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Race Smarts

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Austin Jordan, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. hey guys,
    here's to find our true race fans. i'll post a question about racing whether it's a track, series, or race and everything else. once someone gets it they get 5 points. if they get a special question they get 10 points. miss the uestion you lose 2 points. i put everyones' points here and if you get the most of the week you win and get to post the questions.

    i keep your ponits of the week to decide who has the most ponits of the month (by your winning points in a week). if i get some prizes (like deciding the format for a club race) for it that's what you get. lets start!

    what year did dale earnhardt sr. win his first nascar championship?

    this weeks points:

    this month's points:
    daniel: 28
    me: 15
  2. Is it in 1986 ?
  3. nope that was his 2nd. -2 for you
  4. Is it in 1980 ?
  5. there you go 5 points in tha bank. question #2
    what karting event did michael schumacer take place in at the end of last year and where was it?
    douple point question! (10 pts) but -5 if wrong!
  6. The SKUSA Supernationals karting event in Las Vegas, USA.

    He took place on that event with Buemi. :D
  7. oh boy that's 10 points. now question #3
    In 2003 indycar saw probably the worst of indycar and maybe even racing history crash, who was it and where did it happen?
  8. Was it during practice or during race?

    Edit: Mario Andretti -Indianapolis.
  9. maybe just move from US to Europe Austin...
  10. nope this is 2003 and it's during a race.
    hint: made this driver retire and then joined another type of racing i beleive in 2009 and became one of top drivers in that
  11. to your question: 2003 IndyCar Series Race #16 "Texas Part Duex" Chevy 500, Kenny Brack?
  12. good job ondrej but a too much info lol. all i wanted was texas and kenny but it doesn't matter. ok #4

    this track is one the greatest tracks ever, hosting some the best events in grand-am, nascar, moto (not moto gp), karting, and motorcross. very historical track.
  13. Daytona International Speedway?
  14. oh ondrej is on it! #5
    where and when did aryton senna win his first f1 race? his last?
  15. his first win was 1985 Portuguese GP, hist last 1993 (I am not sure if it was in 94 though...) in Australia
  16. ok let's get harder. #6
    who won the "nascar million'. not what you may think it is.
    douple points!
  17. Kurt Busch?
  18. nope! -2
  19. hint when this rule was around, if you won certain events, you win a million dollars and only one driver has done it.
  20. well if you mean Winston million, two drivers won it (wikipedia)
    1985 Bill Elliott
    1997 Jeff Gordon

    EDIT: and I should got -5 not -2 shouldnt I? :)
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