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Racedepartment iRacing Driving School (merged)

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. I have been tossing an idea around with Will. He gave me the go ahead to bring this topic to light and give everyone here a chance to voice your opinion and see what your thoughts are.

    The idea is to have a Racedepartment Iracing Driving School which would be a privately hosted session for Racedepartment members only. Having some of the faster guys giving pointers, braking techniques, and basically in a nut shell teaching us slower guys such as myself how to drive faster, safer, and better during races. Perhaps showing some of a certain car or track weaknesses and strengths.

    An example would be to ask Mr. Ascher, Mr. Hoogendoorn (just examples as I have NOT spoken to either one of them) or someone along their skill level to be the driving instructor to the class so to speak. They would then give us a small break down of the track either over Teamspeak or ingame voice. Then we could watch them through the replay features of the game going through a good lap or two. Ask a few questions, and then join them on the track with laps getting faster and the ability to follow their lines/breaking points/acceleration points getting information such as what they use for track reference. After that a moment to speak up about something that perhaps you didn't like or did and get feedback from the pros on just what to do. It's a bit more involved but not so complicated as it may sound. It would also be a good way for people to learn without having to be in a practice session with a mixed group of people that some are crazy fast and others you almost hit they are so slow. A friendly environment where anyone could ask any question without some smart $#@ 12 year old kid calling you noob and other goofy names.

    I know that there are alot of helpful people out there in the iracing world however I have found a few jerks as well...lol... The main point of this whole driving school is for the newer, and slower guys to get faster and better. To learn GOOD habits on what to do from someone who is proven and known by the community. Also to bring the community together a bit more and make it stronger. In turn letting it grow into something truely great. (not that it isn't great now) Kevin, Will, and a few others are doing a wonderful job to say the very least.

    One other point to make is something that we have tossed around as well. As everyone knows every race or practice session that is hosted for iracing costs someone real money. Such as the club races have been paid for by Mr. Marquez or the hosted practice during the week before such as what Mr. Nowell did for everyone for the Vette race. The idea is if there were enough people interested perhaps those that wish to learn donate $1 per hosted session for the school. This money would then be used for offical Racedepartment races, practices, or any other type of event for our community in iracing. Basically to help even out the blow to someones wallet that is paying for all this extra fun for us. The instructor would not have to pay of course since we are getting their experience and knowledge. This school could be a bi-weekly event or whatever it was agreed on so to speak.

    Give me all your opinions and let your voice be heard.
  2. I'd be willing to participate in MX5 or for any car I own on LRP...
    Better thing would be "one on one" sessions though. We all share the road, but we all only refer to one instructor/student. I tried getting 2 friends at the same time to learn the in & outs of LRP and Laguna and it ended up in just a fun practice session. To ease thing creating a teamspeak room for each instructor/student group would help as it is necessary to give "live" instructions.
    But I like the idea :)
    If you need me, let me know.
  3. @Joe

    Dependant on timings etc I'd be happy to join and donate. At 66p per session that's a bargain.
  4. Id be up for this if timings are right (from UK), Im pretty quick with the MX5 as been racing it all season, im struggling with the Mustang though at Infineon this week, low 1:26's so 4 secs off the pace of the fast guys.
  5. Sounds like a GREAT idea!
    a buck a go is perfect. : )
    I'm in.
  6. I'm always up for some practice, and playing catch me if you can is a great way to lower lap times. An alternative is for people to post a thread with a replay of your lap and have members offer advice. In the replay they can see your line and wheel, hear your shifts and throttle/brake control. This works both ways as well to make you faster. But, to catch some of the really fast racers around here you have to be one with the car. This was the best info given to me when I started racing here with the race on series http://www.racedepartment.com/race-series/3511-racedepartment-setup-guide.html
  7. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Great idea Joe :)
    I can play instructor if you guys think I am quick enough to do so.
    Even though I am NOT ALWAYS on pace with the super aliens (was about 1 sec off Sander's pace at Spa) with a good preparation I can be of some help.

    As a fun feature I would be ready to give drifting lessons in the Mustang at ANY track.
  8. Kevin, oh I think you are quick enough!!! hahaha Heck you would have to slow down to be put in the "quick" catagory....hehe

    William you are also right, it's because of the "catch me if you can" thing that we did the other night that I was able to see what lines you were taking and the like to get into the 1:15 mark at Mosport. Now if I can just get it down to where I can do that everytime I'd be happy...hehe

    Flavien, that is a good idea as well with the one on one however the entire session wouldn't have to be just the two people in the session. They could all start off together and then break into smaller teams alternating which student is alone with the teacher for say for 20 minutes each. So you could have the entire class in there listening and following for a bit, then break into the smaller practice groups while at that point the teacher could pull an individual aside while everyone else is still driving and practicing what they have learned up to that point. The students that aren't with the teacher during this time could take turns leading and following and also get into a larger group to practice the dreaded first laps.

    I think that if someone were interested in an entire session alone with the teacher that wouldn't be a problem if the times were ok for each of them. I would suggest perhaps a private session would be maybe a $5 donation to the RD iracing club. That way the hosted session gets paid for and $2 gets put into the pot for the club events and practice sessions for us all.

    Just ideas, let me know what you all think and don't be shy. The more ideas from everyone the better this could be.
  9. oh no no, I did not mean, just two people on the track. :)
    I meant pretty much exactly what you just said hehe

    But in order to progress, I think one on one is necessary.
    A week ago, I helped a friend with LRP. He could not reach a laptime under 1 minute. Main reason was coz he was overdriving the corners.
    It took 10 minutes to get him under 1 minutes and after 2 days he went under 59.5.
    I really believe that 1 on 1 is BY FAR the best way to learn how to go fast
  10. lets do it up. I'll show everyone the spots on each track to catch air. i'm pro at that.
  11. Cool Guys, lets rip a session out and then make some informed decisions on what works and what does not.
    Lets Play ! :cool:

  12. I'd like to try it. I need all the help I can get.
  13. So, why dont we pick a night and rotate cars/tracks each week? I wouldnt mind pitching in on the hosting here and there.
    Learner tuesdays or something
  14. I'm putting some things together and I plan on speaking with Will about it. There seems to be enough interest for it, so we'll see what happens over the next few days.
  15. Test and tune Fridays works for me.
  16. How about 'wally wednesdays' : ) (only joking...)
    Lets get something up. I'm happy to host of occasion too.
    who rearly needs some help...
  17. Racedepartment iRacing driving school (part 2)

    As things are progressing nicely and interest is a certain plus. We are going to push this through and make it a reality!

    Now a few questions that we need to discuss, and since I cannot seem to find how to make a poll I'm just going to have everyone post a reply and then I will edit my post and fill in the answers.

    1. What days of the week are best for you?
    2. What times are best for you?
    3. Which cars would you like to learn?
    4. Which tracks would you like to learn?

    Keep in mind that this will be a weekly, bi-weekly type of thing depending on how many people join up and are interested. As far as I'm concerned it can be as often as people want but lets keep it realistic as well. We will all certainly choose different days and times so I do hope there will be a tad bit of flexibility in there too.

    Something else to consider. As some of us are new to iracing others may not be and just looking to get those last few seconds out of a lap. Something that I have thought about as well is having multiple instructors if the few that I have in mind are willing. I haven't asked yet but I do have a certain few in mind, however one has agreed to be a instructor for us. This would basically help take the edges off of real life things that come up and heck lets face it. We have all had those times. The second part to having multiple instructors is perhaps one could teach the people that are already stable drivers how to take it to the next level. While another instructor could teach the new comers or anyone else how to become a stable driver. Kind of different degrees of driving if you will.

    I am working up a document now to be passed on to Will and Kevin and we are taking this forward. Just have a bit more patience with me, I would rather it take a bit longer and have it all right than do it quick and it go in circles.

    Let me know your thoughts and please remember to answer the questions.

  18. Great write up Joe. This is gonna happen guys. But we need your input/feedback to Joe's questions above to find out what day/time and car/track combos everyone is interested in for these RD iRacing Driving School sessions. :)
  19. Brilliant!
    I can make most any week or evening / day, just need some notice. :)
    I would suggest that we start with the tracks that are in the RD Mazda champs. That way we get to learn the secret stuff of the track. Then we have all got a few more laps in there and can perform to a higher standard and so have closer racing. : )
    As for cars, well the Mazda is the slowest so probably will be the easiest to learn the basics with, then perhapse something with a bit of downforce like the Star Mazda. Then something with no d/f just power such as the Corvett...?
    Come to think of it, teh Skip feelis like a handful too so maybe some time on that...
    I am just writing what I think at this time. Some or all of the above maybe or is complete rubbish... : )

    I just want to learn to go faster quicker.
    My prefference is with road tracks but I would also like to learn some ovals so I could go to Indy at some point in the future.
    Goasted a race in Legends last night for a laugh... some dude said it was the 'Caution 50' (twas 50 laps) as about 30 ef em were under the yellow flag. This has no interest for me at all...

    There you go Joe and Will, just my 2 p worth.
    Who is waiting patiently for his instructor to show the way.
  20. Yes please,I am suffering from TMOTB (to much on the brakes) and WIEDOTH ? (why is everybody disappearing over the horizon ?) LOL......., ok,seriously I am still having heaps of fun with this sim and if there's anybody out there hoe can make me enjoy it even more I am all ears,so
    Time:Central Euro Time (something in the evening would be perfect :)),Cars and tracks, I own everything,so I will go with the majority of votes

    Thanks guys