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RaceDepartment Forum Racing Season 12

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Matthew Gutteridge, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Yes you heard me correctly friends! Come one come all for RDFRS12! Can Thomas Hackel hold on to match Garry Pullen's record 3 titles? Can Honk Racing survive without their star driver Matt Gutteridge? :)P) Only time will tell!


    To join, just pick an empty slot from the list on the second reply. These are all teams from the 2006 F1 season.

    The Race

    The Sprint Race
    At random times, i start races, and when a race starts you will try to reply 'finish' here as soon as possible as you can.

    The Feature Race

    This race is a little more long, but not so hard. After the start is announced, players must post ‘Start’ as quickly as possible

    Then they must wait for an hour, then post ‘pit’

    Then they must wait for another hour before posting ‘finish’ to end the race.

    The first person to post ‘start’ will receive 3 point as a “pole bonus”. Those pitting/finishing too early (before the hour passed) will be blighted by a mechanical failure and will retire from the race.

    Point Scoring

    1st – 12 pts
    2nd – 11 pts
    3rd – 10 pts
    4th – 9 pts
    5th – 8 pts
    6th – 7 pts
    7th – 6 pts
    8th – 5 pts
    9th – 4 pts
    10th – 3 pts
    11th – 2 pts
    All others who finished – 1 pt
    Pole bonus – 3 pt ( No pole in sprint races )
  2. N.B. Teams are the same as last year to start with, but please post anyway to confirm your activity, and if you want any changes making, give me a shout.

    Honk Racing
    [​IMG]-Constructors Runner Up, Drivers Champion.
    Back again, led by Thomas Hackel, Honk Racing are hoping to go one step better than last year, Thomas paired with forum racing legend Omer Said.
    1. Thomas Hackel
    2. Omer Said

    Midland F1
    [​IMG]- Constructors Champions. Formed after the surprise sale of the Constructors Champions Jordan, Midland F1 are hoping to keep up the streak for the second year
    3. Daniel Higgins
    4. Brian Clancy

    [​IMG]- Constructors 3rd Place. F1's pride and joy, the prancing horse is back once again. A few tough seasons have been recently replaced by a pair of good seasons. They say good things come in threes, and who would bet against this outfit going all the way.
    5. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    6. Ondrej Kapal

    Red Bull
    [​IMG]- Constructors 4th place. After a season of ups and downs, Red Bull are also returning and hoping for bigger and better this time round with a brand new pair of up and coming stars
    7. Linus Broström
    8. Gary Ludlum

    Scuderia Torro Rosso
    [​IMG]- Constructors 5th place. Formed from the ashes of Minardi, STR are hoping to continue the sucesses of what once was. Seasoned pair Mike Bell and Rhys Gardiner are looking forward to a good season
    9. Mike Bell
    10. Rhys Gardiner

    BMW Sauber
    [​IMG]-Constructors 6th place. A revived, reformed Sauber return, hoping to climb to the heights Sebastien Levret took them to. With Levret back and experience Duivilaar in pairing, can these two go all the way?
    11. Sebastien Levret
    12. Peter Duivelaar

    [​IMG]- Last Active, Season 10 (4th). After a brief gap year, McLaren are looking to return, stronger than ever after a couple of seasons that produced a mixture of results. With only 1 car, McLaren should compete for wins, but will struggle to content in the constructors.
    14. Georgios Davakos
    15. Resi Respati

    [​IMG]- Last Active, Season 10 (5th). Also missing from Season 11, the tried and trusted pairing of Tusting and Gardiner fell apart, and Williams are looking for a pair of drivers to restore the good times to Frank Williams' team.

    [​IMG]- Last Active, Season 10 (6th). Ex Championship contenders, Renault slumped in Season 10, and after missing Season 11 altogether, are looking to get back into the game. Late-Season team contracted with Zeynel Babacan, a young rookie who has a natural talent.
    18. Zeynel Babacan

    [​IMG]- Last Active, Season 10 (8th). Always there but never in the thick of it, Toyota want to restore some pride and mount a good Championship Challenge

    Super Aguri
    [​IMG]- New Team. Ready for Season 12, Aguri Suzuki's new outfit is ready to take the field by storm.
    22. Adam Eggbeer
    23. Viljar Parts


    0) Spain- Jerez (Test Day)- WON BY LINUS BROSTROM
    1) Monte Carlo-Monaco (Sprint Race) - WON BY DANIEL HIGGINS
    2) USA North-Indianapolis (Sprint Race) - WON BY DANIEL HIGGINS
    3) Australia-Melbourne (Sprint Race) - WON BY DANIEL HIGGINS
    4) Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur (Sprint Race) - WON BY SEBASTIEN LEVRET
    5) Spain-Barcelona (Sprint Race) - WON BY LINUS BROSTROM
    6) Europe-Brands Hatch (Feature Race)- WON BY LINUS BROSTROM
    7) Turkey-Istanbul Park (Sprint Race) - WON BY SEBASTIEN LEVRET
    8) Canada-Montreal (Sprint Race) - WON BY ADAM EGGBEER
    9) Brazil-Interlagos (Sprint Race) - WON BY SEBASTIEN LEVRET
    10) Germany-AVUS (Feature Race Race) - WON BY GEORGIOS DAVAKOS
    11) USA South-Austin (Sprint Race) - WON BY DANIEL HIGGINS
    12) France-Magny Cours (Sprint Race) - WON BY DANIEL HIGGINS
    13) Hungary-Hungaroring (Feature Race) - WON BY LINUS BROSTROM
    14) China-Shanghai (Sprint Race) - WON BY DANIEL HIGGINS
    15) Portugal-Estoril (Sprint Race) - WON BY DANIEL HIGGINS
    16) Abu Dhabi-Yas Marina (Feature Race) - WON BY LINUS BROSTROM
    17) Japan-Suzuka (Sprint Race) - WON BY DANIEL HIGGINS
    18) Korea-Yeongam (Sprint Race) - WON BY ONDREJ KAPAL
    19) Portugal-Estoril (Sprint Race) - WON BY ONDREJ KAPAL
    20) Great Britain-Silverstone (Sprint Race) - WON BY LINUS BROSTROM
    21) Belgium-Spa Francorchamps (Feature Race) - WON BY MIKE BELL

    Driver's Championship

  3. tumbleweed...already...
  4. BMW sent me an interseting proposal that I can't refused.

    And if Peter is agree, can I have the number 11, my racing number ?
  5. Welcome teammate Sebastien, and yes, ofcourse you can have number 11, as long as you know I'm the number 1 driver in the team :)
  6. I am changing to a Mclaren plz.
  7. Mike Bell

    Mike Bell
    One-time RDTCC Race Winner Premium

    rhys u wanna team again this season for torro rosso?

    [ i r buemi :) ]
  8. Changed Giorgios, Ron Dennis is lucky to have you ;)

    HE'S BACK! Sebastien Levret becomes the second double world champion to make a bid for Garry Pullen's record. Refreshed from a gap season, he's ready to take Season 12 by storm.
  9. sorry guys I can't partecipate due to a growing load of commitment at work
    thanks for the last season, awesome :D

  10. Breaking news:

    "What a great opportunity to run again with the team which help me to win my first championship ! I made severals tests with BMW and i am confident with the performance of the car. But I have to make a hard work to find my skill.
    Peter is one of the best F1 driver, we will help together to advance. I am very enthusiastic to race against my last teamate Thomas, and against all the other drivers.
    The first race will be a big challenge for our team

    See you at Monaco"
  11. Ferrari will kick some "botoms" this season :D we would do that before too if there werent holidays time a lot :(
  12. Finish!!! <--- Testing :D
  13. No Honda? :frown:

    I'll take the Super Aguri then please :)
  14. Honda were bought out by Honk ;)
  15. Thomas Hackel

    Thomas Hackel
    Honk - Forum Games Moderator

    @ Omer: I'm happy to have you in the team.

    @ Séb: Nice to see you back again here, mate.

    This will become a very very interesting season.

    I wish all racers a lot of luck.
  16. Mike Bell

    Mike Bell
    One-time RDTCC Race Winner Premium

    *hopes to do better then 7th from my first season :)
  17. oooh, OMER @ Honk Racing eh! (Me smells INSIDER INFO HERE) is this correct?, fair? has Omer any scruples? are the rules being breached? Why did Eddie sell my car? Can Gutteridge pull a fast one? Can me and the Higgibaby win both the constructors AND drivers Champs? Will it be cheese n pickle in me sarnies tomorrow?

    All this and more will be answered soon in season 12!!!!!!!

    Oh, Welcome Eggbeer, loool
  18. Thomas Hackel

    Thomas Hackel
    Honk - Forum Games Moderator

    *push the invisible "THANKS" -button*
  19. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Wooot! Welcome Adam and welcome back Sebastien!! Wow this will be a really tough season :)

    I'm honored to race with HonkRacing, Thomas Hackel, i hope i can be a help to the team and mr. legend ;)

    @ Brian lol, yes of course. FIA's secret f1 drawing schematics of optic illusions were in my suitcase when i signed a contract with Honk Rac. hehehe!...

    I expect a close title fight between Thomas, Sebastien, Daniel, Adam(A surprise rookie!), Brian, Peter, Rhys, Alessandro, Mike, Andrei, Ondrej, Giorgos, Resi(?), Ross(?), Dave(?), Bram(??!!!???), Nick(?), Kris(?), Linus(?), Kevin(?), Can(?), All Rd Members(?). Let's see....
  20. [​IMG]


    I beg to differ Brian. No conspiricies this time. Introducing: our 3 independant adjudicators!
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