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Race Strategies.

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by MiniHulk85, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Ever since F1 2013 I have experimented with weird tyre strategies which never follow the norm of the A.I (or F1 for that matter) and was just wondering if anyone else has experimented with the tyre strategies.

    Depending on how my weekend goes in career I normally make sure I am on the options for the last stint.
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  2. In 25% races usually option is the best to start on and switching to the primes on lap 7 (15 lap race) is best (I do 25% career modes). I also found that this year the intermediates wear out a bit quicker than F1 2013.
  3. when in 2013, my strategies is/was always P-P-O (in the circuits with 3 stops strategies, start the race with option), 6 laps for options and 10 laps for primes. usually i pit in lap 6 or 7 in the first stint. i lean the mix 2-3 laps before stops. in the last stint i have many spare fuels. i turn the mix to rich ASAP, start to catching the cars ahead of me and making a huge gap before end of the race when most A.Is are keeping their fuel back before the end.
  4. Sounds a good strategy that. Use the Options, and Rich fuel to push you forward.
  5. ah forgot to mention that's for 50% race :p
    but sometimes in the middle of race, 2-3 laps before stops (second stops or third, sometimes first) A.Is are usually push themselves and turn their mix to rich when i'm in lean mix mode. makes me should to decide should i defend and keep my pace and my position or let them pass me and keep my patience for pushing in the last stint. but usually i can catch 'em back in the last stint with fuel and tyre advantages. but it depends to your driving style.

    i was racing in Malaysia yesterday with Mercedes (in 2013), 50% distance, started from 6th when Lewis was in pole. i was able to jump into 2nd place. pitted in lap 6, lean my mix in lap 4, after came out from the pit with fresh prime (jump down to 10th place i thought) i turned my mix to standard, then lean my mix in lap 13-14. i started to struggle with my pace and most A.I were coming like a wrecking ball and catching me like a crazy (i was in 5th). pitted in lap 16 with the set of fresh prime, down in 9th place and turned my mix to standard again. then lean my mix again in lap 22 and pitted in lap 23 when i was in 5th. with the fresh set of options and have a more fuel, i came out from the pit in 5th or 6th. in 5 laps before the end of race i was able to caught and passed 4 cars ahead of me and i finished in 2nd place with the gap between me and Lewis (the leader) was only 2 seconds and 5 seconds ahead of Kimi who was in 3rd.

    the keys are you should to learn their behaviors and their driving style when racing. so you can make and take a good strategy.
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