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Race07 hillcilmbs config

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. I'm asking this question here first before trying elsewhere... We got a new feature to Race07 with Retro pack; Hillclimb race mode. So, how to do it, hot to make a track using hillclimb rules?

    EDIT: darned, typo in the title..
  2. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Downloaded it myself the other day hoping to be able to make an open track but I can't even find where steam has hidden the pack, to get into it! Oh yes and sorry but I dont understand what your question is!
  3. This is an answer i got over at F1classic some time ago http://f1classic.your-talk.com/t7063-do-you-have-hillclimb-or-downhill-track?highlight=hillclimb

  4. I only have the STEAM Online version and the "gcf" files are located in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\. IMHO GCFScape is the best app to unpack the files.
  5. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Many thanks gwaldock. I should have looked at the date of those files when I looked in my steamApps earlier.
  6. :good: You're welcome ebrich.
  7. I looked at katzenberg GDB, there's a category= Hillclimb but it doesn't do anything when i tried. There's also new timing sector name there, xhcfinish:

    I haven't yet tried what it does but it looks like we have a new instance... Since there is only one copy of each type of timing gates in Katzenbergs .TRK, i would presume that the xhcfinish is a start line for hillclimb. Or should i say, i hope that it is so.
  8. Slightly off-topic question that may help Kennett if solved:

    I have tried opening R07 Hillclimb .trks in 3DsimED (both Katzenberg and the Retro Pack Hillclimb) but it won't open. If anyone knows what the issue might be, I may be able to take a look in 3DsimED and I can tell you how the timing gates are positioned???

    Hoping some 3DsimED users can help me, and I would like to help you too Kennett if I can find out.

    P.S.: I have tried opening opening all of the files just plainly as the GMTs rather than as the .trk but for some reason then 3DsimED won't let me zoom, navigate etc. so I can't see much?
  9. I think most race07 tracks are encrypted
  10. Google "aluigi"...
  11. "xhcfinish.gmt" sounds like the bit that I was told about from a bloke 'in the know'....
    Basically- as it was explained to me -it's a lot like rF's Mt Arrowsmith or Cannon Ball Run's point-to-point OR as above quoted from Lord Pantsington- the final Xfinish/Xgate/X'wall' needs to be 'collided' with to start the timer....
    So that there's 2 'X-finishes', one of them manually placed as BTB wont do it (using 3D SimEd will though)....
    Im only repeating from memory as I was told, perhaps someone more 'in the know' can enlighten us....?
    Point-to-point time trials/hill climbs are about the last bastion of real road racing & therefore an all-time favourite of mine whether PC or real....
    (Working on 2 now......)
  12. I think you can do the extra timing gate by doing a duplicate and renaming it.

    First backup the original project or use save as to create a duplicate project. Reposition the xfinish to the location where xhcfinish would be. Export with different name and open mas folder.
    Rename xfinish.gmt to xhcfinish.gmt and copy it to original track mas folder.
    Insert the new instance to TRK file and it should work.

    Make sure you keep the xhcfinish.gmt some where safe and fastily accessable to insert it to new exports. I have bat file shortcut to do these files copies, AIW needs to be often replaced as Evo really lacks a lot of features, namely the option to NOT to create new AIW.. It would cut export times too, it's so sad that Evo is neglected so much.

    I think i'll conduct some tests messing with timing gate copies...
  13. I dont know about with the 'Evo' games, but with the BTB Pro games (ie; rF, RBR....) the 'gates' are NOT recorded in the AIW file but SCN
    Which means you can swap about the AIW (fast lines grid/pit placings) without changing the sector gates....
    Once Ive got sector gates & all else organized, I switch them all off & just concentrate on exporting my AIW until it's right (this is using BTB Pro of course.....)
    Am I right here or mistaken again?
    After all, we learn by our mistakes....
    Or am I just being Noob-ulant here?
  14. In Evo you need to "collide" with the timing gate to activate it. So it's .gmt object and it's instance is called in .TRK file. rFactor should have similar system.
  15. I am able to open the .trk in WordPad, so it is not encrypted... I have previously tried decrypting before but it made no difference. Besides, that only applies to the Retro Pack Hillclimb, but I have the same problem with the Katzenburg addon... Thanks anyway!
  16. Is there any more info about the use of xhcfinish sector gate? Somebody who has 3DSimEd could take a look at it, is it the first timing gate?
  17. Hi Kennett,

    the order I used in Katzenberg was "startlocation", xsector1, xsector2, xhcfinish, if i remember right.
    it seems like the xhcfinish triggers if race07 uses the hillclimb feature or not. the time will start to count right after the green light, no need for a sector in front of the grid position. xhcfinish is just the end of the stage where the game switches to the tv cameras and shows you your time.
    xfinish is not needed, i just commented it out in the trk, seems i was to lazy to delete it :D

    And a small tipp: Dont make too short hillclimbs! In a race, after the first one crossed the finish line, others that did not start yet then start from their garage position afair. So make it at least 50 sec. long if you want to support the "normal" 25 starter grid in Race 07.

    Hope that helped :)


    PS: Im just thinking about a fast slalom variant of my current airport track project... regarding this a small quick question: how can i get a small section of the alps in btb? Sketchup/GE only allow sections if the camera is below 5km, so the area is a bit too small if i want some mountains as szenery... :)
  18. Nice, so it's simple as renaming xfinish to xhcfinish and change trk accordingly. Thanks a lot man!

    And you can bet that i won't be doing under 50 seconds tracks... More like under 5 minutes.

    EDIT: Hmm, i have to try if i can use them both.. xfinish to record laps and xhcfinish to end session...