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Featured Racecraft Q&A - Submit a question for a chance to win a Beta key!

Discussion in 'Racecraft' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Racecraft Q&A.jpg
    RaceDepartment will very shortly be sitting down with the developers of new Steam Early Access title Racecraft, and we would like to give you, the community, the opportunity to ask questions about this game directly to the studio behind the game.

    In a break from our usual style of interviews, RaceDepartment will be offering the community an opportunity to submit any questions they wish to have answered by the studio in the comments section below for inclusion in our Q&A to be held very soon. As an added incentive, Vae Victis Games have very generously offered up to three Steam key's allowing full access to the game for three people who submit a question. All you have to do to be in with a chance of a free beta key is submit a question below and we'll be sure to add it to the Q&A for a response. Winners will be contacted via PM with a copy of the key no later than 7 days after this article goes live.

    Question submissions close at midnight (BST) on Thursday 7th July. Any questions submitted after this date will still be included in the Q&A but wont be eligible for a chance to win a beta key.

    Have a look at the news and discussion items in our very own Racecraft sub forum here at RaceDepartment. A place to find all the latest news and previews, share your Racecraft experiences and discuss the game with fellow fans of the title.

    For more information on what Racecraft is all about, check out the Racecraft website here.

    So here is your chance, submit your questions below for a chance to win a full access beta key of the game! Go, go, go...!
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  2. BoogerMac


    First, thanks to RD and Vae Victis Games for giving us the opportunity.

    With procedural tracks already working, are there plans to let users generate a track then manually edit it as they see fit? If so, I hope this would lead to Steam Workshop integration so we could share tracks for potential use in club races, leagues, etc..

    Thanks again to everyone that made this happen!
  3. i like free keys yeah, anyway, official content will either tracks or vehicles?
  4. why only 25% off?
  5. Are you planning on having dynamically shifting tracks where some corners or segments of the track change with each lap?
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  6. @Paul Jeffrey

    No link to the website: "For more information on what Racecraft is all about, check out the Racecraft website here." ;)

    I already asked questions before. Dont know what to ask, hmm...

    Are there different times of day to choose from and/or weather conditions?

    How moddable will the game be, if any? Skinning (liveries) plus auto download for all on track would be cool. Concerned people (explicit) could tick box to not recieve custom liveries (stock setting). But its cool to see your own car paint design.

    Are there more than the typical race mode planned? Practice, time attack etc (to improve your driving).
  7. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    What were the main lessons that the studio have learnt from their previous games (mainly Victory: Age of Racing) that have made their way into Racecraft? Is one of those lessons the fact that instead of a free to play distributed game, Racecraft is now being sold at a price instead?
  8. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    ok, , I have spent a good few grand on a rig , pc, and wheels etc, i have assetto corsa, automobilista. my question : "why should i buy racecraft" ?

    quite simple yes, but the answer will either sell it , or not :)
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  9. So the game has this incredibly high replay ability value thanks to infinite tracks and custom cars but given the flat somewhat plain nature of the tracks, what reason will we be given to keep coming back? In victory I loved the missions system that encourage players to keep complete races cleanly and not rage quit. but this sytem allowed us to spend money on performance enhancing and cosmetic upgrades. Will we see a similar system in racecraft? and how will you ensure balance so that new players (or players with less time) don't get left behind as was happening in victory? (it can be discouraging to start out a new game and have everyone else has much better equipment than you).
  10. Because we released the game on March, so an higher discount at this moment would be quite unfair to those who bought that at full price. :)
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  11. Will there be a mutiplayer races with colision model ?:DAnd more cars maybe some gt3 or touring :D
  12. xnorb


    Well, there's a whole lot of questions.
    May be covered already but i tend to forget a damn lot :)

    * Will we see other vehicles than the Formula cars in future?
    Especially Rally seems to be the car class of choice in a game with procedurally generated tracks

    * Will we see MP racing on same track?
    A system without collision detection like Trackmania maybe? (To keep hotlaps valids no matter if driving alone or on a server)

    * Modding support? Vehicles, liveries
  13. My queston is, how did you get the idea for Racecraft? And also will Racecraft have a skin system for making your own racecar?
  14. Time to "dream" a little bit: which maybe game-changing feature would you love to include, but are currently not able to do so due to technical restrictions of the latest machines?
    Not sure if I get the point, my English seems a bit rusty.. In other words: what's your favorite feature for the "racing sim of the future", let's say 5 years from now?
  15. Yapci


    As far as we know that the team is concerned about what a procedural engineering will be for a rally based game, and knowing that community is loud and consistent about this petition, would you let a door open for modders to do some terrain textures and adapt some cars physics and models (even generic ones) to have what would certainly be a best seller with that feature?
  16. alex_pt


    The name of the procedural engine "Camilla"? why that name?
  17. Will Camilla be able to generate tracks with elevation changes?
  18. BattleOvce


    Thank you for this opportunity RD. Do developers plan to add different types of vehicles ? (Touring car type, Rally type car) and also different track surfaces ? :)
  19. Would you list your priorities for the development of the game? For example, is physics higher than graphics? Graphics higher than AI, etc.
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Hey guys, some superb questions so far! Keep them coming!! I want to batter the devs with loads of things to ask, so the more the merrier :D
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