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Race07 and .TDF options

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I've tried to fiddle with TDF file to change material properties. Nothing seem to change anything.. Is it really true that in Race07 there's only one tarmac type available and it's always with default values? In other words, is TDF completely useless or is there way to edit it ( i might have incorrect syntax or something like that..)? If it's always default then why it's there in the first place?

    Would be nice to have clean and dusty tarmac instead of two dirt surfaces that you can't use on track because resistance and bumb size/amp are too high, they're BOTH only good for graveltraps..

    Followup question: If you can change the values enough to be effective, the sound properties has to be edited too. How to do that? Can you replace that gravel sound with your own? That would be super... rFactor and GTR2 users can possibly help too, these games are so similar in many ways.. Most of the knowledge ATM i've learn from other titles anyway.
  2. ebrich


    Hi Kennett I've been trying on and off for months to have the same effect in GT legends. In the end last week I deleted completely from the game the TDF file of my track and it made no difference to any surface. Tarmac still drove like roada - Grass a bit sticky and bumpy - and gravel like a trap. So If you ever find an answer shout it this way as I'm tired off driving a dirt track and having tire screech on the corners. For the sound I think it is in the TDF file. sound = grass sound = gravel sound = dry.
  3. Danged.. I was fearing that it's useless. I'll try to delete it from some track... and..let me see....well, something happened. Without TDF the terrain is not drivable, i get the "hovercars". So it needs to be there. I'll report if i find anything useful.
  4. ebrich


    Oh good. I'm glad you at least found some response from the game. I was beginning to think that GTL had no logic. Tell me, can you race in Race 07 in the rain like you can in RBR or is it always dry as in GTL. Because if you can change the weather therefore the road properties can be changed. Well that's my logic!
  5. Updates: Not sure if my first test worked, i could have forgotten to rebuild hat :redface: .. I tried to change values and kept better track of changes but nope, TDF is totally useless. I wiped the file clean and the track behaves normally. Have to test rain but i bet it works too without TDF. If it won't then it's a great way to disable rain from indoor tracks...
  6. The TDF file is only fo rfactor. Only Piddy knows why its exported to GTR2, GTL and Race. The same with mas and tex folder in GTR2 and GTL (never tried to export to race). Mas and tex folder a completely useless and a big waste of space because they are just unpacked "trackname".gtr or .gtl files.

    The only way to change Terrainfeedback is to edit the specialfx.tec. -And then you get online missmatches.
  7. ebrich


    Great Sabine Many thanks. I take it that I can play in the dirt, or gravel, now in my own little corner but not online racing, if I change the track variables.
    Kennett, the wonderfile specialfx.tec is right at the bottom in the Locations file. A bit more reading here--
  8. Thanks guys, will look in to that file and try why it doesn't work online..