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PC Racedepartment casual racing

Discussion in 'Project CARS Racing Club' started by luckybob, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    Hi guys,
    i am well irritated by the multiplayer on project cars. I think the game is pretty good, but the players, the community, are ruining it for me.
    I want to see how much interest there would be in casual racing with random races and cars every day of the week.
    I want to race clean and semi serously :), for instance a nudge is ok, using me to make a corner is not.
    I am thinking in the lines of: whom ever feels like racing casually, you can set up a game called "RDC" (RaceDepartmentCasual) and who wants to join can.

    To state the obvious, this is in no way meant to be a complaint towards RD.

    let me know what you guys think,


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  2. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Member Premium Member

  3. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

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  4. What players and what community are ruining it for you Bas? Here we race fair and with good rules in the club.
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  5. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    RaceDepartment is great, joining random servers in game are ruining it for me.
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  6. Obviously, that's why I have never ever joined a public server. Full of idiots.
    Racedepartment is the only place to have clean fair races in Pcars. In my opinion that is.:thumbsup:
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  7. MP etiquette varies greatly from lobby to lobby. An important thing to remember is that the netcode in pCars was very bad and, while it has improved, can still be very poor. To add to that, some people just have sh!t connections and lag all over the joint. As a general rule of thumb, I try to avoid huge lobbies with 25 or more drivers. Sadly, the game just isn't stable enough to handle that in a Public MP lobby. I also try joining lobbies that have the green connection indicator of connection quality.

    I have experienced relatively decent MP sessions in public lobbies. Incidents still happen but not always intentional. Lots of variables that affect the experience, I know. At the end of the day, though...nothing beats well organized league play. Even if it's casual races.

    BTW, if you're on Steam...my Steam ID is: SnappyDee (edited: I had misspelled my steam ID)

    Send me a friend request. I'll race with you any time. That goes out to anyone here. I usually can't race in any of the RD pCars races due to schedule conflicts so I am always looking for folks to race with.
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  8. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth


    i have had a couple of nights with a good group of people, but it is rare. I would like to add you on steam, but it can't find this name,

    thanks for responding,

  9. I love the idea. Mainly because my schedule can be so erratic I have had a hard time committing to a lot of the races. I like the idea of hoping on when I can and checking for a "racedepartmentCasual" server. If none is running, you can start one up and as people are able to log on, they can join up. It give a good feeling of "come and go as you please" while ensuring that those you race against aren't going to be dirty and it brings more racedepartment members together.

    I've seen on the Race Department Steam group that there are often many people playing Project Cars even at the late hours that I usually hop on. However I'm not one to go bug every one of them and try and start a fun casual group for the evening. It would be nice to have a place you can always check for when on if you want to.
    Those that can could also hop on the TS server if they want to.

    I think it would be a great idea.
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  10. Randy Chamberlin

    Randy Chamberlin
    Premium Member

    Great idea. Use the RD PW to set it up and they will come. Once I find the PW I will get in and set a server up. I'll be playing some today
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  11. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the responses, i will set up a game, it will be tomorrow, but anyone feel free to do the same.
  12. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff Member

    Once the full dedicated server is released (should be in 3.0 according to the dev) I can also set up a server for you guys that runs 24/7 for these kind of events :thumbsup:
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  13. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    That would be awesome!!!
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  14. Would you need to be a premium member on here to be able to race casually?
  15. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    Uhm my personal interest in starting this topic, is to have a serous group of racers.
    In the interest of providing a platform to do so and keeping unwanted entities out, i would say yes, premium members only.

    I am speaking for myself, maybe it could be useful to ask a moderator as well,

    cya around,

  16. Mondyrocks

    Ivan Fojan Premium Member

    I often join public races and, quite often, are disappointed, getting used as a brake very often, with console type, joypad racers, zigging all over the track!
    It might be an idea to just add other members to your steam account, then start your own server and invite em in. Even if there's only 3 or 4 of you it makes for better racing than the online lobbies, plus you can always log on to TS :)
  17. luckybob

    Bas Kloeth

    password : racedepartment
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  18. Cool! A dedicated server would be awesome. I tend to agree that it should be for RD members paid membership.
    I have my wheel setup out of commission while I'm finishing up my cockpit build. Hopefully I should be done in a few days and I'll be able to hop on and either join the server or start it up :)
  19. I'm going to setup a server called racedepartment for the evening. I'll roll against AI until/unless people show up. :)
    The Password will be the standard members password.
    I'll also hop on TS.
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