can't have a view (say a needle) behind some glass. Or at least I can't.
    Without CG, the needle appears on top of the glass, no matter what sort offset the glass has. With CG, the needle is invisible.
    [TABLE="class: grid"]
    [TD]NoCG version[/TD]
    [TD]CG version[/TD]