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Race07 materials

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. This knowledge was added a moment ago and deserves it's own thread. Finally a guide of how to use those missing materials.. I quote neteye:

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  2. A simpler list to remember them with a broad description, use the post above to locate the actual data. I corrected some typos too, let me know if there are any left, i'll edit the post accordingly.

    • roada: Basic road
    • lgroad: bumby and reduced grip
    • b1road: washboard
    • b2road: washboard,bigger and wider apart
    • b3road: washboard, much bigger, much wider apart
    • marbles: runoff, half grip
    • rmbl: basic rumblestrip
    • drain: rumblestrips, slippery
    • gbrm: "flat lowgrip grass", similar to the marbles
    • gras: basic grass
    • grv: basic graveltrap
    • bsand: very bumby sand with high resistance

    • cwal: concrete wall
    • twal: tirewall
    • grdr: guardrails
    All those marked Basic are the ones that are normally used in BTB. For the rest you have to write the name yourself in either BTB Material Editor or in XPacker. I'll add an example of every material type in the CK-Tools so you can make copies in material editor with the correct names for easy access.. Make sure you thank neteye for giving us this info: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/making-a-fictional-track-look-real.46259/#post-1035963

    EDIT: Remember to rebuild HAT everytime you change materials. HAT = Height Above Terrain, a 3D map of driveable surfaces, this the actual (invisible) surface you're car is driving on.
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  3. ebrich


    Anybody tried this out on a "steamed" version of Race 07? I spent last night trying to persuade Race to change material name and on 2 different tracks I started with grvl then changed to a texture with material roada, redownloaded and it ran still as grvl!!! Checked with 3dSimEd and BTB Edit Material and they both showed the track to be Material Name roada.
    So is it because its a steam version. Like I said before I had no specialfx.tec file under Locations.
    Just tried steam "Offline" - same result.
  4. Tested with steam version, that's all i got installed. Everything works.
  5. ebrich


    This is driving me mad!!
    I have just been in race07 game with a working track. Shut down the game, and opened the gdb file for that game. Changed the "RoadDryGrip = 1.02 " to "RoadDryGrip = 0.5 " - started up the game again - the track was nowhere to be seen. It was under the GTR EVO heading, as is recorded in the gdb file. Now nowt.
    Something somewhere doesn't like me delving into, and changing the files.

    Just tried another new simple track. In game worked fine. Changed a parameter in the gdb file. Track disappeared from game even though its still there in locations folder.
  6. Win7 ? Can't think of anything else to explain that behaviour.
  7. ebrich


    Vista. Thanks anyway.
    Seems the only way I can change the gdb file is to change the "BTB\support\Race07\ template.gdb " when about to Export from BTB. Only then will it work . Otherwise my track disappears from Race, if I change' once Exported.
    Will put it on the back burner for a while. Creep up on it when its not expecting it, at a later date.
  8. Can you send a sample of not working GDB? I can take a look at it if i find something odd.. Interesting case, i've been doin the exact same thing last two days, fiddling with griplevels and had no problems.
  9. ebrich


    Well thanks again Kennett, its all in the file. Do you have a specialfx.tec file in your locations folder?

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  10. No, i don't have specialfx.tec.. It's not needed, it's hardcoded..Don't know if it loads it, if it's there. (wow, what a sentence,i got i-fit's)

    I couldn't find anything wrong with that GDB, everything looked fine. I can't think of anything else but windows meddling, Vista/win7 had some issues with editing files inside "program files" folders as they are protected? (confirmation required)..
  11. ebrich


    Many thanks for your time.
    Seems like the only way to change anything is to redo the part at base - BTB, export again to GTL and Race and redo the hat file by doing the hat lap in GTL to reload in Race. It seems to be linked with that hat file.
    I can tell you that when experimenting its a bit long.
    As for Vista protecting files that would not surprise me at all.
  12. After every change on the terrain surfaces you need to rebuilt the HAT file, because this file controls how the tires react on surfaces. you all probably know how the car "floats" if you forget the HAT file :)
  13. ebrich


    Ah yes I've had my fill of sinkin\floatin vehicles.
    And yet another degree in the learning parabolic! Good fun!
    And thanks Neteye
  14. Ah, didn't think that the HAT was not rebuilt... I build HAT after every MAS export, just changing one driveable surface even slightly will require a new HAT.