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WIP [Race07/Multi] Arcade City modpack

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. I'll start the thread, even thou i need to find a team first...

    Arcade City:
    Set of small tracks with shared texture folder.
    Vehicle mod with unrealistic parameters...
    Gamestyle is arcade so this is NOT for simracin. ( Tracks and cars can be used mixed of course)
    Everything should be fast loading, small packages

    I already have a set of objects ready for texturing, vehicle mod physics are researched and modelling started. Where i need help is testing, that is the largest part of this (possible) project. New track are needed too but this time you can do what ever you want... Use glitches, weird textures, huge cambers and gradients.... Objects can be on any theme, first test track is ½ city blocks and ½ tunnels... Shared texture folder is mainly for decreasing filesizes.

    What do you guys think, one last mod before the next gen work starts? This would be first "total mod" where tracks and vehicles are made to fit each other.. By using modded vehicle we don't need to use unrealistic grip-level in the track so track can be used with regular vehicles. I figured out a neat "turbo boost" for the car, look at this torque map and try to figure out how it works. It's integral part of the idea, i neede to figure out an idea that makes the cars accelerate absurdly fast on straights while having still some kind of control in the corners.

    Here's the torque curve:
    RPMTorque=(    0,  -58.4,  -58.0)
    RPMTorque=(  250,  -33.0,    -9.0)
    RPMTorque=(  500,  -13.7,  140.0)
    RPMTorque=(  750,  -19.4,  120.5)
    RPMTorque=( 1000,  -21.3,  120.5)
    RPMTorque=( 1250,  -23.5,  124.6)
    RPMTorque=( 1500,  -25.8,  115.5)
    RPMTorque=( 1750,  -28.5,  125.5)
    RPMTorque=( 2000,  -31.3,  135.0)
    RPMTorque=( 2250,  -34.5,  144.3)
    RPMTorque=( 2500,  -37.9,  153.6)
    RPMTorque=( 2750,  -41.6,  163.1)
    RPMTorque=( 3000,  -45.6,  173.2)
    RPMTorque=( 3250,  -49.7,  184.1)
    RPMTorque=( 3500,  -54.2,  192.8)
    RPMTorque=( 3750,  -59.0,  205.6)
    RPMTorque=( 4000,  -64.1,  217.8)
    RPMTorque=( 4250,  -69.4,  229.3)
    RPMTorque=( 4500,  -75.2,  240.0)
    RPMTorque=( 4750,  -81.1,  249.8)
    RPMTorque=( 5000,  -87.3,  288.6)
    RPMTorque=( 5250,  -94.1,  286.3)
    RPMTorque=( 5500,  -101.0,  292.8)
    RPMTorque=( 5750,  -108.3,  298.0)
    RPMTorque=( 6000,  -116.0,  301.8)
    RPMTorque=( 6250,  -124.0,  304.2)
    RPMTorque=( 6500,  -132.7,  304.9)
    RPMTorque=( 6750,  -141.5,  304.0)
    RPMTorque=( 7000,  -150.9,  301.4)
    RPMTorque=( 7250,  -160.8,  296.9)
    RPMTorque=( 7500,  -171.0,  290.4)
    RPMTorque=( 7750,  -181.9,  281.9)
    RPMTorque=( 8000,  -193.4,  271.2)
    RPMTorque=( 8250,  -205.7,  258.3)
    RPMTorque=( 8500,  -218.5,  253.0)
    RPMTorque=( 8750,  -232.2,  225.3)
    RPMTorque=( 9000,  -246.7,  225.0)
    RPMTorque=( 9250,  -262.5,  205.1)
    RPMTorque=( 9500,  -285.0,  186.5)
    RPMTorque=( 9750,  -310.0,  128.0)
    RPMTorque=(9999,  -337.0,    0.6)
    RPMTorque=(10000,  -337.0,    0.6)
    RPMTorque=(10250,  -351.0,    10.2)
    RPMTorque=(10500,  -359.7,    10.7)
    RPMTorque=(10999,  -337.0,    10.6)
    RPMTorque=(11000,  -137.0,    10.6)
    RPMTorque=(12000,  -137.0,    500.6)
    RPMTorque=(13000,  -137.0,    750.6)
    RPMTorque=(14000,  -237.0,    1000.6)
    RPMTorque=(15000,  -337.0,    500.6)
    RPMTorque=(16000,  -337.0,    0.0)
    RPMTorque=(17000,  -337.0,    0.6)
    RPMTorque=(18000,  -337.0,    -20.6)
    RPMTorque=(19000,  -337.0,    -20.6)
    RPMTorque=(20000,  -337.0,    -20.6)
    Got it yet? Parameters are RPM, friction and torque.. HP peak in this curve is 2665HP @ 14 000 RPM (minus friction, total is probably somewhere around 1500HP).. The revs go so high that the engine noise disappears completely and you get this jet sound coming from drivetrain, fits really well to picture.. before the first limit it's a little bit souped S2000 engine, after the limit it's a jet! Top speed unfortunately has to be ~350-400, more and there's no amount of cheating in a sim to make any sort of vehicle controllable.. There is also quite a huge torque in the low low range, under idle RPM to stop engines from shutting down so easily, people will crash a lot... Clutch is also limited to provide more traction in the "jet" mode, aeros are lo drag etc.

    You need to accelerate to third gear, flick really fast back to 1st to get the revs over 0 torque limit, that releases the "turbo boost"......

    I was planning of doing two or three cars. One low, long, wide and fast top speed, fits under certain gates, very futuristic. Middlerange car (almost default WTCC look..) with less top speed but better acceleration, the narrowest so fits thru narrow gates. And then a jeep with quickest acceleration, lowest top speed and high ground clearance, only one that can go thru "spikes" (30cm pole sticking from ground...) That way the obstacles can be designed to fit certain car or cars... Engines can be made for all of them to adjust the turbo boost effect, gearboxes are gonna be locked or at least highly limited. One thing i want to keep is the possibility to make own setups, that must be in, otherwise what's the point?

    So does anyone want to have fun and breaking all the rules? Tracks are very fast to build and personally found it very very funny to build a gigantic halfpipe and getting a full 360 with a car... I'll do this on my own if no team is found but it'll be much slower and less variety,
  2. ebrich


    Count me in, Kennett, with whatever I can help with. Have put some ideas on a small track in the dropbox. I had fun with it. (For Race 07)
  3. Was wondering about that traffic :) I just practiced of modelling, took ingame Honda WTCC.. I took me about 9 hours to lower the roof by 7 cm.... lol... I got into school so my time is limited from 27th onwards, not much limited thou, i have about half done earlier so that means a lot of leisure time to fill with this project.. Also, PrestoGP season start 29th, that takes more time. I noticed that i can't touch any other car than F1 during season, so this is perfect for me...

    I'll try to get some screenies and short video to show the visual style.
  4. ebrich


    Blender training???!!
  5. Nah, still just SU, i'm still on chapter 1 in the blender book..

    Here's what i got for tonight, doesn't look a lot like Honda Accord, it's widened quite a bit too..


    The shape is not final, i wan't more fatter and agressive rear but otherwise i'm happy.. It looks quite mean and is quite unfinshed, there's some rogue faces here and there...

    EDIT: does anyone else have this: long day of 3D and you look at a picture and click middle mouse and try to rotate it.. I just tried to look at the rear.. here's the WIP model: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/84727521/honda_accord_euro_r_body_a.gmt.work.skp
  6. ebrich


    10,469 vertices would you believe!

    Yes. In SU in Blender and 3dsimed. That extra whisky to clear your head is not a proven scientific fact!!
  7. Wow, man, you are a GENIUS!! Those ideas you uploaded dropped like a bomb, really really clever stuff.. I'll upload my version right away, it's way more traditional... I'll create a new project folder and share it. I'll put both tracks and the WIP mod with default SimBin model, modded everything else.. SU is starting to get extended beyond it's capabilities, i'll finish the basic model there since it's the quickest to draft on, The model needs to be edited in some serious software plus no way in hell am i going to do 3 LODs manually....

    O got some serious mindstorming ahead of me, i need to revise the track part of this project again with new ideas, i'll try to make some objects following the same idea..

    I don't want' to spoil anything, That's why i don't immediately tell everyone what's brewing but it certainly is something never seen before. I can share my original idea, it's more conventional.

    There are a lot of duplicates, it has all the the LOD "A" models (the highest quality/poly count) including all the breakables, that causes a lot of identical faces. All the insides of those breakables have complex shapes too. The basic model with bumbers is i guess couple of thousands. I've tried to clean up all the time while i work but i have to leave a lot of the old model under all those extensions. SU doesn't have bezier curve (atrocity, IMHO..) so i have to use the old curves as references. Luckily SU has some kind of automatic spline calculations, continuing a curve is easy..