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Racedepartment now updated to RSRBR2011

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Please note that all Racedepartment on-line Rallys will now be using RSRBR2011.

    I have updated the "Installation and Using" Tutorials (Sticky Posts above) to now be based on RSRBR2011.
    Basically, it is almost identical to procedures used for RSRBR2010, but please check it first.

    I will update the "Playing On-Line" Tutorial later (when I get new screenshots), but the basic procedures are again almost the same, just the graphical layout is changed.

    If you are planning on joining future RD Club Rallys or the RD Rally Championship Season 2, you need to update to RSRBR2011.
  2. Awesome, I am up to date and ready for the RSRBR update in 2 weeks haha
  3. The Tutorials for "How to play RSRBR2011 On-Line" and "How to set up an On-Line Rally" are now updated.

    Please let Senad or myself know if you think other Tutorials may be needed.