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Race strategy, meaning of lines on each tyre.

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by RacedriverNoob, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Hey there,

    Can anyone please explain the meaning of the lines on the tyres. I mean those which have some dots on it and go to the top. Also do these dots have a meaning?

  2. http://imgur.com/a/vfup8

    I mean those lines that start on 75% for the yellow tyre in the first image which goes to the top.

    Whats interesting that when i toggle the last tyre between super soft and ultra soft the lines on the other tyres also change.
  3. The grey lines are the prospected lap time over the stint. You find the lap times on the right side. The longer the stint the higher the lap time. The coloured lines are the prospected tyre wear in % on the left side. If you change a tyre compound the graph is adapted to take this change into consideration. if you select a used tyre the % on start of the stint is lower than 100.
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  4. The question is: if I do some long runs on a specific compound during the FP sessions should I expect a more accurate tyre wear prediction during the race? That could be the scheduled 7 lap run or a custom run I do.
    The real life answer is yes, of course, but in game?
    Anyway: it's a really deep game to be an arcade, best F1 ever so far, even better than 2013.
  5. Apparently, yes. Someone on the Codies forum suggested you do each R&D test on each compound, which I think is a good way of doing it.
  6. That's what I've done in my first race weekend yesterday in Melbourne, but no way I could change the length of the run: 7 laps.
    I love how the FP sessions are full of work in this F1 2016. Well done by Codies
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  7. It seems the length depends on your race length. For 25% race length it's been always 4 laps for me. For 50% it's been 7. I never did 100% race until now. Furthermore, practice length depends on race length. With bad weather in one session and a long track you won't be able to do all three tyre wear tests + acclimasation and qualy run in practice even less if you drive more laps.
  8. Also, when you look at the tyre strategy screen by default it shows you predicted tyre wear. If you've completed the tyre wear test (even if you fail it), on the strategy screen if you press Y (or your wheel/controller equivalent, will be the same as entering the setup screen in the garage) it will show you a personalised tyre life. I just did Monaco, and my personal tyre expectancy said I could pit 2 laps later than the projected one
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