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Apps RaceEssentials [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Mods' started by Topuz, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. Topuz submitted a new resource:

    RaceEssentials - All important information unified in one place

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  2. Im blind and you wrote it on the FAQ :) was wondering why the Electronics where not liting up :)
  3. I really wanted to click the download button, because I was just looking for an app that has got all these data in one place, but I see it doesn't support gap time from driver ahead and/or behind. Could you please consider implementing that in a future update or it's too much to ask?
    That added, this app would be ****ing perfection. :D
  4. I'll consider it, but don't count on it in the near future.
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  5. Only thing that shows for me online is the gear, everything else is empty ?
  6. When you press the Home key, are there any Python errors in the console?
  7. Sorry for being daft about the delta pacing. :redface: I read the QA/FAQ but must have missed just that. So much going on in your app man. ;) 5 stars coming up in a while then. Well, It IS 5 stars really. Great work. My vote was more of a 4.75, but they wont let us do that.
  8. any chance on displaying air/track temp, tires (S/M/H) and grip level? it might need developer mode enabled?
  9. Probably possible since Kunos added some stuff to shared memory with 1.5 update, but don't hold my word for it. Nice idea, thank you.
  10. would also be nice if one can turn off some of the components and/or scale it up and down. and by the way is it possible to display current ABS/TC levels and a small indicator if your car has damage or is 100%?

    update: thanks for giving good answers below. i am not aware of limitations in AC :)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2016
  11. As I said in the FAQ, scaling is hopefully coming with one of the future versions. It's tedious work so I'm not really keen on doing it. Turning the modules on/off might come in the future, but not soon, it's a lot of work, plus it's not really how I imagined the app to work.
    Displaying ABS/TC levels is unlikely. Without getting too much into the technical stuff, the data provided by AC is not appropriate to determine ABS/TC level, plus it's redundant because we have that info displayed in the top of the screen each time you change it.
    Damage indicator is an interesting idea, although it's also redundant. I'll consider it.
  12. Regarding the percentage consumption tires, the problem is that often 1% or 2% less results in much loss of grip and with the colored bars this 1% or 2% is not visible.
    I suggest you paint the difference with a different color otherwise you hardly look this small loss.
  13. I'm not sure if you've actually driven enough with the app to notice, but that's exactly how it works. As I said in the FAQ, the bar is scaled, and it goes only from 94% to 100%. Colors used are the same as in official Kunos app, and that is: 100, 99 and 98% are green, 97 and 96% are yellow, and everything below is red.
  14. Another thing i noticed when driving is that i find it hard to see the time i just set as i pass the finish line and going for the next lap. Like when passing the finish line your time that you set could be colored and flashing for a few seconds so that your eyes more easily finds it. Right now it just Changes the time when passing without Calling for attention which can make you take a Little extra time finding it and also resulting in bad stuff happening as you try find it.

    This is one of the reasons i have used Esotic Delta. Its small and i can Place it Close to my focal Point. With these things put in the middle of other data it can be hard to quickly look to see if you are doing better or not, and its easier to mess up. So it would be awesome with some extra focus on the info that we want/need to see while we drive.

    I think this app is superb. But i would be real happy if in the future the times set as we pass the finish line could blink for a short time so its easy to instantly see it. :)
  15. Hello

    Sorry but doesn't work for me, offline and online. Only gear appears...
    Snif !

    "TurboPercentageValue is not Defined"
    "RpmMaxValue is not defined"
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
  16. Oh btw. Saw Another thing today when going over the finish line in my race. 8 lap race and when i Went over the finish line it said 9/8 with no indication the race was over. An idea would be to keep at "8/8" but change color to green (or something) to signify the laps are done/race over. Would look a bit more polished and be more clear. Just an idea.
  17. I'm not sure if you have understand what I mean. Please colour with different colour also 99 and 98%
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