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RaceDepartment's Ultimate Pokemon

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Davin.Rizuki, Aug 12, 2014.

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  1. Welcome to...
    I'M BAAAACK! Woo, after disappeared for months finally I could gather with all of you again! :D
    You may remember that I moderated the similar game, Ultimate F1 Cars.

    What is RaceDepartment's Ultimate series?
    RD Ultimate Series is forum games series that is purposed to know what is everybody's favorite stuff (depends from the name of the Ultimate) or what we should call the most ULTIMATE stuff amongst all. :confused:
    And now as entitled above the game will focus at Pokemon (I was going to do Digimon too, but seeing Pokemon is more famous I think meh..:cautious: I won't add them).

    What is Pokemon?
    Why made you didn't know about Pokemon? :O_o: Everyone know Pokemon (and Digimon, but not much :p). I'll tell you what is it in quick explanation. Pokemon is a franchise owned by Nintendo (Which is why Pokemon games only made for Nintendo consoles) with Creatures, Inc and GameFreak. The franchise started in 1996 with their first games release, anime, trading card, manga and spin-off games. It focuses on creatures known as Pokemon, as well as their inhabited world, full of legends, tales, and adventures.
    That's it, for more information just explore this wiki:
    Bulbapedia - Lots of informations about Pokemon in there, go check it out! :)

    How this game works?
    To start off, all members should nominate their favorite Pokemons until we get a selection of 96 Pokemons (If there are more, earlier nominees will be chosen:)) Then I'll start a game with group format to come first, then knockout round. :thumbsup:

    How can I nominate?
    To nominate Pokemons, just post it here (Simple :D). If you noticed them on the list, it means they're nominated, no more questions. And if you'll change your mind, just post it again, no need to edit the post so I won't miss it out. You can choose up to 6 Pokemons (Like how many Pokemons trainers can brought) so lots of members can choose also. Pokemons that can be chosen are Pokemons that available from Red and Green to Black and White also that is NOT a glitch. (No Missingno :p). I'll ask for more people if needed.

    What's the format of the game?
    Good question! :p Time for a long explanation. :D

    Group Preliminary Stage
    Elimination Round

    All nominated Pokemons will be drawn to 12 heats of 8 Pokemons, which means there are 4 battles in one time. Then members can vote one Pokemon that they think should win the battle, luckily they could vote for each battle, with a total of 4 Pokemons of their choices. ;) Also the deadline of voting will be a day after fixtures post, so you should vote in a day range, otherwise your votes won't be counted. :( The Pokemon with the most votes will advance to the next round, while the beaten Pokemon will be eliminated.
    Winning Pokemons per heat: 4; Total winning Pokemons: 48.

    Semifinal Round
    All winning Pokemons will be met at this round in 2 battles. Same drill, members must vote for a Pokemon from each battle, with a total of 2 per vote, and same deadline length. The Pokemon with the most votes goes to Final Round, while the beaten Pokemon will be eliminated.
    Winning Pokemons per heat: 2; Total winning Pokemons: 24

    Final Round
    Winners from each battle in Semifinals will met for direct spot to Knockout Stage. Now this is tough, members can only vote for one Pokemon that should be the winner, deadline is still the same length though. The Pokemon with the most votes gets a spot at Knockout Stage, while the beaten Pokemon will go to Runner-ups Playoff Round.
    Winning Pokemon per heat: 1; Total winning Pokemons: 12

    Runner-ups Playoff Round
    All runner-ups from each heat will met here for the last 4 spots at Knockout Stage. They'll be drawn into 4 groups. Members should vote a Pokemon from each group, SAME DEADLINE LENGTH TOO! :p The Pokemon with the most votes from each group will be reserved a spot at Knockout Stage.
    Winning Pokemon per group: 1; Total winning Pokemons: 4

    Knockout Stage
    12 heat winners and 4 Playoff winners will be drawn randomly forming brackets, then each 2 Pokemon that in the same bracket compete for a spot to the next round. The voting will be split into 2 phases, the first for bracket 1-4 (146-149), and the second for bracket 5-8 (150-153). Members must vote for one Pokemon from each battle, that'll be 8 Pokemons per phase, and same deadline length. Winners will advance to the next stage, while beaten Pokemons will be eliminated.
    Total winning Pokemons: 8

    8 winning Pokemons will met again forming 4 battles, this time all in one phase. Members can vote for one Pokemon from each battle, and yet another same deadline length. :p Winners will advance to the next stage, while beaten Pokemons will be eliminated.
    Total winning Pokemons: 4

    4 winning Pokemons will met again forming 2 battles, seeking for Grand Final spots. Members can vote for one Pokemon from each battle, still same deadline length. :D Winners go to Grand Final while beaten Pokemons go to 3rd Place Playoff.
    Total winning Pokemons: 2

    3rd Place Playoff
    Losing Pokemons from each Semifinal battles will met here for 3rd place badge. Members can vote for one Pokemon from each battle. (I've enough saying deadline, it's still same though :cautious:) The most votes holder will be declared as 3rd place holder while the beaten Pokemon got nothing.

    Grand Final
    The most awaited battle of all time. 2 winners compete for champion, and you're the only who can make one of them become champion (And me of course :)) by vote one of them. Deadline will be longer than other battles, around 3 days. The Pokemon with the most votes will be declared as 'The Most Favorited Pokemon - RaceDepartment version'. The beaten Pokemon won't just leave with nothing, because they'll be declared as 'The 2nd Most Favorited Pokemon - RaceDepartment version' :).

    How can I vote?
    It's simple, and it takes only seconds (Thinking time not included :laugh:). Just type the name of the Pokemon, and post it here (Told you it's so simple, unless you're confused which to choose :D)

    That's all I've told you, hope you're having fun battling with your Pokemons. And remember: You gotta catch them all! ;)
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2014
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    The first 6, n. 47-52 and n. 84-99 are my nominees

    A useful link to all Pokemon by number.
    1. Pikachu @Davin.Rizuki #025
    2. Snivy @Davin.Rizuki #495
    3. Tepig @Davin.Rizuki #498
    4. Charmander @Davin.Rizuki #004
    5. Kyogre @Davin.Rizuki #382
    6. Mightyena @Davin.Rizuki #262
    7. Salamence @Jimlaad43 #373
    8. Zapdos @Jimlaad43 #145
    9. Shedinja @Jimlaad43 #292
    10. Wobbuffet @Jimlaad43 #202
    11. Chandelure @Jimlaad43 #609
    12. Swampert @Jimlaad43 #260
    13. Charmeleon @Milos Ancevski #005
    14. Charizard @Milos Ancevski #006
    15. Bulbasaur @Milos Ancevski #001
    16. Ivysaur @Milos Ancevski #002
    17. Venusaur @Milos Ancevski #003
    18. Eevee @Milos Ancevski #133
    19. Gengar @kedy89 #094
    20. Luxray @kedy89 #405
    21. Weavile @kedy89 #461
    22. Primeape @kedy89 #057
    23. Alakazam @kedy89 #065
    24. Dragonair @kedy89 #148
    25. Raikou @Twigster151 #243
    26. Entei @Twigster151 #244
    27. Tyranitar @Twigster151 #248
    28. Typhlosion @Twigster151 #157
    29. Kangaskhan @Twigster151 #115
    30. Gyarados @Twigster151 #130
    31. Buizel @oldwolf #418
    32. Milotic @Benutzername #350
    33. Skarmory @Benutzername #227
    34. Aerodactyl @Benutzername #142
    35. Dragonite @Aidan Keranen #149
    36. Mudkip @Aidan Keranen #258
    37. Snorlax @Aidan Keranen #143
    38. Dratini @Aidan Keranen #147
    39. Doduo @Aidan Keranen #084
    40. Seel @Aidan Keranen #086
    41. Vespiquen @Jimlaad43 #416
    42. Lucario @Jimlaad43 #448
    43. Quagsire @Jimlaad43 #195
    44. Krokorok @Jimlaad43 #552
    45. Klink @Jimlaad43 #599
    46. Abomasnow @Jimlaad43 #460
    47. Treecko @Davin.Rizuki #252
    48. Latias @Davin.Rizuki #380
    49. Latios @Davin.Rizuki #381
    50. Groudon @Davin.Rizuki #383
    51. Victini @Davin.Rizuki #494
    52. Dewott @Davin.Rizuki #502
    53. Zigzagoon @Aidan Keranen #263
    54. Shroomish @Aidan Keranen #285
    55. Squirtle @Aidan Keranen #007
    56. Caterpie @Aidan Keranen #010
    57. Horsea @Aidan Keranen #116
    58. Flygon @Aidan Keranen #330
    59. Samurott @needforspeedgamer #503
    60. Rayquaza @needforspeedgamer #384
    61. Floatzel @needforspeedgamer #419
    62. Braviary @needforspeedgamer #628
    63. Articuno @needforspeedgamer #144
    64. Metagross @Twigster151 #376
    65. Blaziken @Twigster151 #257
    66. Tauros @Twigster151 #128
    67. Cloyster @Twigster151 #091
    68. Blastoise @Twigster151 #009
    69. Trapinch @Milos Ancevski #328
    70. Miltank @Milos Ancevski #241
    71. Magmar @Milos Ancevski #126
    72. Lapras @Milos Ancevski #131
    73. Combee @Jimlaad43 #415
    74. Shellder @Jimlaad43 #090
    75. Growlithe @Jimlaad43 #058
    76. Exeggcute @Jimlaad43 #102
    77. Spiritomb @Jimlaad43 #442
    78. Gastly @Jimlaad43 #092
    79. Rotom @Jimlaad43 #479
    80. Reshiram @Davin.Rizuki #643
    81. Zekrom @Davin.Rizuki #644
    82. Cobalion @Davin.Rizuki #638
    83. Terrakion @Davin.Rizuki #639
    84. Virizion @Davin.Rizuki #640
    85. Keldeo @Davin.Rizuki #647
    86. Vaporeon @Milos Ancevski #134
    87. Jolteon @Milos Ancevski #135
    88. Flareon @Milos Ancevski #136
    89. Umbreon @Milos Ancevski #197
    90. Leafeon @Milos Ancevski #470
    91. Glaceon @Milos Ancevski #471
    92. Espeon @Milos Ancevski #196
    93. Scyther @Aidan Keranen #123
    94. Haunter @kedy89 #093
    95. Lanturn @Jimlaad43 #171
    96. Totodile @Davin.Rizuki #158
    Knockout Finalists
    1. Bulbasaur @Milos Ancevski #001 (Heat A)
    2. Articuno @needforspeedgamer #144 (Heat B)
    3. Dragonair @kedy89 #148 (Heat C) [3rd Place]
    4. Kyogre @Davin.Rizuki #382 (Heat D)
    5. Lapras @Milos Ancevski #131 (Heat E)
    6. Growlithe @Jimlaad43 #058 (Heat F) [4th Place]
    7. Dragonite @Aidan Keranen #149 (Heat G)
    8. Charizard @Milos Ancevski #006 (Heat H) [Champion]
    9. Charmeleon @Milos Ancevski #005 (Heat I)
    10. Venusaur @Milos Ancevski #003 (Heat J)
    11. Pikachu @Davin.Rizuki #025 (Heat K)
    12. Salamence @Jimlaad43 #373 (Heat L)
    13. Totodile @Davin.Rizuki #158 (Playoff A)
    14. Flygon @Aidan Keranen #330 (Playoff B)
    15. Charmander @Davin.Rizuki #004 (Playoff C) [2nd Place]
    16. Flareon @Milos Ancevski #136 (Playoff D)

    1. Charizard @Milos Ancevski #006
    2. Charmander @Davin.Rizuki #004
    3. Dragonair @kedy89 #148
    4. Growlithe @Jimlaad43 #058
    Heat A

    Floatzel 1-4 Aerodactyl
    Groudon 2-3 Dratini
    Bulbasaur 3
    -2 Swampert
    Milotic 4-1 Gengar

    Aerodactyl 3
    -2 Dratini
    Bulbasaur 3-2 Milotic
    Aerodactyl 4-4 (P) Bulbasaur

    Heat B

    Magmar 2-5 Articuno
    Seel 4
    -3 Victini
    Tyranitar 4-3 Cloyster
    Flareon 4-3 Typhlosion

    Articuno 4-3 Seel
    Tyranitar 3-4 Flareon

    Articuno 5-4 Flareon
    Heat C
    Dragonair 6
    -2 Entei
    Gyarados 4-5 Blaziken
    Latias 6
    -3 Klink
    Shellder 6-3 Abomasnow
    Dragonair 5
    -2 Blaziken
    Latias 4-3 Shellder

    Dragonair 6
    -2 Latias

    Heat D
    Tauros 7-0 Shedinja
    Cobalion 4-3 Kangaskhan
    Kyogre 7-1 Wobbuffet
    Snorlax 6-1 Rotom

    Tauros 6-3 Cobalion
    Kyogre 7-3 Snorlax

    Tauros 3-4 Kyogre

    Heat E

    Doduo 6-3 Reshiram
    Lapras 6-2 Skarmory
    Quagsire 7-0 Spiritomb
    Shroomish 3-5 Dewott


    Doduo 0-6 Lapras
    Quagsire 1-4 Dewott

    Lapras 5-3 Dewott

    Heat F
    Alakazam 7
    -1 Zigzagoon
    Tepig 2-7 Jolteon
    Trapinch 6
    -1 Keldeo
    Growlithe 7-1 Caterpie

    Alakazam 5
    -4 Jolteon
    Trapinch 1-9 Growlithe

    Alakazam 3-5 Growlithe

    Heat G

    Leafeon 3-5 Latios
    Flygon 5
    -3 Scyther
    Mudkip 5-2 Rayquaza
    Blastoise 3-5 Dragonite


    Latios 3-5 Flygon
    Mudkip 2-6 Dragonite


    Flygon 3-4 Dragonite

    Heat H

    Charmander 5-2 Lucario
    Zapdos (P) 3-3 Luxray
    Charizard 5-1 Vespiquen
    Zekrom 2-3 Haunter

    Charmander 5
    -3 Zapdos
    Charizard 7-1 Haunter

    Charmander 3-5 Charizard
    Heat I
    Espeon 0-7 Charmeleon
    Virizion 2-5 Squirtle
    Umbreon 2-5 Gastly
    Snivy 5
    -2 Exeggcute

    Charmeleon 5-2 Squirtle
    Gastly 4-2 Snivy

    Charmeleon 4
    -3 Gastly

    Heat J
    Venusaur 4-2 Horsea
    Raikou 2-4 Samurott
    Combee 2-4 Lanturn
    Buizel 4
    -3 Glaceon

    Venusaur 4
    -2 Samurott
    Lanturn 4-2 Buizel

    Venusaur 4
    -2 Lanturn​

    Heat K
    Chandelure 2-7 Pikachu
    Vaporeon 5
    -3 Treecko
    Eevee 4-4 (P) Ivysaur
    Krokorok (P) 4
    -4 Braviary

    Pikachu 5
    -3 Vaporeon
    Ivysaur 4-3 Krokorok

    Pikachu 8
    -2 Ivysaur
    Heat L
    Mightyena 3
    -1 Weavile
    Salamence 4-1 Terrakion
    Primeape 1-3 Metagross
    Miltank 1-4 Totodile

    Mightyena 1-6 Salamence
    Metagross 2-5 Totodile

    Salamence 4
    -3 Totodile

    Runner-ups Playoff Round
    Group A
    Tauros 1
    Alakazam 3
    Totodile 3 (P)

    Group B
    Gastly 3
    Aerodactyl 1
    Flygon 3 (P)

    Group C
    Charmander 4

    Dewott 2
    Lanturn 1

    Group D
    Flareon 3 (P)

    Latias 3
    Ivysaur 1

    Knockout Stage
    Round of 16
    Totodile 3-4 Kyogre
    Charmander 4
    -3 Salamence
    Articuno 4-3 Charmeleon
    Venusaur 3-4 Dragonair
    Flareon 0-7 Charizard
    Flygon 5
    -2 Lapras
    Dragonite 3-5 Pikachu
    Bulbasaur 3-4 Growlithe

    Kyogre 0-7 Charmander
    Articuno 3-4 Dragonair
    Charizard 5
    -2 Flygon
    Pikachu 4-4 (P) Growlithe

    Charmander 5
    -3 Dragonair
    Charizard 7-1 Growlithe

    3rd Place Playoff
    Dragonair 4
    -3 Growlithe

    Grand Finale
    Charmander 2-7 Charizard
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2014
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  3. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

  4. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    But the current ultimate game hasn't even finished...
  5. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    It is taking a long time, and Rami's away. Nothing wrong with them both being here. I thought the current one would be over by now, as it's supposed to move along daily.
  6. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    If we do 2 at a time, we'll soon be out of things to call "ultimate" for.


    That's all I'll choose
  7. You can nominate, but the game isn't even started yet.. I'll talk to Rami about what will happen with the current one, but since Jimmy said it took a long time I guess it'll be over..
  8. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Over? I won't allow that. If Rami isn't willing to moderate the game anymore, I think someone should take that game over. Not start a completely new one and forget the football clubs, just because of tardy moderating

    I will nominate Eevee, and all his Eevee-lutions (that's more than 6 rite? :D Then just 3 of the Eevee-lutions)
  9. Agree, so that game still go on then.. But who'll take over?
  10. kedy89


  11. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    I will ask Rami if he wants to let it to someone else
  12. Testing for Battle Screen
    If this is too small, can you tell me the website that provide bigger battle screen?
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  13. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Charmander will clearly win :D
  14. Is it too small for you? Or is it perfect?
  15. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    It's small (at least with fluid version), but I don't know a website that has bigger pics
  16. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    They will both continue, Rami can continue at his own pace.
    @Davin.Rizuki, a battle screen like that will get confusing, just use both main pictures from Bulbagarden.
  17. I just want to bring Pokemon games feeling to this game, but I'll do that.. :D (Maybe I can add both, what about it?)
  18. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Could you please post pictures?

    Cause the names are different in each language i dont wanna check them up everytime
  19. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    That'd be a lot of pictures wouldn't it? :D (if you meant in the nominies list...)
  20. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Still :p
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