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Race Set Ups

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Marshall, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. ok

    Ive noticed and been informed correctly that the Set ups are mainly for TT and those use dont have the Fuel and Tire assist activated.

    The set up times are great for TT but using them in a race, carrer setting for me is 30%, and the set ups chew the tires off the rims within a few laps.

    i dont use any assists and yes yes better throttle control is a part of it, but heres my question

    Does anybody have any set ups for racers with no asissts, what i mean is real set ups, no offence intended Ramon you set ups are great for qualifications and i have a full season list of yours and a few of sams.

    so any RACE set ups not TT set ups like in the forum posts............please
  2. its best you take the TT setup and tweak the setup to not eat up ur tire and add more wings maybe..
  3. Yes that would be great to see if there are true setups can be made for races on expert difficulty and online assists banned sessions.
    Of course focused for long races like 30% and mainly 50-100% length concerning tires wearing and consistency matters.
  4. setups do affect your tire wears and stuffs.. but a lot of damage is done due to the driving style and pushing too hard at times..
    one of the best onscreen tip provided by cm was the " consistent driving " not only it wil get you good results, u should see a remarkable improvement in your tire wears too..

    many ppl think that a setup will make them 2~3 sec faster... but 90% of that can be achieved by driving consistent and clean laps, then you go for the tuning, which will then give you little more pace or atleast make the car behave the way you want it to be..

    unless ur consistent, u will never notice any change with setups..
  5. hmmmmmm no matter how delicate i am with the throttle, like a picking up a puppy i seem to make the damn thing squeek out in pain. Now i have a V8 rear wheel drive UTE and with the back of the car weighing as much as a lettuce leaf i have the nack and control to make the thing stick to the road in all weathers. now Given the 'REAL LIFE SIM' and my g27 settings i thought i could transfer some of my motoring super dooper skills to a stupid computer game.

    Not the case !, i seem to chew tyres like a shark on a Aussie beach eating tourists ( its always the tourists,,,pfft ). i have tried tweaking the set ups and i just drive seem to be driving like im Oliver Reed. And i coast around in 4th in the rain.

    Maybe ill just choose the Engineers set ups, but that would seem boring and not using the games extras.

    im off to crash like Webber, webber setup FTW..............................................................