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Featured Racecraft Updated to Version 0.3.0

Discussion in 'Racecraft' started by Paul Jeffrey, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Vae Victis Games have today released the first major update to new procedural motorsport game Racecraft.

    Available on Steam Early Access from March 4th Racecraft is a new kind of racing game that utilises procedural technology to allow users an opportunity to create infinite variations of racing circuits on which to drive the high performance open wheel race car created in game.

    Today's update to version 0.3.0 brings to the title a number of improvements and tweaks including a new weekly hotlap event designed by the studio to allow gamers to race on a specific supplied track for 7 days with a ranking system where drivers race against ghosts of the absolute best track lap and your individual personal best lap. This new feature is seen as a precursor to the full P2P multiplayer functionality that will be coming in future updates and as a direct result of community feedback regarding the desire to have a set layout to practice against other players. Each weekly event will start on Friday with the first event taking place Friday 8th April.

    Other highlights from update 0.3.0 include the addition of a new chase cam setting to the game as well as adding support for Steam Controllers and PS3 / PS4 gamepads.

    Full version 0.3.0 changelog below:
    • Added Weekly Hotlap Events
    • Added Chase Cam
    • Added support for Steam Controller, PS3 and PS4 gamepads
    • Multi-device calibration is now working properly
    • Improved UI
    • Improved general stability
    • Optimized track saving
    • Minor performance issues solved
    • Various bug fixes
    Keep an eye out at RaceDepartment in the coming weeks as we offer community members the opportunity to suggest questions to be put forward to Vae Victis Games in our upcoming exclusive interview with the people behind Racecraft.

    As an added incentive we will randomly gift 3 members of the community who posted a question a free copy of the game on Steam! So get your thinking caps on now and be prepared for our pre Q&A community feedback article in the coming weeks.

    Don’t forget to visit our Racecraft forum right here on RaceDepartment for all latest news and discussion on the title. Racecraft is available to purchase via Steam Early Access right now.

    Racecraft_Update03.png Racecraft_Chase01.png Racecraft_Chase02.png Racecraft_Chase03.png Racecraft_Update01.png Racecraft_Update02.png Racecraft_Update03.png

    Have you tried Racecraft yet? How do you think the title plays? Do you like the new update? Let us know in the comments section below!
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
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  2. when this game will have more content im gonna buy this :D
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  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Unlimited tracks :)
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  4. Thing is: in closed circuits sports, you must practice a lot in a circuit in order to be really proficient on it. They are bringing the uncertainty that pertains to sports like Rally into a sport where knowing the track is paramount to succeed. If we can create endless tracks, how about MP? IT will be a surprise 99% of time... Doesn't seem to be a good choice, but then I don't quite understand how in the world things like minecraft can succeed (ugly and pointless) so I'm almost sure that I'm wrong on this (Trackmania, anyone?)
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  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Ooops... First Friday weekly event is today (8th April) not 15th :redface:

    Get racing people and sorry for the mistake :)
  6. [saving this question for the actual Q&A arcticle, whoops]
  7. Hello Fernando,
    we added the Weekly Events to give you preset tracks to practice and hone your skills, as if they were real fixed circuits. You can create endless tracks, but when you will organize a league with your friends or other people, you will be able to race on a predetermined set of tracks, if you wish.

    Don't let the "endless tracks" statement deceive you. :) You can save tracks and share them with your friends, you will have weekly and daily events on preset tracks.

    I hope I clarified things a bit. :)
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  8. That sounds really great. If the physics was as real as possible and if the FFB was near AC i think i would buy it. Being able to make tracks, save them and then compete on them is a really nice idea.

    Are you able to recreate real tracks or is it a seed number thing where you dont have 100% control?
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  9. One of my favourite things in simracing is building a layout in GPLTrack, then firing up GPL and driving it for the first time. Then adding levels and turning it into a proper racetrack.

    I guess Racecraft will make this a straightforward process, I'd say give it a try.... you might like it!
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  10. Theorically we could recreate real tracks, but that's not what we had in mind when we created the Camilla procedural engine. :)
  11. Maybe add trackbuilder . it would be cool:thumbsup:
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  12. Fabio, first of all, thank you for your tip regarding my earlier comment. I guess that the game will have some sort of a central repository for cool tracks created and a voting system (to allow people to pick the most voted ones), right? Even so, IMHO this can be a challenge to MP races, at least the casual ones - where pilots will surely have great differences about knowing the track path (i.e., practicing time) for a given track. I know this can happen in actual games too, but after a while, the majority of MP servers are playing the "95% preferred" tracks (which aren't infinite in numbers), and this tends to "even the field a bit". With new tracks being created all the time by every single player in the world, I fear that this can lead to "too much choice" and then in the long run poor MP races - unless you're part of a league that blocks new tracks - which, in the end, goes against your main goal.
    Trust me, I'm not saying that your game's capacity of creating new tracks on the fly is bad - on the contrary, I find it intriguing and surely very welcome - but perhaps the type of race intended could be "more aligned" with the spirit of "endless variation", like: do you guys plan to eventually release this technology to a rally game? Packing the "Camilla engine" and some serious FFB/physics, this could be the next big thing on that arena. (Of course you'll need to create a "virtual navigator procedural engine" too, in order to "read" the track and tell the pilot what to expect on next curves).
    Ok, don't want to be ahead of "questions time" here, so I'll shut up now. :D
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  13. Ah ok. So, set some track parameters(?) to aim for and then the engine take care of the rest. The end result is sort of a "calculated randomization". Cool.

    I was thinking of a track builder with straights, corners and "sliders" to change length, camber etc + a procedural function to take care of randomization (if you wanted that). So you could build half The Nord and then let the procedural engine build the other half. :D That sounds pretty awesome to me, but i understand now that you want the full procedural experience. Nothing wrong with that. I wish you and your team all the best. Diversity is great & there is no such thing as "too much racing"! Also your title and concept can inspire other devs (like the procedural rally stages!). :)

    BTW was there a demo for this? Wouldnt mind testing it.
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  14. Hi all,
    Well, I must admit that I am for the moment skeptical and haven't decided yet to join early access.
    On one hand, I am interested in the technology behind this procedural engine and the fresh air that could be impulsed to sim racing. But on the other hands, the pleasure for a sim racer (at least for me) is to compete on existing and famous tracks so that you can enjoy ever more real and broadcasted competitions on theses tracks because you know all the difficulties, all the virages and DRS zones.
    What I am looking for is the most real immersion whith the best physics handling, the best force feedback, realistics sounds and graphics. But I am also curious and ready to discover something else if you have compelling technology to offer.
    I would also be interested in a demo before making a decision
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  15. I have some questions for you:
    What path will you follow for physics? Will you make a sim or an arcade-ish game?
    Will there be other cars?
    Will there be tracks with bridges, such as Suzuka?
    Will there be a career mode?

    Grazie ragazzi :)
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  16. I'm curious about the physics of this game. Looks like the old Stunts 90's era of PC racing games. Would like test it.
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  17. We would really like to do it, but we're a very small team, so we need to concentrate on finishing the game before working on these really useful tools for the whole community. :)

    About the demo, we're working to put it on par with the current version of the game in terms of physics and graphics. The previous version was based on the November build of the game, so we removed it from Steam because it wasn't the expression of the actual state of the game. We hope to be able to put that back online in a couple of weeks.

    For all other questions, we will answer them in the upcoming Q&A article here on RD, so if you have any other questions about the game and the studio, feel free to ask. :) We'd really like to tell you more about the philosophy and the technology behind Racecraft and also Vae Victis!
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  18. Yes, you got it. But the system is really flexible, so no one prevents us to create an official Racecraft MP league with a set of 20 or 30 predefined tracks, that would act as the official championship on which everyone could race. Then all players can still create their own mini-leagues with the tracks they prefer. So, I think our system can satisfy the needs of both simmers and more casual players. It just depends on how you use that. :)

    This was one of our goals since the beginning. We'd really like to have rally for a Racecraft 2, but the problem is that we're a very small team and we need RC to perform as it should to be able to develop a RC2 with a rally focus. :)
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  19. Does the procedural tracks come with a randomized physical mesh, as in FFB dips/bumps in the track surface that is felt in the wheel, or is it a "smooth ride"?
  20. Yes, every track has a different driving experience. The physical mesh is procedurally generated as the rest of the track.
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