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Race Series Club racing format change poll.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric Nelson, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. I will race no matter what format is offered

  2. No I will not enjoy this format

  3. Yes I will enjoy this format

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  1. Would you enjoy racing at Race Department Club Racing for Race Series if you were only exposed to stock Simbin tracks and cars?

    YOu will now be limited only the tracks under the following selection buttons in game
    2008, 2007, 2006, STCC,STCC2, Extras and GTR EVO. As you know most of those selections in 2006-2008 are repeats with minors changes only and total of 17 unique tracks.

    GTRE has 3 tracks and 3 class's of cars in the GT class.

    STCC has 7 tracks and they are only truly suitable for Touring cars or MINI's as they are enormously short and tight typically.

    EXTRAS: contains 3 major tracks of Imola, Estoril and VARA. the rest are shorter variations or "reverse" configurations of the full length circuits.

    30 unique tracks only

    You will be limited to WTCC 2006-2008, WTCC EXTREME, WTCC 87, Catterham, Radical, MINI, F3000, FBMW, GT PRO - Club, Muscle Club / car , CAmaro Cup

    So in essence it is being proposed that RD with RACE SERIES RACING CLUB events will only have the same content you can get in a PUBLIC SERVER... If you want to run ANY ADD ON TRACKS OR CARS you will need to do so in an RFACTOR race club event. Currently there are only RF events in European timezones and generally unsuitable for anyone outside of Europe. THERE ARE NO RFACTOR club events in the US timezones.

    say goodbye to: Watkins Glen, Limerock Mountain, Rattlesnake POint, Jops Siffert, Mosport 09,A1 ring, Riverside, Bridgehampton and the other 120 listed for download here at RD.

    say good bye to: ATCC touring cars, Camaro Cup, Aussie V8 Supercars, Ferrari F430, Porsche Mobil 1 supercup, Escort V8 Challenge, DTM 2010

  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    just a little mistake you made Eric in the car list, the Camaro Cup is a default content of STCC and STCC 2
  3. ahh that would suck, as the best thing about race seris is the variation of mods and tracks that you use,

    dont take this away please it seems the race seris is one of the only sections on rd at moment with such great selections of track's,cars,races,
  4. whoops!
  5. I know what this is....April the 1st is coming up guys so not to worry :D .......no one with even half an ounce of gray matter would propose such a negative change.....good try...:wink::D
  6. I think maybe a compromise could be reached on the Racing Club Events - I still think Mods and non-Stock tracks have a place but I think perhaps the range could be narrowed down. My reasoning for this is :

    1) I end up with more mods and tracks than I know what to do with, and its a real pain when it comes to a reinstall!

    2) If I find myself able to race at short notice it often means downloading a track/mod that I have never used before, trying to learn both in a relatively short time and then having a bad race because I end up feeling as though I shouldn't be there, because I don't know the car or the track very well, when others have clearly take the time and effort to learn both really well. (Ok they probably have a lot more skill too!)

    3) I have found that after the event I have never used the track and/or Mod EVER again....

    I think a compromise would perhaps be for tracks and Mods to be limited to all Stock Content and say 3 Non-Stock Tracks and 3 Mods per month. A monthly vote could be held on the mods/tracks to be run for the next month. This would then still give Racing Club Members the Variation (ok not so much) but it would mean that members would only need to download 6 files per month to be KNOW they were able to compete in ALL events for the next month. Events could then be organised using combinations of stock and non-stocks cars and tracks.
    For example if the Mods were say T2L Clios/Porsche Mobil1/Aussie V8 and the Tracks Watkins/Monaco/Donnington events could then be run for the month giving members chance to race each mod and stock cars on each track over the course of the month. This should also have the added effect of increasing sign ups as members with less time to learn one off tracks/mods would be able to get more benefit by entering a more events on tracks / mods that they had already spent time learning.

    I DO think it would be a mistake to kill off Mods on RD Events all together as for me and many others its the fact that Mods are so readily available and are so easy to install that has kept my interest in the Race Series alive and I think we and RD owe it to the fantastic modders who spend hours and hours of unpaid time bringing us great mods to continue supporting and valuing their hard work - even if it is in a more structured and less ad hoc way in future..
  7. nice feedback Dave thanks!
  8. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    I prefer the content rich environment of all the stock content as well as all the work the modding community has had to offer. I think that eliminating the mod content would stifle the mods and make them less likely to want to create stuff for us all to enjoy.
  9. It would probably be helpful if the case in favour of restricting to only default content was more fully explained, that might help us make a more balanced opinion.

    Having said that however, I think it would be a shame to exlude some of the great addon content that helps to minimise the potential for a game to get boring.

    Dave has made some good comments about "preparation time", this can be off-putting to some. It seems to be more of an issue with Race On Events where the atmosphere is very competitive and somewhat aggressive on track. We use heaps of addon content in the GTL Events, and they prove very popular (I hope this proposal doesn't spread to GTL :frown: ), but all the GTL guys generally join events with very little practice, but the races are very clean and enjoyable because everyone has a more "relaxed" approach to results. :wink:

    This is very similar to the approach used in the GTL Club and seems to work very well. At least you get better "value" from the downloading effort.
  10. Warren good to hear from ya mate! Now that the rankings are gone, I think the club racing wil certainly gaina more friendly pace and attitude.
  11. I raced on line tonight for the first time in 10 years. A Race club event with V8's on a mod track. I had no problem downloading or installing the cars or the track.. And it was re-assuring to hear and see that everyone there was struggling to deal with the cars and the track. But that developed into a learning experience for everyone, with discussion centered on sharing setup ideas, fuel consumption and how to handle the track.
    Overall I believe it was a far greater experience then if I had signed up for a WTCC race at Brno. And I'm sure the experienced drivers there enjoyed the challenge of overcoming something completely new.
  12. You're all kidding guys,right?? comm'n, reason as ''too difficult'' to install mods & tracks?? in race07?? hehehehehe......for whom may i ask??.....a 2-year old?? You are NOT fooling me this is for real Eric....but have to admit to just a sniff of doubt after seeing everybody is being so serious in their posts....are you all on this guys?....this can't be for real, comm'n.......................?

    Just in case this IS for real... i apologize to anyone offended by my 1st post........i,m still certain this is fools day joke.......right?.....
  13. Excluding any content would be bad imo!
  14. They ain't, are they?? I still see my rank & points under my name....if that's a permanent change this needs to disappear too pls.

    I was against the ranking right from the beginning and had posted my reservations that it would lead to more aggressive and unpredictable behaviour, that in turn to less enjoyment for everyone and less and less turn out for the RC's. I really hope its gone for good and will never make a come back. :)

    Edit: it would be good to still see the record of one's entered races and results, i like to see if i,m making any progress in lap times compared to previous entered events on the same track.

  15. Ya what happened to the rankings? Figured they were offline with the downtime earlier today as it's just loading the forum page when clicking on it, they're gone for good?
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Yep, they will be changed in some form of personal statistics pages.

    The club completely changed in a (over) competitive environment where its was all about winning and the fun part was totally gone. Club races were started in the past to have a safe place to enjoy casual racing fun and that needs to come back.

    As these issues are still under discussion in the racing staff we will come back later with information and feedback.
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