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Tracks RaceDepartment Parc Ferme HD 1.0

Parc Ferme 3DS KeyShot / Photoshop PSD

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  1. Thank you :thumbsup:
    It is possible to export parts of a track?
  2. yes this is part of a track :thumbsup:
  3. Sorry i mean for example a complete sector or could you write a tutorial. this would bei nice. ;)
    sorry my english is not so good
  4. Yes you can export what ever part of the track that you wish but the parts are in segments so one sector could be about 20 Parts in Total ,

    Why do you need a complete sector?
    About the tutorial its hard to explain and would take me a while depending on the knollage that you already have ,,,,
    #1 You need 3DSimed this you may already have?
    #2 Choose your desired track / IE , Silverstone
    #3 You need to get the "objects" PSSG File and open the file inside 3DSimed
    #4 Once you have opened up 3DSimed and your Chosen PSSG File on the top inside simed go to Edit ,,,,
    #5 Once you have located Edit ,,,, Press Edit and all the Data for the Track will be there ,,,
    #6 This is the issue you will need to locate all the parts that you are wanting to Export and Mayby write them down if you have more than 10 or so ,,,,
    Once you find a part or / object that you require you will need to isolate that object and then save that individual segment ,,,,
    #7 I would personally myself save the objects as a "GMT" rfactor 2 part ,, place each part into a folder on your desktop .
    #8 when you have all your parts saved as a "GMT" Reopen 3dsimed and import part 1 / 20 for example ,,,
    #9 After importing part 1 / or object 1 ,,, At the top you will see primitives ,,,,,
    Inside primitives press add object then add parts/objects 2/20 for example ,,,,,,
    Once you then have the First sector for example ,,,,,,,,,,
    #10 Then go to to edit at the top again and go to "Explode all"
    Explode all then press "Copy all"
    #11 After Copy all go to top left of your screen and start a "NEW" Project open the project and go back to "EDIT" And press "PASTE ALL" Now you will have the complete Sector in one Piece,,,,
    #12 After you have Pressed "Paste all" Faces ,,,, Then press "PASTE ALL" Materials,,
    #13 Then firstly start a new file on your desktop rename the file "TEXTURES"
    Then go to Export inside 3dsimed and Export Textures into your folder on your desktop,
    #14 Then still inside Export Export as either a 3DS Or other Game files :thumbsup:
  5. Thank you :thumbsup:
    I will render a track part with cars in cinema 4D. That is the reason.:)

    Edit: Wich version of Simed I need. Two or three ?
    I have version 2.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2013
  6. If you already have a Paid Licence its free to upgrade to the latest releases of 3DSimed I update my copy every time there is a Release now its 3dsimed 30n :thumbsup:
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  7. Hello I wanted to help and I wanted to change a car 3dsied3 dirt.
    I was able to import the car.
    how do I delete a car as part of the door?
    how to export the change in dirt rallies in PSSG?
    thanks for the help