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Featured Racecraft updated to 0.4.1 and other news

Discussion in 'Racecraft' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Racecraft update.png
    Italian development studio Vae Victis Games have updated Early Access racing sandbox title Racecraft to version 0.4.1. Alongside the update Racecraft have announced Thrustmaster will be sponsoring the upcoming weekly Hotlap Challenge event beginning Monday 27th June.

    The new update to Racecraft brings a welcome addition of the new paint mode feature which allows players to create their own paint schemes for the open wheel formula car in the game. Although not yet able to support community mod skins at present Vae Victis have confirmed to RaceDepartment work is underway for future support of custom created liveries in coming updates.

    Dynamic reflections also make their debut in the game alongside a number of minor tweaks and visual polishing. The new update is available to download now via Steam.

    Racecraft 0.4.1 update:
    • Features: Car Paint Mode
    • Graphics: dynamic reflections added
    • Graphics: shadows quality improved
    • Graphics: shadows performance impact reduction
    • General: minor bugfixes and general polishing

    Racecraft isn't all about creating your own unique racing track. The development team behind the game hold weekly hotlap challenge events where players set their fastest times against a community leader board using a single track created by Vae Victis. From June 27th to July 3rd Thrustmaster will be sponsoring the Hotlap Weekly Event with a selection of prizes for the event winner and the two runners-up. Check out the events section in game nearer the time for details.

    Racecraft is available to purchase via the Steam platform now. Beginning week commencing Monday June 13th players will have a one week opportunity to pick up this title with a generous 20% discount.

    Have a look at the news and discussion items in our very own Racecraft sub forum here at RaceDepartment. Keep your eye out in the coming weeks for an exclusive interview and the opportunity to pose your own questions to the team behind this unique racing game.

    Racecraft Update 2.png Racecraft Update 3.png Racecraft Update 4.png Racecraft Update 5.png

    Do you own Racecraft? What do you think of the game? Care to share your experiences playing the title? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. great news :D
  3. Dux


    Another Sim?
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  4. We would say "another fun game". :)
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  5. xnorb


    Picking this thread just because it's about the last update :)

    Is there a timeframe when mouse controlled menues will be in?
    It's one of those things that make me go crazy :)
  6. There will never be mouse controlled menus, as we already stated several times. :) We think allowing people to use the same controller to do everything is the best way to behave. :)
  7. xnorb


    Allowing to use the same controller to do everything is a great concept and i think all game developers should go down that route.
    But not supporting the primary input device of the platform the game runs on is quite an unintuitive approach?

    You just stated that you already had several requests in that regard, shouldn't that imply that there's a demand for mouse controlled menues?

    Especially in times in which bad console ports flood the PC gaming market players are very sensible when it comes to lack of PC features and even though Racecraft is not a console title not being able to control menues with the mouse leaves a bad taste.
    Just saying :)
  8. Let's say that at the moment, we will continue to follow this design choice, because we really believe in this approach and we think players will get used and satisfied by that.

    We'll see if something changes when we'll approach the full release of the game, in a few months. :)